2011 December 16

At Last! Baptiste Giabiconi's "One Night In Paradise"

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Who da man? Who da man?
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What do we want? Baptiste Giabiconi shirtless! When do we want it? NOW! Karl's little buddy has released a sneak peek at his upcoming video, One Night In Paradise, and gets all sexytimes with his female co-star. The diddy has a Backstreet Boys ballad sound, so we're sure it's going to just light up the charts in 1998, uh, 2012. We know what's on repeat in the Lagerfeld household this weekend. 


2011 December 16

Lanvin for Petites? Mais Oui!

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Bonjour! Bonjour!
Billy Farrell Agency
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Adorbs alert! On Wednesday night, your childless Chic dropped by the Pierre Hotel, where Lanvin unveiled its very first Petite Collection with a pop-up shop and gingerbread house decorating contest. (Similar events were held at the Ritz in Paris and the Metropole in Monaco.) If anything will propel one on the path to procreation, it's a tiny version of a navy and white sundress decked out in grosgrain ribbon. Among the mother/daughter attendees enjoying the Laduree macaroons, mini cupcakes from Magnolia, and gummies galore: Meredith Melling Burke et Eloise, John Demsey and Marie-Helene, Amanda Brooks and Coco, and Adelina Wong Ettleson and Tian and Tyler. Enjoy all the deliciousness in our Gallery.

2011 December 16

Canine Candid at Orla Kiely

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Ruby wearing Orla Kiely! Ruby wearing Orla Kiely!
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UK sensation Orla Kiely opened her New York flagship this week with a festive soiree at 5 Mercer, complete with candy-colored Izzy fizzy cocktails and seventies chic wares for you and your retro pad. A throng of downtown dames showed up for the holiday bash, of course, but the most popular chocolate-gobbling guest of the night was Ruby, a black-haired pooch decked out in head-to-tail Kiely. Does it get any better?


2011 December 16

Sergio Says! Weekly Musings from Marie Claire (and Beyond...)

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Florence's outrageously ethereal performance for MTV Unplugged...and the tickets Sergio is saving forever Florence's outrageously ethereal performance for MTV Unplugged...and the tickets Sergio is saving forever
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How's the (pre) holiday madness treating Sergio Kletnoy, our darling Marie Claire assistant ne plus ultra? Well, Sergio incurs an injury, does some office holiday party planning, gets a bit of good karma, and catches a beyond-sublime performance by Chic's fave flame-tressed songstress (Flo, obvi!), at one of the most magical venues in the city. Jealous much?! 

On Monday...
Countdown to Christmas. The week’s been a total blur...I pulled a lower back muscle (no comment from the peanut gallery) while trying to dig out my favorite pair of Y3 kicks from the back of my closet. Needless to say, my day at work was (literally) a pain. But I put on a happy face, made some poor intern fetch the 16 cups of tea THE BOSS demands by noon, and went on my merry way. The evening couldn’t come soon enough. By nightfall, I was off to the Bowery to catch one of my fave singers, Oh Land, for an electrifying performance resembling the genius of Bjork with modern dance skills of Martha Graham. At the afterparty (natch), Oh Land, otherwise known as Nana, gave me some Danish home remedies for treating back pain. Unfortunately, finding a skilled reindeer for a massage is a bit tricky in this town.

On Tuesday...
still in pain, I put on my party-planning committee hat and dashed off to Landmarc at the Time Warner Center, home of the best Bloody Mary in town, (no, I did not have any—wink, wink) to help plan the MC holiday party.

By Wednesday...
the well-oiled machine known as Sergio was back in full effect, ready to help my stunning colleague Lea Goldman (who bears a striking resemblance to a young Catherine Deneuve—she paid me to say that, help me….) organize our office Secret Santa for the underprivileged kids of Inwood Community Services. (Shout out to NY Cares, which oversees this really cool program.) By the end of the day my desk resembled Santa’s workshop as I put my Martha Stewart-worthy gift wrapping skills to work for the children.

On Thursday...
on my way to work, I stopped by Barneys to pick up THE BOSS’ new Celine coat. (Somebody’s having a very merry Christmas ;-) and a Balmain sweatshirt for me. Before the day was over, the holiday angels smiled upon me with the one thing I really wanted: Carine Roitfeld’s book Irreverent. The BOSS got a little something-something as wella huge arrangement of peonies, roses and lilies arrived at her desk from the one and only Angelina Jolie. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, I feel like the luckiest kid in town because I scored a pair of tickets to tonight’s exclusive MTV Unplugged taping of Florence + The Machine!!!!! The performance took place in the Angel Orensanz Center on the Lower East Side, to a packed house. Flo was glorious; I was so close to the stage, that I could almost touch her. She kept looking into the audience, and at one point smiled directly at me, or so I thought, turned out she was smiling at Kanye West and Q-Tip, who were sitting just few seats away from me. She’s no Madonna, but it’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

By Friday...
morning I was completely pooped and while listening to my fave new tunes: Lana Del Rey’s amazing second single, “Born To Die”; Swedish import, Beatrice Eli’s stunningly beautiful “The Conqueror” and Everything But The Girl’s lead singer, Tracey Thorn’s latest, a chillout cover of The XX’s “Night Time,” I sent out about 150 Christmas cards to all my fave peeps. Happy Chriskwanzaka!!!

2011 December 16

Which Designer Is Moving to the Spelling Mansion?

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We want Candy! We want Candy!
Patrick McMullan
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Candy Spelling AKA Mommy of Tori/widow of legendary producer Aaron Spelling/plastic surgery friend documented the move from her home in Beverly Hills for a special on HGTV that will likely rerun until your botox runs out, so check your local listings. What's it like to leave an $85 million mansion to a (gasp) $47 million condo? 

Candy required 30 moving vans to move the furniture, paintings and her collection of thousands of Beanie Babies. (Many of the Babies were donated to charity.)  

"Only when I started moving did I start to think I have tendencies to be a hoarder," says Candy.

Candy had to leave (and this makes us so sad) the 2 lane bowling alley, 27 bathrooms, a flower cutting room, 123 rooms, and a mere 14 bedrooms. Don't forget that garage for 18 cars, and her wrapping room where she wrapped 1,000 pressies a year.

To break it down Mrs. Spelling is going from a 56,000 square foot mansion to a 16,00 foot square foot penthouse. Could you imagine? How depressing. But there is GREAT NEWS!!!!! The humble abode has found a new owner!!! Hurrah! Petra Ecclestone is the new landlord of the manor. She's (according to Wikipedia) a fashion designer, model, heiress, and Chic's new bestie in the whole wide world. Her age? 22! (Other reports say 23, but we don't want to age her.) We're going bowling! 


2011 December 16

This Week In Terry's World...

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Terry and Candice Terry and Candice
Terry's Diary
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Terry Richardson and Candice Swanepoel are giving mucho material for a body language experts in this pic via Terry's Diary. The man that knows everybody and the Vicky's Angel took a moment at his studio to give us some 'tude. We Googled "arm-cross" to get a better understanding of this pic from expert Mihaela Lica: "So today I am going to talk about a simple gesture: arm-cross. This is when you fold your arms over your abdomen, generally hiding your hands under your upper arms. Some people hide just one hand, others simply cross their arms and touch their biceps muscles with their fingers or their palms. No matter how you look at it, this is a self-comforting posture used mostly unconsciously to alleviate nervous tension." Fear not, Terry and Candice—we know you're just posing like this for a laugh. Keep 'em coming. 

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