2012 February 16

Kitchen Tricks! With Rose Byrne

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Rose Byrne Rose Byrne
Patrick McMullan
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Chic hit up Rose Byrne with some foodie quandaries and found out she's anti-seafood, pro-lasagna, and has a secret herbal weapon for the best spinach pie ever. Hungry yet?

What was your favorite childhood meal?
Lasagna! My mother made an incredible version. And a chocolate drink called Milo, we have it in Australia. It’s a powder you put in milk that’s sort of gritty. I guess the American equivalent would be Ovaltine?

Are you a picky eater?
Any kind of shellfish makes me retch! I just can’t stand it—the smell, in a sauce…

What’s your signature dish?
Spinach pie, from my mother’s recipe.

What’s the secret?
A bit of mint is nice. Plus lots and lots of butter.


2012 February 16

Chic Visits CIRCA!

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CIRCA Accessories Salon hosts a sit-down with featured jewelry designers Melissa Joy Manning and Dean Harris to talk sustainability, new baubles, and more! You likey?

2012 February 16

Style Kaleidoscope of Clothes!

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Kaleidescope app Kaleidescope app
Courtesy Kaleidescope
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“Did you see those shoes she was wearing? I need I need I need!” As if that phrase doesn't escape Chic's lips often enough on a regular basis, there's that much more to ogle during this month's global rotation of fashion weeks, from the front row to whomever Scott Schulman is shooting at the moment. Well, life just got a little easier!  Kaleidoscope allows you to finally shop all those fabulous street style looks you've been Pinterest-ing and Tumbl-ing, with smart phone-enabled ease. The mobile app and widget lets you browse your favorite street styles and editorial fashion looks and instantly peruse online to buy your own version, trawls retailers like Net-A-Porter, Shopbop, and Bergdorf twice per day to source the styles. For those with expendable incomes, or a hankering for the authentic article (or something very similar to it, perhaps in price, too), the app offers an alternative to the mostly "look for less" approach applied by most apps and sites. One catch: it's currently for Android users only...Nonetheless, street style chic brought straight to your doorstep? Oui. 

2012 February 15

Endangering The Animals! With Anna Dello Russo

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Anna Dello Russo...sans headwear! Anna Dello Russo...sans headwear!
Patrick McMullan
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Who wears monkey hide? Well, not Anna Dello Russo anymore, though it's unclear if she used to...a true fash iconoclast will wear anything once, non?

Ciao! Devastated there is nothing on your head tonight!
Oh, I was wearing glasses earlier.

Are those real feathers?

Of course! This is YSL.

You missed Marc’s show in September.

Yes! It was postponed due to a hurricane—the clothes couldn’t get there. I’ve never missed a Marc Jacobs show.

Why do you love him?

He’s like my Prada. He always takes a risk. He evolves constantly.

How was your flight to New York?

I was reading all of the March issues. I love so much the W. Edward and Stefano are doing it very well. It became a big magazine!

Any animal that you wouldn’t wear?

Monkey! You can’t  wear it anymore, but  you can find similar things.

2012 February 15

The Daily Wonders…What Did You Parents Do?

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Steven Kolb Steven Kolb
Patrick McMullan
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Hey, front row flock! What are or were your parents' gigs? Do tell!

Steven Kolb: My mother was a librarian, and my father was a printer and the fire chief of the town.
Prabal Gurung:
My mom was in politics, and my father was a freelance journalist who also had his own business. He was also a musician and a soccer player!
Carlos Miele: My father was an accountant, and my mother was a kindergarden teacher.
Jamee Gregory:  My father just celebrated his 95th birthday. He was one of the presidents of the Chicago Jewelers’ Association. He was one of the big diamond dealers, but I’m bad...I never loved jewelry as much as I love dresses.
Nigel Barker: My mom was a model, and my father was a business consultant.
Pamella Roland: My dad was executive vice president of Sun Oil. My mom was a mom!
Lulu Johnson: My mom is a fashion designer, and she rocks the house.
Alex McCord: My mother is retired, but she ran my dad’s oil companies for years.
Nick Sullivan: My father was a dentist, and my mother was a teacher.
Adam Rapoport: I’m the perfect hybrid of my parents—my father was a Capitol Hill reporter for UPI, and my mom was a homemaker and cookbook writer.
George Wayne: My mother sold real estate in Jamaica, and my father worked for an aluminum corporation.  
Jonathan Cheban: My mom is in real estate, and my dad deals with diamonds and jewelry.
Thom Browne: Both my parents were attorneys.
Sergio Kletnoy:
 My mom has been a hairstylist for  35 years.


2012 February 15

Pop Culturing! With Ingrid Sischy

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Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant
Patrick McMullan
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There's always something fun to discuss with Ingrid Sischy, non? Chic adores ya!

You must be relieved that Bridesmaids is out on DVD.
Not only that, but I’m so obsessed with Downton Abbey right now. I’m lucky that I made it here.

What is it about that show?
The belief in the audience. We need that from the fashion designers, too!

Does Marc have faith in us?
He’s constantly showing the audience new things, and he has faith in our ability to move with his changes. He doesn’t talk down—he just brings us with him. Nothing like a surprise!

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