2012 February 23

Height Check! Milano Edition

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Milan's fashion folks, by the inches and feet! Milan's fashion folks, by the inches and feet!
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How tall are your favorite Milan fashion forces? Chic found out...here's how everyone from Cavalli to Boselli measures up! 

2012 February 23

Ciao Anna!

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ADR at MaxMara ADR at MaxMara
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We couldn't come to Milano without a little catch-up avec Italy's girl next door, Anna Dello Russo. Chic ran into her at MaxMara earlier today to find out how she does it all. 

Love your shoes! 
It's car shoe from Prada. They go vroom! 

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
45 minutes. 

Did you get to do your yoga this morning?
Absolutely! I wake at 5 a.m. I do yoga for an hour and then I went swimming for half an hour. 

Chic is a little jet lagged. What's your cure?
Yoga! If you do yoga, you don't jet lag. I'm so healthy, I drink water, I eat careful. When you have jet lag, you have to eat really light. If you do these things, in a day you'll be normal. 

You seem to be getting more and more attention outside of shows every season! 
It's a good feeling because you get more confident in yourself, but I was born a beginner and I will die a beginner. Fashion is a bit of performance, so every year I try to do a little bit better. Publicity is OK because you feel more attractive. But you don't feel completely safe. 

What party are you most looking forward to this week?
I'm looking forward to the Valentino dinner tonight. There's not that many party in Milan, it's more dinner. Paris is more party.

Do you have a boyfriend?
Of course! 

Does he ever come to shows with you?
He doesn't like fashion.


2012 February 23

Milano Nuggets!

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The new Valentio flagship in Milan. The new Valentio flagship in Milan.
Courtesy photo
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What's been going on front row and backstage in Milano today? 

SPOTTED: Carine Roitfeld signing a copy of her book Irreverent for a fan at Fendi...Vanity Fair's Michael Carl is teaching pre-show bootcamp classes for editors...OVERHEARD: "You can come to the Valextra appointment with me, but just don't call it Valtrex this time!"...Suzy Menkes shooed away a cameraman front row at MaxMara. When he wouldn't stop filming her, she covered her face, got out of her chair, and walked up to the fifth row to avoid him. He eventually left...Tonight Valentino fêtes their new Milan flagship with a dinner celebrating architect David Chipperfield; the guest list includes Anna Wintour, Giovanna Battaglia, Fabien Baron, Vittoria Puccini, Deborah Needleman, Hamish Bowles, and hosts Maria Grazia Chiuri, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani...HEARD: Karl Lagerfeld congratulating Stefano Tonchi on the latest issue of W backstage at Fendi...NON-SHOCKER: Daphne Groenveld walking at Fendi...Emporio Armani sending out Acqua for Life t-shirts to editors at the Principe and Bulgari...SHAZAM ALERT! Jeanne Moreau's Each Man Kills The Things He Loves playing at MaxMara...

2012 February 23

Ferragamo's Fans

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Marilyn Monroe dons her metal-toed Ferragamo stilettos Marilyn Monroe dons her metal-toed Ferragamo stilettos
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Even before the Ferragamo company was officially founded, Salvatore’s connection to the silver screen ran deep—shortly after landing on U.S. soil, he booked out of Boston to open his own boot shop in Hollywood. A look at the glamorous coterie of stars frequently shod in Salvatore’s creations.…

AUDREY HEPBURN: In 1954, Salvatore crafted a dainty suede ballerina flat graced with an ankle strap for the gamine starlet. Long after Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Hepburn’s flats have endured as a best-selling Ferragamo favorite.

Bardot’s boudoir-ready eyes and a coiffure as voluptuous as her figure met their footwear match with Salvatore’s velvet ankle boot, created for the actress in 1966.

The iconic minx was the inspiration for Ferragamo’s crafted, metal-reinforced stilettos.

The most-watched woman in the world was often seen sporting Ferragamo’s demure pumps.

2012 February 22

Buon Giorno, Olivier Zahm: Milano Talk!

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Olivier Zahm Olivier Zahm
CLINT SPAULDING/PatrickMcMullan.com
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What rocks Purple mag's Olivier Zahm's world in Milano?  We got the scoop while killing time waiting for the No. 21 show to start...

1. "I love the Liberty [Art Nouveau] architecture. The Art Deco from Milan is amazing. Each time I see one, I try to take a picture, but it's not easy, because the building are tall and are mostly grey, but I love it."

2. "I love the trattorias. The small ones, not the fancy ones; the little cafes. Any small cafe is very nice. You can eat a little thing at 5 or 6 p.m. and it's fantastic."

3. "My favorite Italian editor is Anna Dello Russo. I was the first person to do a story with her five or six years ago. I also have a lot of good friends here outside of the fashion world."

4. "I like the spa at the Armani hotel. They have a beautiful spa there with a sauna, steam room and huge jacuzzi with a view of the city. It's quite dreamy."

5. "Armani Privé is a nice club downstairs. It's very eighties. I like it! It's my favorite club in Milan, I have to say. Also, it's very convenient so I can go from the spa to club, or vice versa."

2012 February 22

A Moment with No. 21's Alessandro Dell'Acqua

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Alessandro Dell'Acqua Alessandro Dell'Acqua
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Live from Milan! Today we sat next to our fave new Voguette Christiane Arp, and spotted Daphne Groeneveld walking down the runway (we're going to count how many designers booked her this season) at No. 21 at Palazzo Della Permanente in Milano. After the show, we caught up with designer Alessandro Dell'Acqua backstage to dig into his past.

What were you thinking for this season?
The inspiration was Queen Elizabeth, but in real life in the country. It's country royalty! Mix and match with feminine and masculine. I used masculine materials like tweed and velvet.

Who's your favorite royal?
Queen Elizabeth, of course!

When were you in the country last?
One year ago.

(Publicist adds: "He doesn't go very often to the country.")

What do you like to do in the country when you do go there?
Completely relax! Sleep.

The line is No. 21. What were you like at 21?
I was a nasty boy!

(Publicist adds: "Now, he's a good boy! At 21, he used to go out to the discos in Milano.")

And now?
Now, I'm a good boy.

Do you miss those days?
Yes, a lot!

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