2010 June 22

Write This Down

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Miss Bibi Miss Bibi
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Do you constantly find yourself without a writing utensil? If so, Chic has an alternative for vous. Try the Rhodie Silver Pencil Necklace, a classic silver chain complete with a small, bejeweled pencil pendant. What would make this great find even better? A tiny Moleskine, s'il vous plaît. THE DETAILS: $142.28, colette.fr

2010 June 21

Rowdy Excess, Even for the Principe!

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Famed Principe Di Savoia Famed Principe Di Savoia
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In case you’re staying at the Daily’s beloved Principe Di Savoia during the men's collections, you may have noticed that quite a few familiar faces graced the Imperial Suite last night. Details threw an excessively rowdy bash last night, hosting more guests than they expected because nearly everyone in Milan was photographing the party’s matchbox invites backstage at the shows. A model that walked in Etro’s show (Caio Cesar) served as a bartender and handed out beer bottles straight from the tub. Soon enough, two burly Italian security guards were soon dispatched to monitor the door, and they maintained their posts until guests trickled downstairs to their rooms around 3 a.m.. The mag's publisher Bill Wackermann witnessed all the fun, but EIC Dan Peres arrived to Milan late due to a family wedding, so he'll have to wait until next week in Paris for another late-night Details bash. Le Meurice, perhaps? We'll never tell.

2010 June 21

Rumor Alert! Anna Dello Russo to W?

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Stefano Tonchi, Anna Dello Russo Stefano Tonchi, Anna Dello Russo
JOE SCHILDHORN/PatrickMcMullan.com
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It's so insane it just might be true! During men's fashion week in Milan, the Principe is buzzing about Anna Dello Russo...and Stefano Tonchi? Yes, really: rumors are running rampant that Tonchi is trying to woo his longtime friend (and fellow Italian magazine editrix) Dello Russo for the fashion director gig at W. Tonchi has said that he's pretty much done with layoffs, but Chic can't imagine that the legendary Alex White will stay on board when she has so many advertising clients (David Yurman) and editorial opportunites to keep her occupied. And Tonchi's W desperately needs some good press, which the international street-style obsession Dello Russo will bring in spades. Also, Dello Russo essentially hires photographers and stylists for Japanese Vogue...which someone's gotta do at W, right? (Without Dennis Freedman, who had twenty-year-old relationships with A-list photogs like Michael Thompson, Mert & Marcus, and Bruce Weber, there's a real void in that category.) It makes sense! (But it's still crazy.) We report, you decide...

2010 June 21

Correspondence We Actually Received: The New Yorker Does Diets!

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David Remnick David Remnick
NICK HUNT / PatrickMcMullan.com
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Chic adores its New Yorker subscription, especially the fiction podcasts and weekly e-blasts that tease the current issue's contents. And now, kudos to Remnick's crackerjack marketing team for thinking hors box and partnering with...a weight loss treatment center! See, even highbrow intellectuals obsessed with Susan Orlean and her chickens are interested in "that all-important support during your journey." (Side note: Isn't this where Andre went to slim down?)

From: The New Yorker <thenewyorker@email.newyorker.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 10:49 AM
Subject: Kick Start Your Weight Loss with Duke Diet & Fitness Center
To: dailyette@gmail.com

Not reaching your weight loss goals as easily as you thought?

A stay at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center may be the kick-start you really need.

The Duke Diet & Fitness Center is a residential, 2–4 week program that features a multidisciplinary strategy for weight loss that includes personalized guidance from our experts in:

Behavioral health
Medical assessment and care

As a client at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center, you’ll have access to Duke specialists. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of community—a group of peers and staff who will provide that all-important support during your journey at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center and after you leave.

Ready to learn more?
Visit our site or Contact Us Today

2010 June 21

Birkin Masquerade

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"Birkin" Tote "Birkin" Tote
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If a $45 Hermès sounds too good to be, that’s because it is. One quick glance at this hilarious “Birkin” tote bag, and we were fooled---nearly. The clever trompe l'oeil reusable shopping bags look like the real deal, although instead of luxe Hermès calfskin, these carryalls are made entirely of canvas. Attention, anti-counterfeiters: they are in no way connected to the French fashion house. But at the very least, you will likely fool more than a few folks passing by on the street. And if we spot the fake, your secret is safe with us...

2010 June 21

Cold As Ice

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Igloo cubicle Igloo cubicle
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Who knew igloos were going to have their fashion moment? Pas nous, but when Karl Lagerfeld set his Fall 2010 Chanel show against the background of a giant imported iceberg, we should have caught on. We can only imagine how amazing our office would look full of these igloo-shaped cubicles by Derin Design, which have an airy feel and plenty of storage space. Maybe it's the extreme heat outside that's making Chic want to settle into a block of ice, but we're blaming the Kaiser for this latest obsession.

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