2012 February 9

YOU Weigh In! Unpaid Interns...

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Lynn Yeager, Patti Wilson Lynn Yeager, Patti Wilson
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A 28-year-old former unpaid intern at Harper’s Bazaar is suing Hearst for back wages (minimum!) for the 40-55 hours a week she worked gratis. Discuss!

Glenn O’Brien:
I had nothing to do with it!

John Demsey: Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Obviously, the girl is getting a lot of press out of this. But we always pay our interns!

Flora Gill, Ohne Titel: I think internships are necessary, and every single internship I did came back to me threefold later. Working with Karl Lagerfeld, and later having my own line, resulted from having unpaid internships at one point. What goes around comes around!

Patti Wilson: I have interns, but I feel so bad about having them. I’m always like, ‘What do you want to eat?’ I throw them money here and there. I always give them the option to not do the internship. I tell them they will learn something, sure, but I don’t know if it will be a lot.

Lynn Yaeger: I spent many years as the head of the union at The Village Voice, so I say, more power to her! It’s totally illegal and wrong. When I first started out in the industry, I was just terrible. I always got fired! I had a bad attitude, and I basically sucked. I was practically unemployable.

Valerie Steele: It’s not just the fashion industry. Everybody relies on interns in so many fields. Really, it’s a problem. My son was interning a year ago, and now I’m so glad he’s got a paying job.  But…when I’m hiring interns, I realize how important—and helpful—it is to know that someone can do what you need them to do because of their internship experiences.

Hal Rubenstein: If you know you’re not getting paid, you’re not getting paid! But we’re really nice to our interns.

2012 February 9

Fern's Next Act(s)

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Fern Mallis Fern Mallis
Giorgio Niro
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Fresh off a quick turn in the Broadway play Love, Loss, and What I Wore, Fashion Week’s original instigator Fern Mallis has big plans. A consulting business, an interview series at the 92nd Street Y, and a jewelry line with QVC, for starters! Here’s a teaser of Mallis’ musings—for the full scoop, check out our first issue here!

How did you end up on Broadway?
I knew the producer of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, Daryl Roth, and I got a call in early December because they wanted to add a fashion person to the January cast. I brainstormed, but I knew designers couldn’t do it because of Fashion Week. One day, out of the blue, I said, ‘Why don’t you use me?’ I auditioned, and that was it! I’ve been a huge fan of the play for years, and I’d seen it several times with different casts.

What’s the gist of it?
How clothes play into all significant life happenings!

How did it feel to take to the stage?
Scary as all Jesus! It’s outside my comfort zone, but it’s a new year, so I was feeling a whole new energy.

Did you ever harbor any covert theater ambitions?
No! But my mother was a theater freak. I have her extraordinary collection of Playbills from the sixties, seventies, and eighties in my garage. Of all of the things I’ve accomplished, my mother would be so proud to see my name in a Playbill.

How did it feel to leave fashion after so long?
When I left IMG after close to 19 years of running Fashion Week, I needed time. I realized how wound up I was. You start to question everything.

When did you sense that it was time for a change?

As we were making plans to move to Lincoln Center. I was obviously involved in the move—and it didn’t happen overnight. I’d been holding down the Bryant Park fort for years, and I tried to make every adjustment possible to keep Fashion Week there. At a certain point, the move was inevitable—and it ended up providing closure for me. We had a big, fabulous party to say goodbye to Bryant Park. I cried many times. It felt like my Bat Mitzvah or something!

What do you think of all the scheduling fracas? 

When I was running the whole shebang, I never knew the answer, either! It’s always been a competition. There are too many shows—you kind of wish there was an industry vetting of who gets on the calendar. But you never know who’s new and fabulous that deserves a chance. I applaud everybody trying to take a stand on the scheduling issue, but ultimately it’s all about negotiation and compromise. I’m happy that I don’t have to have the answers!

How have relationships changed between 
the capitals?
When we first started New York Fashion Week, the Italians were much more cooperative than the French—they didn’t quite believe that we had any business creating a Fashion Week because they thought there was no talent in America. But Michael Kors was designing for Céline, and Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton....

How do you think DvF and Kolb are faring?

They’re doing a fabulous job. They’ve totally moved it into places that it needs to go now. Diane is a citizen of the world, and she brings good energy to the organization. I’ve known Steven for a gazillion years, and it’s been marvelous to see his transformation. He’s doing a lot that we tried to do when I was there.


2012 February 9

Bonjour, Darlings!

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Bonjour from The Daily! Bonjour from The Daily!
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Your dear Daily has gone global! Since we saw you in September, we’ve conquered the hearts of legions of chicsters in Berlin and Milan—not all of whom were human!—and our séjours in Europe are only getting started. You can’t blame us for jumping with joie. More fash-fixated than even you thought possible, this season is (dare we say it?) our best ever. We’ve rolled out our pink carpet (red is so passé according to new obsession Lori Goldstein!), located the real Prince of Fashion (just above the Brandenburg Gate), gone home with Grace’s longtime love (!!!), and even toyed around with the Hollywood thing! Graydon, consider it an homage. Trust us when we say that the minute you encounter our hysterical Media Issue, your world will be rocked. As the visionary Abba once crooned, “You’re a teaser, you turn ‘em on, leave them burning, and then, you’re gone.” Until the Principe! 

-Brandusa Niro

2012 February 8

Scoop! DEGEN to Collab with Patti Smith

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Degen Fall 2012 Degen Fall 2012
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Why did Patti Smith RSVP to attend DEGEN's Fall 2012 presentation this afternoon? Chic trekked over to 91 Horatio Street, where Lindsay Degen's sophomore knit-based collection was on display, to get the dish from the designer herself. "Oh, I didn't know she was coming!" said Degen. Pourquoi? Clever PR hands keeping nerves at bay, of course! 

"Patti had contacted someone who knows me about working together, but it hasn't panned out yet. I don't know exactly what the collaboration will be. She's kind of anti-fashion, so I don't really see her wearing it," shared Degen. "I'd love to do a piece for her to perform in, or maybe a banjo cover. She also plays the clarinet, so maybe I can design some swag for that." Stay tuned!




2012 February 8

Chic Mystery: Get Into Our Pants!

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Have you seen these? Have you seen these?
Chic Cam
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If you're living in NYC, you've probably seen these "Get Into Our Pants" stickers all over town. Seriousy. Everywhere! We finally found out who is behind them, but we've promised to not to tell. (We haaaaaaate secrets!) The answer will be revealed tomorrow...

2012 February 8

Fashion Week Survival Guide

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Poppin with joy! Poppin with joy!
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Swag bag alert! Nothing says Fashion Week like a tote full of desktop accoutrements, right? Our clever pals at Poppin, the purveyor of brightly-colored staplers and the like, have hand-delivered an adorbs navy and mustard tote to The Daily HQ with an assortment of NYFW goodies. Suffice it to say our office supplies are poppin'! 

1 Mentos roll
1 pack of Trident White gum
1 "Fashion Faux Pas" notebook
1 Fashion Week schedule, laminated
1 Fashion Week survival guide with a list of cafes, restos, bars, and hotels near Lincoln Center
1 box of Poppin Classic Mechanical Pencils
1 pack of Poppin Sticky-Notes
1 box of binder clips
1 box of hot pink highlighters
1 heavy duty Poppin pen


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