2011 January 6

Elisa Sednaoui is Armani's La Femme Bleu

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Elisa Sednaoui Elisa Sednaoui
Photographed by Nick Knight
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The Spring Summer 2011 campaigns are pouring in. Giorgio Armani unveils the "La Femme Bleue" ads featuring model Elisa Sednaoui, photographed by Nick Knight, under the creative direction of Mr. Armani. Here's a little trivia for your next dinner party: Did you know that Christian Louboutin is Sednaoui's godfather? It's true! 



2011 January 5

Chic Campaigns! Daria Takes Ferragamo

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Ferragamo SS 2011 Campaign Ferragamo SS 2011 Campaign
Photo by Mikael Jansson
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Ferragamo's Spring Summer 2011 campaign, featuring models Daria Werbowy and Clement Chabernaud, hit mags in February. The ads, shot by Mikael Jansson in Ibiza, reinterpret the seduction and bohemian spirit from the classic French film, La Piscine, the source of inspiration for the season’s collection. We. Want. To. Go. To. There. Now.


2011 January 5

Does This Girl Look Famous to You?

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Guess Who! Guess Who!
Photo by Mark Abrahams for V Magazine
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Does this face look familiar? Look a little closer. Introducing the long-lost Olsen! V Magazine's upcoming issue features Elizabeth Olsen, the 21-year-old younger sister to The Row designers Mary-Kate and Ashley. Can you see the resemblance now? In the mag, which hits stands on January 13, Chace Crawford nominates the youngest Olsen as the new "ingenue." She keeps mum about her famous siblings, but we do learn that she's been hard at working studying acting, and has 3 films coming out this year, including Peace, Love, and Understanding with Crawford. All eyes are on you, kid. 

2011 January 5

Obsessions: Rachel Antonoff

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Rachel Antonoff Rachel Antonoff
Photo by Patrick McMullan
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Designer Rachel Antonoff launches her column for Chic in a few weeks, so get to know her first (via her obsessions!).

Book: How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley. 
Movie: Black Swan. Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Parent Trap. And in the spirit of honesty, Dan in Real Life. I find it oddly comforting.  
Music and/or Song: Oh, so much. "Barlights" by Fun, The Nutcracker soundtrack, "Alligator" by Tegan and Sara. Angel Deradoorian covering Steel Train's "You Are Dangerous," "True Affection" by The Blow, "Better than Aliens" by Self.
Color: Red! 
TV Show: Modern Family, Parenthood and The Comeback. More spirited honesty: Greek.
Model: Ruby Jean with Elite. I want to use her for everything.
Magazine: Lula
Drink: Hot chocolate and alcoholic hot chocolate.


1. Ballet Beautiful classes whipped my overeating butt, back into shape.

2. John Jannuzzi's blog's Textbook and To My Wife. Love them!

3. Boeuf Bourguignon at Quatorze (I think about it all the time.)

4. Miniature horses. And kittens. And the image of a kitten riding a mini horse.

5. Scalamandre wallpaper

2011 January 5

Rebecca's Vino Adventure

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Travels with Rebecca Travels with Rebecca
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Rebecca Minkoff's adventures always make Chic a wee envious, but her trip to Napa Valley, California made us tipsy.

"Happy New Year! What an unbelievable year 2010 has been. From being inducted into the CFDA to showing at my first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I had so many reasons to raise my glass. Despite so many professional strides, I want to share a fond memory you didn’t read about in the Daily--- my bestie Ilaria [Urbinati]’s bachelorette party.  We pulled her away from the go-go world of running my fave place to shop in LA, Confederacy, to enjoy some fresh air and full-bodied beverages.

The setting: The Carneros Inn along the Sonoma Highway in the one-and-only Napa, Nor-Cal. The diet: a steady river of red, red wine. The dress code: plush robes and cowboy boots. Why do I recommend this place? Let me count the ways. Within minutes of check-in, the most divine cheese plate of dairy indulgences is delivered to your room. There is no substitute for farm-fresh, locally-churned, deliciously smelly cheese. And the wine…oh, the wine…Since the calories don’t count at bachelorette parties (not unlike Thanksgiving and Sundays), we carbo-loaded before our 10 a.m. wine tour. Necessary for 3 wineries in 4 hours! It was Stealing Beauty meets Sideways, eleven gals with their bride-to-be in tow, playing wino for the weekend.  I can swirl my wine and sniff a cork like a real pro!  

Opting out of some of the normal bachelorette-themed activities (you know what I’m talking about, Chippendale’s), the trip was all about laying in the grass, tear-inducing fits of laughter, and boozy horseback rides (don’t try this at home).  There is no better way to relax, recharge, and let the realization of married life slowly sink in. Napa, I love you, but you nearly ruined my taste for 2-buck chuck!

To see more pictures of my adventures and get up-to-the-minute updates on what I’m up to, follow me on facebook, twitter, and on my blog."

2011 January 5

La Vie en Ruffian: Viva Indochine

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When celebration is in order, a blizzard is no match for Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais. This week, they hit the Bar d'O reunion at Indochine. 

"There are very few restaurants in Manhattan that continue to command a level of chicness and elite clientele for over two and a half decades. At 25 years old, Indochine is not only a New York standard, it's an institution.  Our friend and proprietor Jean Marc Houmard is not only responsible for this fashionable sanctuary, but also for Republic, Kittichai, Bond Street, and the notoriously celebrated but no longer open Bar d’O.  On Sunday December 26, the day of the blizzard, we received an invitation to join Jean Marc for the Bar d’O reunion dinner at Indochine. For those of you fashion scene newbians, it was a cozy and delightful West Village bar that launched the careers of some of the most illustrious drag Burlesque performers including Sherry Vine, Raven O and the legendary Joey Arias, who starred most recently in Cirque de Soleil’s Las Vegas hit Zumanity.

We arrived at 9:00 p.m. through snow up to our knees, and were delighted to see a packed house. Jean Marc ushered us to his booth, and after a dinner of our favorites including fried spring rolls, Vietnamese baby back ribs, and crispy shrimp, we were called to attention by the one and only Ms. Flotilla Debarge. Unlike other Burlesque and drag bars, Bar d’O featured performers who could sing their lungs out, no lip-syncing here. Next up was Arias, whose extraordinary voice recalls that of Billie Holiday. We were delighted to hear some of our favorite jazz standards, including “God Bless the Child” and Cole Porter’s “Love for Sale."  Sade Pendarvis, back on the scene after a life-saving liver transplant, was actually featured in the groundbreaking documentary, Paris is Burning. Sade’s rendition of “At this Moment” brought her to her knees and the crowd to their feet! Flotilla’s own version of  “You Make Me Feel Like an African American Woman” was a brilliant post-modern and post-gender take on this classic hit.  A million lychee martinis later (our favorite Indochine cocktail!), a bevy of desserts were brought to our table including dessert wontons (to die for). It was truly a special New York evening, and it was clear that the blizzard really brought this diverse and beautiful crowd together. After an anonymous patron bought the entire restaurant shots, we all danced to Arias’ last song, “Why Don’t You Do Right?”.

For all of you who want to take part in the Bar d’O reunion fun, you can, but not until next year. It is always the Sunday before and after Christmas at Indochine. Mark your calendars!"

Check out photos from the event in our Gallery.

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