2012 February 17

Aussie Moment! With Kate and Laura Mulleavy

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Kate and Laura Mulleavy Kate and Laura Mulleavy
Patrick McMullan
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Given the Down Under inflections in Rodarte's Fall 2012 showing, Chic sought out the full scoop of the Mulleavy sisters' experiences with all things outback-related!

When was the last time you were in Australia?
Laura: Never. This is our attempt to get us there.

Ever been to Outback Steakhouse?
Kate: At one point.

What’s your favorite Australian word?
Kate: ‘Mate.’
Laura: That was Kate’s nickname growing up.

Favorite Aussie model?
Kate: MJ. She was in our show. Thank you, MJ!

Have you ever seen a dingo?
Laura: Are those real?
Kate: We like koala bears.

Did you know George Lucas was coming?
Laura: We’re the biggest fans! We have all the Star Wars DVDs.
Kate: We’ve met him before and this was a dream of ours to have him here.

Wanna collab?
Laura: We were just lucky to have him come back to our show. Let’s get back to reality!

2012 February 17

Makeovers at Armani

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Giorgio Armani flagship Giorgio Armani flagship
Photo courtesy Giorgio Armani
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During the tail end of New York Fashion Week, chez Armani re-opened its four story Madison Avenue boutique after a complete overhaul. The result? Dark wood was stripped in lieu of a clean, modern aesthetic full of bright lights,  polished steel, and black glass tables--thanks to Giorgio Armani and his team of architects. The 21,000 square foot site took three months, and an estimated $10 million, to redesign prepping the 17-year-old store for Giorgio Armani's North American retail expansion. Expect a more pronounced display of footwear, handbags, costume and fine jewelry, and a new men's made-to-measure salon. Shopping never felt so luxe!

2012 February 17

Liya Kebede's Tastes In Techno

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Liya Kebede Liya Kebede
Patrick McMullan
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Talking techno and daydreaming with Liya Kebede! 

What’s your acme, since we're at Acme, aka something you're the best and at the pinnacle of doing?

When do you do that?
I only daydream when I’m not working. It’s hard to do a shoot and daydream at the same time.

What do you think about when you’re on a runway?
I try to think about the designer's inspiration for the season. And not falling. 

What will you do in March, once the shows are done?
I don’t ever unwind! You just have to go with it.

What’s the last song you listened to?
I’m into David Guetta at the moment. Oh, actually! I’m really into Avicii right now.

What do you do while listening to Avicii? Chic finds “Levels” to be very focus-inducing stuff!
All you can do is jump up and down when Avicii is playing, right?

2012 February 17

Lily Kwong On Spirulina Shakes and The Smashing Pumpkins

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Lily Kwong and Stephanie LaCava Lily Kwong and Stephanie LaCava
Billy Farrell Agency
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At The Last mag's blowout, booty-shaking din and dance bash this week, mod (and Altuzarra's cousin!) Lily Kwong gave Chic a few "lasts" of her own.

What’s the last thing you ate?
[pal Stephanie LaCava interjects: “A Spirulina shake?!”] I’m not gonna lie, that is the last thing I ate. It’s so ‘fashion,’ I don’t even want to say it out loud! But yes, I’m a big smoothie person. Stephanie knows me too well.

What’s the last song you listened to?
["Smashing Pumpkins!!" La Cava chimes in loudly.] Ha! They are great. But I’m paying tribute Whitney Houston this week.

Who’s the last person you called on your phone?
My lovely boyfriend.

2012 February 17

Love Fest! With Susan Lucci

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Susan Lucci Susan Lucci
Patrick McMullan
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What's la Lucci up to in the absence of a certain beloved soap? Music vids, for starters! 

Describe Dennis [Basso], since we're at his show.
Warm. You just want to put your arms around him. I’m wearing one of his furs now—it’s a combination of lamb and sable.

