2012 February 24

What Happened To Karl's Cat? Fendi Reveals!

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Fendi fills us in! Fendi fills us in!
Chic Cam
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Did Chic hear what we thought we heard? Backstage after the Fendi show, we grabbed a moment with Silvia Fendi to get a (teensy-tiny) update on the condition of fashion's favorite furball. 

Did we just overhear Karl Lagerfeld say his cat Choupette was in the hospital?
Oh, yes, but now she's well and back home.

What was wrong? 
She had a high temperature. When he came back from Rome, he found her sick, but now she's well.

Thank goodness! Have you met the cat?
Just in photos. A lot of photos!

Do you have a cat?
No! A dog. I have a Jack Russell terrier named Lucky. 



2012 February 24

Checking in with Daphne Groeneveld

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Backstage today at Etro. Backstage today at Etro.
Chic Cam
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What can we say? We have a special place in our heart for Dutch sweetie Daphne Groeneveld! She's growing up right before our eyes! Chic chit chatted with her backstage after the Etro show in Milan today to see how her pizza addiction was going.

It seems like you walk in every show!
Actually I'm not that busy this season, but that's fine. I'm walking in great shows, so I'm happy.

How's school going? 
Not that good.

What! Why?
I'm not there. It's fine. I like to have two worlds, my normal world and my fashion world. I'm happy.

What do think you want to be when you stop modeling?
I want to start my own hotel!

Really! Any details on that?
A big one in Italy somewhere, because I like the weather. Maybe one day... We'll see. I like the Una Hotel in Milan. I haven't stayed in that many hotels yet.

You told us in September that you love the pizza in Italy, so have you gotten your fill this trip?
Nope! I'm eating healthy! 

Did you see your Daily cover in New York?
I saw it! It's cute. Thank you so much! 

Paris next?
I think so!



2012 February 24

Guess Who!

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The one and only... The one and only...
Chic cam
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Another easy one! It's bashful blogger Bryanboy sporting shorts and a purse after the Just Cavalli show today. The weather is going to be in the sixties all weekend in Milano, but shorts might be stretching it a tad. On the other hand, with legs like that...

2012 February 24

ck one, To The Face!

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ck one color cosmetics ad campaign ck one color cosmetics ad campaign
David Sims
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Your springtime face is about to get the CK treatment, thanks to the debut of ck one color cosmetics. As a teaser before the bold, straightforward beauty loot lands in stores, check out the gorge ads, shot by David Sims and starring Lara Stone (duh!), Ruby Aldridge, Herieth Paul, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eliza Cummings, Fei Fei Sun, Ehren Dorsey, Viggo Janason, and Yuri Pleskun. Check out more fab shots here! 

2012 February 24

Alina Cho Gets a Backstage Pass

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Alina Cho Alina Cho
Patrick McMullan
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Does Milan Fashion Week have you molto occupado? But of course! Get your runway respite post-Pucci with Alina Cho, who's back in action this weekend with her fifth "Fashion: Backstage Pass" special this year. (Remember her one-on-one with Marc and Karl? Perfecto!) On Saturday, CNN will devote an entire show at 2:30 p.m. ET to fashion a la Cho (a feat that hasn't been accomplished in 11 years) spotlighting Donna Karan, Marchesa, Joan Smalls, Prabal Gurung, and Sophie Theallet. In the meantime, check out a tantalizing teaser below...

2012 February 24

Get Into Our Pants!

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Stacey Bendet Get Into Our Pants campaign Stacey Bendet Get Into Our Pants campaign
Photo courtesy Stacey Bendet
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Stacey Bendet wants you to know something very important: Get into our pants! Her first global ad campaign for Alice & Olivia launched during New York Fashion Week, on everything from condoms to cocktail napkins. The reason? A brand new line of flirty fun trousers and striped shorties. If you missed the show, get a looky below!

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