2010 September 11

Tom Ford's Supersecret Plans Revealed!

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Tom Ford Tom Ford
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Sorry, Tom, but we can't help ourselves...For those of vous wondering what, exactly, the designer's women's presentation will entail, your Daily has the dish! Every model is a celebrity---think Beyonce, Lou Doillon, Victoria Beckham---and Tom will walk the ne plus ultra-elite audience through each look personally. Only one snapper will be allowed on-site---working directly under Tom---and photos aren't expected to be released until January, when the merch hits stores, in hopes of curtailing counterfeits. Everyone involved, from the flacks to the guests, have signed confidentiality agreements, and security at the event on Sunday will be extra-high. So if you don't already have an invite, well, dommage, but don't worry---you can read all about it in your Tuesday Daily!

2010 September 11

Isaac Tones It Down!

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Isaac Mizrahi Isaac Mizrahi
JIMI CELESTE/PatrickMcMullan.com
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"This time, I’m doing an extremely plain and untheatrical show. I’m not kidding. It’s just going to be beautiful girls in beautiful clothes. I think that’s the freshest thing of all. I think, on the theatrics, I just want to wait a minute and figure out what that means now. But it’s going to be dazzlingly beautiful. Come!" ---Isaac Mizrahi, on his upcoming Spring 2011 show

2010 September 11

A Moment With...Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra

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Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra
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Chic caught up with the adorable Costello Tagliapietra duo as they were preparing for their Spring 2011 collection. As we spoke, Robert was helping Jeffrey button up his cardigan...

Do you typically help dress each other in the mornings?
R: Of course.

Tell me a little bit about the collection.
R. We kept seeing our friends and women around us just paying attention to how they dressed in the morning — kind of forgoing the jeans and wearing dresses to work. It was kind of inspiring to us because that's what we do. So we started looking toward the periods where people really did dress like that — they took time and there was kind of an individuality that came through in how you put an outfit together. You know, things like the 1930s and the '40s and the '70s and there's just this kind of amalgam of periods we're just being inspired by.

Anything to add to that?
J. He said it so eloquently.

I saw you guys are working with Airdye again. So are you going all eco friendly on us?
R. No, we only think of it as if you have an opportunity to be a little more conscious, I think you owe it to the world to do that. And I think this is such an unobtrusive way to do that — we're dyeing clothes anyway, so why not dye them the eco-friendly way to dye where we're not wasting water. For us it's just a way to contribute but it doesn't really effect anything.

Are you two green?
J. We always recycle, and buy flourescent bulbs all that stuff.

What are your plans now that your show's over?
R. We are going to be shucking oysters with Philip and Courtney Crangi.

I love oysters. How did that come about?
R. Oh, we've know Philip and Courtney forever and I think we were out one night and we were laughing and coming up with a fun thing to do and they have their little shop and we thought it was a cool thing to do — end of summer, almost.

Have you ever done it? They're really hard, aren't they?
R. No Philip was like, I'll teach you how to do it, I promise. I know I'm going to end up with bloody hands afterwards and nobody's going to want to eat the oysters.

What's your favorite place to eat oysters?
R. Last time we had them was at the the Standard, I think — the Standard Grill.

Any particular way you like them?
R. I don't eat them, so this is Jeffrey.
J. We just order the sample plate.

2010 September 10

Cybergoth Girls at Bensoni

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Ben Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon Ben Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon
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Sonia Yoon and Ben Channing Clyburn's Bensoni line has always been a go-to for utter adorable-ness, so when we heard this season was about cybergoths, we had to ask.

Tell us about the Spring collection!
Sonia: “We’re really excited to show this collection, because we feel like it’s our best yet. The collection is really about our society today and how people are all into being into nature and loving mother earth and being a part of the green moment and at the same time our world is on this crazy technology bullet train, and everyone’s digitally obsessed. And so we wanted to tell the story about this girl who is really a little bit of both. She’s hippie and bohemian, yet she’s modern and she’s on this acid trip into the future.

What era are you from, personally?
Sonia: I’ve gone through different phases in my life. I’ve been them all. And the girl we’re designing for is bohemian and relaxed during the day, and at night she kind of goes berserk as this cybergoth girl.

Are you tech savvy or luddites?
Ben: We’re totally tech savvy, definitely.
Sonia: Well, Ben more so is always on his Blackberry! I think that’s the case with a lot of people, and we are definitely supportive of the digital era. We’re all for it. We actually want it to go faster!

2010 September 10

Correspondence We Actually Received: Totes from Hell Edition

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i Love My Muff i Love My Muff
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We're all for product innovation, but we won't be requesting these samples...


If you are looking for a fun, new fashion week must have product to feature in The Daily during NYFW this is it! i Love My Muff, a new line of bold products that provides daily love and care for down there, is participating in the Henri Bendel's  Fashion Night out event where the products are sold. Guests will receive a free gift and i Love My Muff Tote bag.  They are also providing products to the Lorick show gift bag during NYFW.   
 I think you will find the concept a refreshing one that is bold, unique and most of all fun. The packaging is tasteful and creative and the line of lotions, sprays, and washes are all natural and handmade and perfect for models rushing between shows as well as busy editors, fashionistas.  
I have attached a press kit to provide you with further information on the brand and products.  I can also have some products sent to you if you would prefer.
Thank you for your consideration.

2010 September 10

A Moment With...Daniel Boulud

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Daniel Boulud Daniel Boulud
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The restauranteur's sublime Bar Boulud is located just feet from Lincoln Center. Might we suggest a working lunch between shows?

So Daniel, how did you spend your summer?
Every August I go home to Lyon for a while to see my family—but mostly to cook in the wood-burning oven on my parent’s farm. Wish I could have one back here in New York!

We hear you recently took an inaugural trip to Tennessee to visit Blackberry Farm. How did you like the South?
I learned that southern hospitality is not a myth. This was my first time in Tennessee. If I could, I’d go back to Blackberry Farm every weekend. It’s definitely the most charming, romantic, and elegant spot in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s also the only place I’ve ever been in the Great Smoky Mountains.

What are your plans for Fashion Week?
Attend a few shows—definitely Vivienne Tam’s—and watch the models cross Broadway to Bar Boulud. If we can get ABT ballerinas to eat boudin blanc, maybe we can get some Fashion Week models to sip Mâcon?

What’s on deck at Bar Boulud?
We’re opening a new grilling-themed restaurant next door this coming February. There will also be a retail shop, where you can buy our house-made charcuterie, breads, and pastries, as well as great cheeses, soups, sandwiches, and salads to go.

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