How’s life sans 
Erica Kane?
I miss her. I miss the company of actors, the crew, all of that. The fans have been so vocal about saying it was a mistake to take Erica and All My Children off the air. But just this week I did a music video with Gloria Estefan!

Did you keep anything from 
Erica’s wardrobe?
Yes! I wish I had foresight to keep some of the really fun stuff from early on. I do have some Free Erica t-shirts from my last time in jail.


2012 February 17

Guilt Group

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Anna Sui: Another ABC Kitchen kamocha squash toast obsessive. Hooray! Anna Sui: Another ABC Kitchen kamocha squash toast obsessive. Hooray!
Patrick McMullan
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Despite your best intentions to do the healthy thing, turns out you’re prone to indulgence. Thank goodness...so is Chic!

The Carbistas: 
Anna Sui:
“I love the roasted kabocha squash toast with fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar at ABC Kitchen!”

Chloë Moretz: 
“It’s really bad, but I’ve been going to McDonald’s a lot.”

Wes Gordon: 
“Some mischievous intern keeps leaving bags of Chex Mix everywhere, in a bunch of different flavors, so we’ve all been living on it in the studio. It’s completely addictive.”

Billy Reid: 
“I’m a big fan of the short rib tacos at Mexicue on the Lower East Side.”

Richard Chai: 
“I can’t resist Rubirosa and their delicious pizza!  A very reliable source has told me it’s the least fattening pizza in all of NYC, but still...”

Giovanna Randall
, Honor: “Pregnancy has produced some strange cravings—currently, it’s spaghetti with clams in white wine, pancetta, fresh tomatoes, and lots of hot pepper. I know it’s considered a faux pas, but some fresh parmigiano on top is divine. Just don’t tell the chef!”

Jason Wu
: “Osteria Morini has the best pasta in the city. Every single option is so good, you just can’t go wrong. The guinea hen is amazing, too. But so is the osso bucco at Babbo...”

The Sugar Junkies
Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley, Kirna Zabête: “We’re very into the Cowboy Cookie at Prêt à Manger—and La Vie en Rose, a cocktail made with champagne, cherry grenadine, and a bunch of other pink treats, from the Bourgeois Pig on East 7th Street.”

Whitney Pozgay, Whit
: “I’m a sucker for Brach’s conversation hearts. They only come out once a year, so I don’t feel as guilty that they are just pure sugar.”

Doo-Ri Chung, Doo.Ri
: “My weakness is culture cookies. They’re divine!”

Kristen and Alexandra O’Neill,
Porter Grey: “We tried to be vegans for about 12 hours once, and in the meantime, we got hooked on the mallomars from One Lucky Duck. At least they’re vegan.” 

Veronica Swanson Beard,
Veronica Beard: “I get the hazelnut ice cream sandwich at  Il Cantinori at least twice a week.”

The Alcohol-chics
Veronica Miele Beard, Veronica Beard: “When I’m feeling the need to escape the kids (all five of them) for a nostalgic night out, I beg my husband to come with me to sit at the bar at Babbo. I’ll have a delicious French white, and he’ll have a dirty martini.”

Caron Callahan, designer
: “I’m a beer drinker—Guinness, hands-down. I love going to Swift for a pint. When I’m not having a Tony Lama cocktail at Marlow & Sons, that is.”

Salvatore Prete and Filippo Bruno,
Prete & Bruno: “Our survival kit is comprised of several things, including a good glass of red from Napa.”

Carly Beck,
Sedgwick: “If it’s been a good day, I have a whiskey soda at Johnny’s Bar in the West Village. If it’s been a bad one, whatever shot they’re  pouring.”

Irene Neuwirth:
“I love a nice Casa Dragones tequila at the end of the day.”

Dennis Basso
: “Five minutes after I have a Grey Goose martini—very, very dry, straight-up shaken, with olives—I just feel better.”

Pamela Love
: “I go for a Bloody Mary. Anything that involves hot sauce is on my list.”

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