2010 December 8

Look What's Talking

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A $30,000 talking chess set seems totally unnecessary, so of course, we worship the thing. Hand built and engineered in a "marble-like" material called Corian, it was all Barbara Kruger's idea. Each piece has the ability to "talk" interactively as players make their moves. But maybe edit out the heavy breathing noises? We're slighty scarred.

2010 December 8

WHERE'S WES? Locked in a Hotel Edition

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Wes Gordon Wes Gordon
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Designer Wes Gordon is a relative newcomer to both New York City and the fashion world. Thank dieu he's agreed to chronicle his adventures for Chic Report in a weekly column. What’s he up to this week?

"Winter has definitely arrived in New York, and everywhere I look, everyone is sick!  For the past week, I could count myself amongst their ranks. Knocked-out with bronchitis and a flu, I went into quarantine mode, checked into one of my favorite hotels and spent four days away from everything, focused solely on trying to get well. After a day spent curled into the fetal position in the bed, pumped full of antibiotics and existing entirely on throat lozenges, I realized the worst of my symptoms: I was bored. Having spent the last six weeks travelling for trunk shows, I have what feels like an insurmountable amount of catching up to do in the office on spring sales/production and, on top of that, we’re already starting work on Fall 2012. Admittedly, I’m a big micromanager, and not being there was driving me nuts. I had to find something to do to distract myself.  A huge film buff, I decided it was time for a catch up with my favorites. Sniffly and tired, I had all my Visconti DVDs sent over to the hotel.

2010 December 8

Chic Obsessions: Newbark's Maryam and Marjan Malakpour

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Maryam and Marjan Malakpour Maryam and Marjan Malakpour
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Chic Report chronically wonders: What are you obsessing over these days? We asked NewbarK designers (and sisters) Maryam and Marjan Malakpour (try saying that out loud ten times!) to share what they adore right now.

1. Diptyque candles in Choisya scent
2. The striped knit Chanel dress from the Cruise 2011-12 collection
3. Classical music, especially Bach.
4. Fellini films
5. NewbarK Collection Noir loafer named after my favorite fashion show casting director, Mayda
6. Watching my daughter Sophie dress-up as Snow White
7. My Thomas Wylde fox fur jacket

1. My iPad
2. My black Vanessa Bruno poncho
3. French Vogue
4. Josie Maran makeup

2010 December 8

Guess Who! Model Hands Edition

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Click to see who's holding this clutch! Click to see who's holding this clutch!
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Which divine model carried this ultra-chic Calvin Klein Collection clutch hier soir? Find out in the gallery.

2010 December 7

Sports 101 With Adam Brecht: The Meaning of Football

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Sports 101 Sports 101
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Sports are simply too taxing for us, so Chic asked perfume publicist and total jock Adam Brecht to break down the news for nous in a weekly column. Don’t know the difference between a quarterback and a linebacker? Those days are ending soon! 

"With so many cocktails on your calendar, it's only a matter of time before someone asks you, "How 'bout those Jets?"  And they're not talkin' Learjet to Milan, mon cher.  They're talking football. A banker with money for your line might ask, so be ready!  You can do it.  Here's a handy football guide for fashionistas.
Old Giants Stadium
Think: Bryant Park
New Giants Stadium
Think: Lincoln Center
Super Bowl
Battle to decide who's #1 -- and who's not.
Think: Black Friday
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell 
Football's chief makes and breaks careers. 
Think: Anna Wintour
Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez 
Newcomer knocking 'em dead his second year in the big time. 
Think: Jason Wu
ESPN SportsCenter 
For the latest low-down.
Think: Dailyfrontrow.com

Heisman Trophy
For the best young player. 
Think: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.
TIP OF THE WEEK: "If someone asks you: "How about those Jets?"  Just say, "The drama!  Can you believe?” You'll be right as the Jets have had several tension-filled last-minute wins this season.  You know, like when the model arrives one minute before runway."

PLUS! Check out adambrecht.com for more info on Chic's very own Bob Costas.  


2010 December 7

Tech Tips with JoCo: The White Blackberry and Alice in Wonderland

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Tech Tips Tech Tips
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Marie Claire just unveiled its sexy iPad app, and it’s no secret that EIC Joanna Coles loves a gadget. Obviously, she's the perfect guru to give Daily readers the latest tips on all things tech. Introducing our new weekly feature: Tech Tips With Joanna Coles!

So JoCo: Which gadget are you loving? "I got the white Blackberry the nanosecond it came out, and people are still stopping me to ask where they can get one. The Clarisonic Face Washer---that’s a gadget, right? I’m debating about the Evo---that screen!---and the Galaxy. I know I don’t need them, but they’re like the Lanvin and Chanel of tech: they’re calling me, and they’re hard to resist. How many phones is too many?"

Any new iPad games to look out for? "What's the new Angry Bird? Alice in Wonderland. You have to find hidden objects, and it's oddly infuriating---it’s like having tea with the mad hatter himself."

Check out this video of Alice for the iPad.

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