2011 December 22

Memories: Dishing with Liz Smith!

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Liz Smith Liz Smith
Giorgio Niro
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 Anna! Halston! DvF! Calvin! Liz Smith can sling about them all. And she did, with The Daily, over margaritas at one of her favorite spots, El Rio Grande (it’s in her ’hood!). Listen and learn, chéris. As we look back on our fave stories of 2011, let's let Liz shine one more time...

New York isn’t the same without your column in the
New York Post. It ran there for 14 years. Do you miss it?
Oh, yeah, it was a terrible blow to me to find out that I was dispensable to them. It never occurred to me that after 40 years of a byline in New York  I would be fired. 

So, did they take you out to lunch to tell you? 
No, [Post editor-in-chief] Col Allan wrote me a nice letter telling me that they were dispensing of my services. So I went over their heads to Rupert Murdoch, which they didn’t like. And Rupert said that he couldn’t interfere with his editors’ decision. So what was there for me to do? Have a tantrum? Stomp out? I just said, “I think you’re making a mistake. I think the readers will really miss me.” But they didn’t care. I wish he’d reconsider. I personally like Rupert very much. He’s married to a beautiful, charming woman and has great children. I don’t think he’s as ideologically to the right as people think he is. 

And where do you think newspapers and magazines will be in 10 or 20 years?
I guess there won’t be any. Maybe we’ll just receive everything subliminally. We can’t predict changes. Who ever would have thought of the internet? Star Trek did introduce people in the ’70s to all kinds of technological things that have come true. But we still aren’t able to transport people from one place to another. 

Do you read Page Six? You must.
I read it, but I’ve never heard of any of the people. That’s because there are no real stars anymore. In fashion, there’s only Anna Wintour. I don’t care what anybody else is doing. She’s the only one who’s a big enough character to write gossip about. I mean, Glenda Bailey is a wonderful woman and does a wonderful job with Bazaar, but she’s not a character in the city’s lexicon of characters. That applies across the board. There are no big stars anymore.

Let’s talk more about Anna Wintour!
If Anna Wintour didn’t exist, we would have had to invent her. A shy, very private woman whose ambitions we haven’t even fathomed yet. She’s seriously mysterious. We don’t know what she feels or what her enthusiasms are other than being left alone. 

Let’s discuss some of the legends in fashion that you’ve known and covered over the years. I’ll throw some names out. Halston. 
He was a friend. I went to his parties.

What was a Halston party really like?
Drugs. It was about drugs. And if you weren’t into drugs, and I wasn’t… It wasn’t much of an experience. Lots of things happened, you just didn’t want to write about them in a family newspaper.  

Diane von Furstenberg.
You know, Wonder Woman is her inspiration. She’s never changed in all the years I’ve known her. She still looks the same. She’s a nice individual, and so is Barry Diller. I’ve known everybody too long. I’ve known Calvin since before Brooke Shields.

He’s always been a great story. It was too bad that he sold himself away, but all of them do it. Halston did it. The gossip press like to pretend they are broad-minded, but Calvin’s gotten a lot of flak.

Because he’s gay?
Yeah. And he dares to have a 21-year-old boyfriend. How different is that from Wall Street, where every old geezer has mistresses? They wouldn’t write that about the head of Goldman Sachs. That’s why I’ve backed off the whole gossip idea. It’s passing too much judgment on people.

That’s pretty huge: Liz Smith is off the idea of gossip? 
I don’t think I was ever a very good gossip columnist. I was just a reporter with a sensibility. I’m increasingly uninterested in scandal. Everybody makes a scandal out of nothing now. In Calvin’s case, they’re really beating a dead dog. He doesn’t care anymore. He can do whatever he likes. I love him.

Do you have a real love of your life?
No. I’ve resigned. Old age has forced me to. I can’t believe your readers would be interested in an old gossip columnist....

I think you’re wrong!
Listen, can I call you sometime and we’ll go to the theatre? Are you married? 

2011 December 22

Memories: Richard to the Rescue!

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Richard Simmons Richard Simmons
Michele Matz
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We chatted with the one and only Richard Simmons in September for The Daily during fashion week. Let's stroll down memory lane... 

Hi Richard! 
Hi there! [Bursting into song] Do wah do wah. Poop poop diddy. Talk about the guy from New York City. 

You’re always making people laugh!
Being silly is a wonderful thing to do if it works for you. God knows it’s worked for me for all these years!

We understand that you went to fashion school?
I’m an illustrator. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid in New Orleans. I started hanging around Jackson Square and learning different techniques. When I went to college in Florence, Italy and spent a little time in Palermo, Sicily, I took up fashion illustration, graphic design and I worked on a couple of children’s books. Then I got jobs doing fashion illustrations, but there was something missing. I was alone in the room with a dress, and it wasn’t for me—I needed to be around people! 

