2012 February 12

Newsstand Check! With Stefano Tonchi

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Stefano Tonchi Stefano Tonchi
Patrick McMullan
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Chic caught up with W's Stefano Tonchi about redesigns (he needs to feel them to believe them!) and how his glossy is too damn big for the newsstand. 

How can mags sell better on newsstands?
I’m not sure because the newsstand is only a small portion of our distribution. The format of the magazine doesn’t fit the rack. We think about the reader, but not the newsstand. Our latest newsstand report is quite positive. [Ed. note: W’s most recent newsstand sales were down 7.4% to 20,426 copies.]

Thoughts on the redesigned Glamour and Bazaar?
I haven’t held the new Glamour or Bazaar in my hand.

What scares you?
Romney, and sickness.



2012 February 12

Heard at NYFW!

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Nicola Formichetti Nicola Formichetti
Patrick McMullan
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The overheards and glib bon mots Chic accumulates during Fashion Week are just too good to keep to ourselves! 

 “IT guys are the new sex symbols. I want them to get laid that night. They’re the sh*t.”—Nicola Formichetti, who is hosting a Tumblr party on the 15th, at Richard Chai...“Can I give you a compliment? My mother just e-mailed me, ‘Make sure you pick up copies of The Daily!’”...Dani Stahl at Richard Chai...“We have dress codes for certain occasions, so when I come to shows like this I have ideas on what to wear.”—the Knicks’ Landry Fields at Joseph Abboud...“Who does that man think he is? That’s not even clean chiffon he’s wearing. Hello, this isn’t Last of the Mohicans. ”—overheard at Whit...“You don’t even want to know what I’d do for a joint right now.”—a showgoer outside of Milk...


2012 February 12

The Cut's Next Act?

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Mr. Mickey on The Cut? Oui, if Joe Zee had his way! Mr. Mickey on The Cut? Oui, if Joe Zee had his way!
Patrick McMullan
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NYMag.com’s longtime Cut writer is decamping for BuzzFeed. Who should replace Amy Odell? Chic asked, you answered!

Michael Carl:
John Jannuzzi is the perfect person.  You know me—I like snarky!

Joe Zee: I vote for Mr. Mickey. He writes the most colorful and funny tweets.

Amy Astley: Adam Moss does his job really well. What direction would I like to see it go in? Friendly.

Nicola Formichetti: Nobody from magazines. I like the blog, Into The Gloss. It’s more girly, but it’s so interesting.

Robert Burke: Anamaria Wilson from Bazaar. She’s got a great background, an interesting take, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Joey Jalleo: How about Scott Weiland?

Zanna Roberts Rassi: Regis Philbin!

Jenna Lyons: I’m a huge fan of Amy Larocca.

Juan Carlos Obando: OMG! Is she getting married? Kathy Griffin!

2012 February 11

Catching Up With...Lottie Oakley!

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Lottie Oakley and Tom Florio Lottie Oakley and Tom Florio
Patrick McMullan
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Formerly associate publisher at Vogue, Lottie Oakley has a NYFW gig underway (look for this chicette in the AmEx Skybox!) and an intriguing new project in the works...

What’s new?
I launched Haralux, a luxury lifestyle management firm, in December. The goal is to manage talent and create sustainable luxury brands.

What did you take away from 13 years in advertising at Vogue?
Vogue never really looked behind or beside its competition. Of course, advertising pages was always an indicator, but Vogue is in a league of its own and I think it comes from Anna Wintour being at the helm.

How did it feel to depart?
It’s never easy to leave a brand like Vogue because it becomes a part of you. But everything has to come to an end, and there wasn’t much fear of moving on.

Have you stayed in touch with Tom Florio?
I see Tom very often! Probably every week. We’re still very good friends.

What’s your NYFW gig all about?
I’m the official host of the American Express Skybox. We have a packed schedule with editors, designers, fashion authorities, and tastemakers! 

Any tidbits from your early days in the industry?
In the mid-nineties, I worked as national sales director at Anne Klein. Virginia Smith did the PR, Patrick Robinson was the designer, and Andrew Rosen was the president. At a dinner, Andrew said, ‘Lottie, I want you to touch this shirt—look at how it stretches! It’s this brand that you’re going to hear about.’ It was Prada! He wanted to do a line like that at a lower price point and call it 212, and he asked me to work on it. I was in my twenties, making very little money, and he wanted to pay me even less, so I couldn’t do it. That brand is Theory today!

2012 February 11

Favorite ABBA Song, Please!

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Linda Evangelista and Stephen Gan Linda Evangelista and Stephen Gan
Patrick McMullan
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In honor of our mildly glorious Media Issue cover, Chic asked a few front row and red carpet folks for their fave ABBA jams.

Carol Alt: ‘Fernando.’ Because it’s so melancholy and nostalgic. There are times in life that call for that. I’m 51 years old, so I have a lot to remember!

Heidi Klum:
I know ABBA’s songs, but I don’t have a favorite.

Lily Donaldson:
‘Waterloo.’ I had to dress up and sing that song when I was seven.

Erin Heatherton:
‘Dancing Queen.’ My signature move is the ‘vacuum cleaner’—it’s a good one! I like to dance alone, with only my dogs around. 

Stephen Gan: ‘Thank You for the Music.’ I love the message.

Linda Evangelista: I am a ‘Dancing Queen’…in the privacy of my own home.

Molly Sims: What don’t I like from ABBA?

Linda Evans: I don’t do favorites. I just appreciate the work.

Cindi Leive: ‘Money, Money, Money.’ Does that make me shallow?

Andrej Pejic: ‘Chiquitita.’[starts singing]

2012 February 11

Author Talk! With Anna Bauer

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Anna Bauer Anna Bauer
Patrick McMullan
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In the early eves of NYFW (Is it only Saturday? And/or: How is it already Saturday?!), Interview hosted a book bash at The New Museum to celebrate Anna Bauer's new tome, Backstage:

How are you feeling?
Fantastic and grateful. From the makeup artists to the hair people,  I wouldn’t be here without the support of the industry.

Including designers like Simon Spurr.
Is he here? I love Simon. He’s got beautiful eyes.

What’s on your schedule this week?
I’m going to shoot Victoria Beckham’s show!

Ever meet David?
Not yet! But I’d really, really like to...

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