2012 March 22

Freida Pinto's Costumed Pre-Hollywood Days

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NYLON April issue NYLON April issue
Courtesy NYLON
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This might put your most shudder-inducing teen gig to shame, cheris. Actress Freida Pinto, dolled up in a high-low melange of Chanel and Alternative Apparel, graces NYLON's April cover, out on newsstands March 27. In the mag, she discusses her Mumbai upbringing, her next flick set in the 1890s, called Trishna...and a particularly unsavory gig from her formative years. “I was entertaining at kiddy [sic] parties, but I was always trying to run away from dressing up. I didn’t want to get in a dirty costume! You sweat in it!” Pinto told NYLON. Ick! Chic just gained newfound respect for all those clowns, Sesame Street characters, et al. we ran away from at childhood birthday parties. (Or in Times Square on a regular basis nowadays.) Movin' on up, Freida! 


2012 March 22

Kiehl's Does Good

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Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!
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Florence Welch + the Kiehl's Machine? Flo, along with Mark Ruffalo, Rosario Dawson, and Spike Lee, designed Earth-inspired limited edition labels on Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. The earth (and face!) friendly company has also donated $100,000 to Recycle Across America, which will be used to create 150,000 standardized recycling labels for select K-12 schools throughout the U.S. Since 2009, Kiehl's has collected a whopping 500,000 empty Kiehl's bottles from their shoppers and recycled them on their behalf, rewarding them with free products. Well done, guys! 

2012 March 22

Kate Hudson Takes a Break for Ann Taylor

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Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor
Tom Munro
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We hope Kate Hudson doesn't wrinkle her dress in the new ad campaign for Ann Taylor, photographed by Tom Munro. According to Elle, this is the first time she's been seen in a campaign since a certain Tommy Hilfiger moment in the nineties. (Does anybody recall this?) Why now? She tells Elle that she has a little time off, and it was "one of those things when they ask and the time is right." There we have it! Hudson follows Ann Taylor alums Demi Moore, Katie Holmes, and Naomi Watts. 

2012 March 22

Jessica Simpson Is Too Hot For Arizona

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Too hot in Arizona! Too hot in Arizona!
Coco Perez
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Oh, America! CocoPerez reports that an Arizona grocery store has censored Jessica Simpson's naked and pregnant Elle cover with a piece of cardboard (gasp!). (The first thing we'd do is remove it to see what the fuss is about.) Apparently, the cover is just too haute for the Grand Canyon state. Seth and Amy ask: Really?! 

2012 March 22

Karlie Kloss Poll: Who Wore It Better?

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Toughy! Toughy!
Karlie Kloss Twitter
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America's sweetheart Karlie Kloss took to Twitter to get to the bottom of one of the most important issues of our time: Who owns this flower look? Will Ferrell or Karlie? She's a little more elaborate, but the butterflies surrounding Will are a lovely touch...#tooclosetocall

2012 March 22

Get On The Belt Way! Cinching Tips From Linea Pelle’s Andrew Cotton

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Linea Pelle belts Linea Pelle belts
Courtesy Linea Pelle/LPCollection.com
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A waist-cincher is perhaps the easiest-access, major-impact type of accessory out there. But to the uninitiated, that simple whittling swath can be daunting…and with the wrong styling and/or a lack of proportional sensibilities, a belt can wreak havoc on an otherwise lovely figure. (It's happened to the chicest of us...) What’s a girl in need of some silhouette SOS to do? Thankfully, the savvy belt purveyors at Linea Pelle via the brand’s creative director, Andrew Cotton, came to Chic’s (and your) rescue!

Why bother tinkering with belts?

Know the power of belts! Not only can they enhance your best assets, but they can make every piece in your closet look new again.

Gotcha! So what are your top three tips for picking the best belt shape for one's silhouette?
First, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with belts. Women are under the misconception of, "If I wear a belt, it will cut my body in half." Belts help you take control of your look—and your curves. For a flattering waist, a contoured belt silhouette is perfect, whether it’s a true, curved contour belt, an hourglass shape, or an asymmetrical shape.

How can you tell if a belt really fits?
Technically when it’s on the middle hole. But it also should be able to move and not constrict you.   

Any specific tips by body type?
If you’re petite, a hip belt also looks great over a blouson top. If you’re chesty, a waist belt can be dynamic and sexy, and a stretch belt not only controls curves, but is also comfortable, chic and moves with you. If you have a short upper torso, stay away from a wider belt and go a little leaner to compliment your silhouette. Hip belts that create a ‘V’ in front can also help to elongate the torso. This is also great if you have a little extra in the pooch region...

Who should beeline for wide belts?
Women with longer legs and shorter torsos are very successful with wider belt styles. 

And what kind of body type is best suited for skinny belts
Almost everyone can wear a skinny! If you are long-waisted, this could work against you at the waist—sling it a bit lower on the hips to avoid that, or stick to something a little wider. 

What’s the biggest belt-wearing faux pas around?
Besides the obvious, too-tight-for-your-own-good disaster, overdoing it with embellishments or hardware is a problem. More isn't always better; sometimes it's just more. Also, too-wide belts can often make women look more like a super hero or pro wrestler than a trendsetter. 

We’ll skip the WWE look, thankyouverymuch! Is there anywhere that is, or should be, a belt-free region?
Unless you’re Halle Berry emerging from the ocean with a utility belt, please don’t wear a belt with a swimsuit. 

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