How did Richard Simmons become Richard Simmons?
In New Orleans, we work out by putting things in deep fryers. If I saw someone running in the streets, I called the cops, because I thought they were stealing! When I moved to L.A., I was a waiter at night, and I went to all the exercise studios during the day. I saved my tip money and 38 years ago, I opened up Slimmons, my studio in Beverly Hills. I’m still teaching there! I dress up in class—I’ll do anything for people to not take exercise so seriously. Last week, I wore a wedding dress as a tribute to Kim Kardashian. I work with Leslie Wilshire, who has designed my tank tops for 61 DVDs. My entire outfit for tonight’s class is made of plastic forks.

Do you ever get cold?
I really don’t. Being ashamed of what you look like and covering up your body isn’t a good message. I hop around in the snow in tank tops and shorts, because if I can’t be cute and sparkle, I won’t leave my home. 

Describe your personal style.
It’s built around my insecurities. I’m 133 pounds. I wear lots of tank tops and Dolfin shorts, as you know. I’m the only person other than the Harlem Globetrotters who wears that outfit. I put sparkles on it to make people smile and laugh. I live a pretty reclusive life and travel a whole lot. When I take my housekeeper out for dinner, I wear Bijan and Ralph Lauren, but no one recognizes me in a sport coat and tie.I’ve never really felt comfortable in those clothes. At the house, I only wear white. 

Read on for more Richard Simmons dish!

2011 December 21

Mario Testino for Fabergé = Joy

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Love it! Love it!
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Warning: Mario Testino's behind-the-scenes video for Fabergé has the potential to make you completely overhaul your holiday list to Santa. Gorgeous! Fabergé is hosting a special preview (by appointment only) at the Plaza Hotel until December 31st before opening its doors to a Manhattan store in Spring 2012. We'll be there opening day, darling.  

2011 December 21

In Sports News...

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Today's Post Today's Post
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Page Six reports that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (that's an important person in that football game!) might be dating Vicky's Secret and Sports Illustrated mod Kate Upton. Sources reveal: "They never come in [the building] together. He's always five steps after her." But he's been spotted several times in her Flatiron District building sometimes as late as (are you sitting?) midnight. Another source reveals they are just pals. Whomp. Reps for all didn't get back to The Post. 

2011 December 21

Jared Leto Plays With The Paprazzi

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We love Jared! We love Jared!
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Terry's Diary, the weekly place where all things Terry Richardson and the gang are documented, breaks some big news this week! Jared Leto (who has likely made more appearances on his blog than anyone) has the paparazzi in the palm of his hand. The shenanigans that go on at that studio have given us some of the best memories of 2011. Thanks, boys! 

2011 December 21

Francesco Clark: The Man Who Knows

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From the man who knows! From the man who knows!
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Francesco Clark is the man to ask when it comes to finding the right products to take care of your skin! Just in the St. Nick of time, he writes in with some products you should be using! 


For me, the Holiday season is about a beauty that is luminous from the inside out. It should be fresh and minimalistic, and focusing on you as a whole. After all, with all of the hectic running and festive gatherings, you don't have time for a full face of make-up or the luxury for a two hour facial. Because of this, I try to keep my body in its optimum healthy state, from the inside out, so you can show off your glorious natural self and not pay the price for the occasional holiday indulgence. 


1. Bentonite Powder 
This powder is clay-based. You mix a spoonful of it in water to help detox. It's great before the holiday season to get that glow, and especially after a gluttonous party of eating and imbibing. 


2. Flax Seed Oil capsules  
With its high content of Omega-3 fatty acid, Flax Seed Oil is a secret weapon used by many in the industry to get their skin, hair, and nails shiny and vibrant. I've noticed I get fewer breakouts when I take this because the essential fatty acids (EFAs) in flax seed are responsible for skin-healing properties. It definitely gives you a leg-up. 


3. Barlean's Flavored Cod Liver Oil, berry flavor  
Cod liver oil is absolutely disgusting, but it's so good for you---specifically your hair, skin, and nails. This formula, that is infused with a lemon flavor, is easy to take. I take on tablespoon every morning. The essential fatty acids and vitamins A and D will keep you looking your best. It also helps you to feel great, so that's always a plus.  


4. Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream
It took us five years to formulate this, but it was worth it. The sugar-derived glycol acid, the Glucosamine HCL, and high concentrations of algae extract will actually stimulate your skin to produce its own collagen and hyaluronic acid production from the inside out. Typical moisturizers add hyaluronic acid to their moisturizers, which is great, but that is only a quick fix, as a hyaluronic molecule is actually so large it won't penetrate the skin. You need smaller molecules to penetrate the second and third layers of the dermis to actually make a difference. 


5. By Terry Skin Expert Detox and Rescue  
I love By Terry's skincare products, and this clickable brush serum is really light and works quickly to revive and brighten your complexion. Men need their routines to be very quick and effective or they just won't use the product. I have to admit I have no patience if I'm not looking my best and need to go out. 


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