2010 September 14

The Daily Wonders...What Were You Like at 25?

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Rebecca Romijn Rebecca Romijn
MARC DIMOV/ PatrickMcMullan.com
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In honor of Tommy Hilfiger's big anniversary, we had to ask the slews of chicsters partying on Sunday night: What were you like at 25? Behold their answers!

Brett Ratner: Much skinnier!

Rebecca Romijn: I'm pretty sure I was working for Tommy. I had it together, baby!

Candice Bergen: I was touring around Europe a lot, sunbathing in the South of France and enjoying myself tremendously.

Kimora Lee Simmons: Married! But when Russell was 25, he was probably smoking something or other.

Russell Simmons: I was high on some drugs, but not all the time. And not all at the same time!

Steven Kolb: I had a lot more hair and I was thinner. I was more carefree, but I was always a bit of a mama's boy.

Tyson Ritter: At 25, I was losing my mind. Let's just say there was a lot of experimentation---they call it the quarter-life crisis. I'm 26 now, and I've lived to tell the tale. I'm a new man.

2010 September 14

Designers for Bastian!

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Juan Carlos Obando Juan Carlos Obando
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Michael Bastian's show featured a few unexpected audience members. First up: J.Crew publicist Shawn Buchanan. Prochainement? Designer Juan Carlos Obando. "I'm a friend of Eugenia's, and she invited me," he shrugged. "My collection is over so now I get to relax." Scuba style sounds about right to us.

2010 September 14

W's Song and Dance

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Roisin Murphy Roisin Murphy
CHANCE YEH/PatrickMcMullan.com
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Irish songstress and fashion favorite Roisin Murphy was the surprise performer at the W Hotels Global Glam Presentation and After Party at the Tents at Lincoln Center last night, and new BFFs Carmen Electra and Denise Richards went wild dancing. Murphy extended her set by an hour---until basically the speakers blew off. “I guess that’s what it took for us to stop partying here!” she quipped. Click gallery for all the party pics!

2010 September 14

Quote of The Daily: Miss USA Goes To Fashion Week!

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Rima Fakih Rima Fakih
MAX RAPP/PatrickMcMullan.com
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"My family loves it. My mom is always trying to get me to update my BBM status so she knows what I'm doing. 'You've seen Russell Simmons? Take a picture and send it to me!'" –Miss USA Rima Fakih, at yesterday's Betsey Johnson show

2010 September 14

Kelly Osbourne, Working Hard

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Chris Benz and Kelly Osbourne Chris Benz and Kelly Osbourne
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Kelly Osbourne's been making the rounds this Fash-Week, stopping in at Betsey Johnson, Erin Fetherston, Tracy Reese, Elise Overland, and slews of fetes. It's tough work, but someone's got to do it, right? Chic chatted with the petite blonde at Chris Benz's Spring 2011 presentation, where she dished on all the dirty work.

How are you feeling?
Really, really tired. I got in about 6:00 in the morning yesterday, and I only had about four hours sleep. It’s fun for me though—even though they say it’s work, I don’t know how this can be work. I get given the most gorgeous dresses, cars sent for me, they pay for my hotel, they fly me out here—just to go to the shows! I’m in girl heaven! I love this! I don’t care if I’m tired.

What do you love about Chris?
He caters to every woman. Every one of his collections, I could wear and my mom could wear—we’d just wear it differently. It’s a sign of a really good designer. And I love Chris. We always say, ‘Chris, why can’t you just be straight? You’re so hot! Seriously!’ I love him. It’s not very many designers who will personally call you and ask you to come to his show. It makes me feel really special when he does that!

You’re wearing Chris Benz, I assume?
It is the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. Because of the way it wraps, it’s like wearing a kimono. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve worn to fashion week, that’s for sure!

2010 September 14

A Moment With...Tim Gunn

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Tim Gunn Tim Gunn
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Chic caught up to the no-holds-barred author and host of Project Runway to talk safety measures...

You’ve taken on the fashion flock in your new book. Were you scared to show your face at Fashion Week?
I will say this: I’m not going after anyone’s character. I’m more like a sports writer. It’s just the facts, man. It’s not personal nastiness, it’s simply crazy behavior. Or I should say abhorrent behavior. But it’s not a statement about the industry.

Are you taking any extra security precautions? Do you have a bodyguard?
No, no, no. I travel alone and unarmed!

You’ve gone after Anna, Isaac…anyone else you want to call out while you have the mic?

No! And regarding Anna, she never would have appeared in the book if not for the reaction she had to the blurb that appeared in the Post! Accept responsibility for your actions! Don’t later say ‘I didn’t do it’ or ‘it’s not what happened.’ If there hadn’t been an outcry, I wouldn’t have put her in the book. And about Isaac—and he has a lot of company—there are a lot of designers who have a very particular aesthetic, and it can be quickly offended. Some are simply more open and accepting, like Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg. But they’re very unusual!

Have you received any threatening letters or phone calls recently?

No, but I will say this: Simon and Schuster’s legal department spent a few weeks with the manuscripts and we all did our diligence. Everything was fact checked and everything remotely questionable was excised. No one wants to be accused of slander!

Headline-writers have been having a lot of fun with your name recently. Any favorite puns?

Gunns blazing is pretty good. I hope there isn’t a perception that my tone is angry or mocking. It’s more…incredulity. As long as certain behaviors persist, one should be incredulous. My point of departure about behavior is the same about fashion and personal style. Whatever you’re wearing, accept responsibility. Own up to it, and don’t blame someone else.

Why do you think you’re the only person to really call out this behavior?
I am completely and totally flabbergasted. I’ve been asking the exact same question! I don’t know! On the topic of Anna being carried out of the Peter Som show, there were 50 or 60 people who saw it.

Have any of those people rallied around you?
Oh yes, absolutely. When I was recently at The Daily Show, the producers told me they loved what I said about Alexis Stewart! Because they knew! She is just vitriolic.

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