2012 February 15

Pop Culturing! With Ingrid Sischy

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Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant
Patrick McMullan
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There's always something fun to discuss with Ingrid Sischy, non? Chic adores ya!

You must be relieved that Bridesmaids is out on DVD.
Not only that, but I’m so obsessed with Downton Abbey right now. I’m lucky that I made it here.

What is it about that show?
The belief in the audience. We need that from the fashion designers, too!

Does Marc have faith in us?
He’s constantly showing the audience new things, and he has faith in our ability to move with his changes. He doesn’t talk down—he just brings us with him. Nothing like a surprise!

2012 February 15

Tee Talk! With Jared Leto

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Terry Richardson and Jared Leto Terry Richardson and Jared Leto
Patrick McMullan
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Discussing the Jared Leto's fashion foray (through music and his closeness to MJ at the Marc Jacobs proper show...

What did you think of this show?
It’s always such a production. I’m on stage most nights of my life, so it’s interesting to see people put on a show from a different point of view.

Are you and Marc buddies?

I know him, but we’re not waterskiing together.

We’ve lost track: do you have your own line?
I don’t, but being in a band, you make things and share them with people all over the world every night. We sell t-shirts, though.

2012 February 15

Can't Get Retouched Enough!

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Jenne Lombardo and Stephanie Solomon, retouched! Jenne Lombardo and Stephanie Solomon, retouched!
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You asked, we delivered: more "Retouched By An Angel" hilarity to brighten your exhausted, almost-end-of-NYFW afternoon! What if Jenne Lombardo and Stephanie Solomon switched looks? Hmm. Interesting. We Photoshop, you decide.

2012 February 15

Getting To Know You! With Geoff Day, at Mercedes-Benz

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Geoff Day Geoff Day
Giorgio Niro
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Who is Geoff Day, the U.S. communications director at Mercedes-Benz? Chic decided to find out...

What’s your backstory?
I started off as a reporter in the newsroom of BBC. Four years later, having acquired a level of debt as a journalist that was difficult to service, I got a job working with Margaret Thatcher at Number 10 in the press office for about three and a half years. After that, I became Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s press secretary for four years. I adore Prince Charles and the boys. Funnily enough, I’m involved in pro-bono work with Prince William and Prince Harry to establish a charitable foundation here.

When did you join Mercedes-Benz?

I was writing speeches to pay the bills for Burson-Marsteller, and the CEO of Mercedes-Benz UK was a client. I accepted a job with them about  12 years ago.

What does luxury mean today?

Every brand claims to be luxury, but that’s nonsense—it’s a personal choice about what enriches your life, whether it’s a cashmere scarf or a boat. What goes into making a car is the same level of engineering and understanding that goes into making haute couture.

Did you know the difference between Zac and Marc when you started?

I did. I have a dirty little secret. I had already been director of communications for Mercedes-Benz UK for a year when Saint Martins put a proposal on my desk to sponsor an amazing young designer that they believed in. I looked through the book and thought it was too edgy for us. Now, I wear Alexander McQueen a lot. That shows you how much I knew about fashion when I started!

Which MBFW launch has been particularly successful?

The CLS four-door coupe we used as our Fashion Force car with Brad Goreski. That gave the car real buzz. I knew that it worked when my colleague called and said, ‘I wish I would have thought of that!’ That’s my kind of litmus test.

What’s been happening this week?

We launched the new SL with Lara Stone. Fashion’s Night In was also  fun! And we’re making jewelry out  of car materials!

Which Mercedes-Benz do you own?

Luckily, I get them for free! I drive a CL 63 AMG in Meridian Gray.

How many Mercedes-Benz cars have you driven over the years?

I change my mind about three times a year, so I’ve had 36 so far.

What’s the ultimate amenity?

Massaging seats. When you turn, the seat hugs and turns with you. If you’re on a straight, long journey, you can set the massage. I don’t know what level  it starts off at, but it ends fast  and vigorous.

2012 February 14

More Overheards to Share!

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Linda Wells, reflexology aficionado! Linda Wells, reflexology aficionado!
Patrick McMullan
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Your Daily is basically everywhere during NYFW, and we hear too many colorful bits to keep to ourselves!

“I love reflexology. You don’t mess up your hair and it’s so relaxing.”—Linda Wells at Derek Lam...“No top, no pants. I’m topless and bottomless!”—Susanne Bartsch at Y-3...“I wish I could make tailored suits as well as Doyle + Mueser.”—Tara Subkoff at Imitation...“I don’t want to diss Hawaii, but I went there on New Year’s Eve, and wondered what I was doing there. I should have been in New York City with all the crazy people!”—Carlos Campos at his show...“You don’t need to know someone’s name to talk to them.”—Jenne Lombardo at Milk...“You’re my inspiration! Just text whenever.”—Kate Lanphear to Linda Fargo at Thakoon...

2012 February 14

Sisterly Love! With Mia and Chelsea Tyler

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Mia and Chelsea Tyler Mia and Chelsea Tyler
Patrick McMullan
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At Tommy Hilfiger's walk in the park of a women's show, Chic chatted up Mia and Chelsea Tyler, daughters of Steven...

What’s the most American thing about you?
I have a pick-up truck. I drove it into New York City once, and since then it’s made me a pretty good driver.
The family aspect of us is pretty American.
I don’t think we have a very American dream-style family.
But we’re very family oriented. We’re the woody woodnick Cleavers. Gypsy wood gypsies. I love Europe. I try not to be too American. I want to move there.

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