2012 February 22

The February Issue of Chic Report: On Streets Tomorrow!

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February 2012 Chic Report February 2012 Chic Report
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Can you believe it? Another print Daily is dawning...tomorrow! The latest issue of Chic Report, Manhattan's only actively-distributed fashion and shopping magazine, will hit NYC streets on Thursday morning. What to expect? The front-row dish from your favorite shows, the can't-miss fashion and beauty trends from NYFW's hautest runways, and of course, the brand-new Spring merch that has just arrived in stores. Not to mention the Fall '12 trends you can actually buy...now! Look for it all over the city...or check back tomorrow and download the entire issue! 

2012 February 22

Letter from an American Who Loves You

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Ken Downing Ken Downing
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Dear Milan!

I look forward to being in your warm embrace and enjoying the gracious hospitality of your people. But I must let you know—for a city famous for cappuccino, I would welcome more bianco lattes. Why can’t there be one on every corner?
 Please, don’t make me yearn for a Starbucks.
 And I know I look like I don’t eat, but what does it take to see the Last Supper? Your architectural gems that house your great talents’ catwalks are impressive, but is a little modern air conditioning too much to ask for? The stifling heat is a heck of a way to get us to buy new suits! I am convinced you are in cahoots with your tailors. And speaking of wardrobe, is an iron too much to ask for? I promise I will not take down your fair city in flames by leaving it plugged in! Besides, the free-flowing champagne at the Principe could put out any fire. One last request: could you prevent every retailer in the world from booking a table at Bice on the same night? Must the walls have ears? Ciao for now—I’m off to buy a Vespa. I know how your streets hate chauffeured cars!

Yours with love,
Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus

2012 February 22

A Moment With...Nicholas Kirkwood

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Nicholas Kirkwood Nicholas Kirkwood
Patrick McMullan
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Pollini’s freshly-minted creative director is toasting the opening of the brand’s first-ever boutique this week. Check it out at via Della Spiga, 15.

How’s it going at Pollini?
It’s been good! We finished our Fall collection and we’re starting work on next Spring, already!

Which was...
The first goal was to really nail down what Pollini should be about, and not make it look like a second line of mine, for example. There are lots of Italian shoe brands, but I wanted to give it personality. I went through the archive and looked at the initial DNA, which seemed to be so much into riding boots, and in general, a slightly masculine edge. They had a heyday in the seventies and eighties. We’re doing a little more color and modernizing the lines but keeping a nod to the past.

And then the shop…
…Another challenge as well. It’s one thing to be able to do a seasonal collection, but a shop needs to transition and look interesting while signifying what the brand stands for today.

What’s the concept?
We thought a lot about the materials—wood, lacquering, panels, shelves. We did a really interesting pattern on the floor, as well.

How are you managing this gig while your own collection in London is growing?
I put on different caps. It’s definitely becoming easier as I’m growing up!

Are you spending more time in Milan?
I come to Italy every other week at least. The showroom and offices are in Milan, but I spend most of my time in the factory in Gatteo, which is between Bologna and Rimini. With shoes, you really have to be at the factory. You can’t prototype them in the studios in the same way as you can ready-to-wear, due to the machinery.

Are you eating more Italian food?
I’m actually trying to eat a bit less because it’s a little dangerous!

2012 February 22

Look Who We Found in Milan!

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Christiane Arp Christiane Arp
Original photo courtesy Billy Farrell
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All the familar faces were front row at the Gucci show this afternoon (Glenda! Hamish! Carine!), but one face we haven't seen since Berlin is Vogue Germany editrix Christiane Arp. Enquiring minds had to know...

We didn't see you at NYFW!
Unfortunately I couldn't make it! I had a bad flu because it was winter in Germany.

You were missed!

What do you take when you have the flu?
Just like everybody else, I take hot lemon. I follow the advice of my mum and stay in bed.

You're back! What do you expect from a Gucci show?
High glam! I loved the last show. I like this style, and I expect that glamour we saw from the last show.

What's your favorite meal when you're in Milano?
I like the simple Italian cuisine, which is pasta with tomatoes. All of us that come to Milan love going to dinner, even if it's midnight.

Will you be able to get your running in while you're here?
I try to. I'm here for five days and hopefully I'll manage to go for a run on three mornings.

Anything you're looking forward to the most this week?
Because I wasn't in New York or London, I'm hoping that I can have as much as much inspiration for the upcoming season. We don't work in the six month terms anymore, so when you see something, you want to be inspired for the next issues.

Which city has the best people watching?
We call it wanderzirkus in German, which means traveling circus. We're all a part of this! Everywhere I go, everybody goes.

2012 February 22

Guess Who!

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Who could this be? Who could this be?
Chic Cam
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Was there ever even a question? Anna Dello Russo wore Gucci today to (wait for it!) the Gucci show this afternoon in Milano. She stopped traffic posing for fans, journalists, and just about anybody who'd say hello. The boom (pictured) above her head is not part of her look, but you never know with ADR...

2012 February 22

Analyze This! A Psychiatrist Takes on @StefanoGabbana

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Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana
Patrick McMullan
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Stefano Gabbana’s nonsensical and emoticon-heavy Twitter feed has been fascinating and mystifying the fashion cognoscenti since its 2010 launch. With over 30,000 tweets and counting, we thought it was about time for a professional opinion. We asked notable psychiatrist, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psy. D., to ponder the phenom.

What was your initial reaction to the tweets?
He certainly wants to connect with his audience. There’s a sense of pride. He wants to reveal the private and personal to Stefano’s 159,000 followers. Actually, that’s not a ton, considering.

What do you make of the photos?
Some of the pictures don’t have much artistic value—a view from an airplane, a figurine on a table—but they reveal a new side to him.

Do any in particular stand out for you?
In one, a man is holding another man who has a perfect body. He’s certainly embracing his homosexuality, right? We see a sense of pride as he shows off the beauty of men. There’s another photograph of Stefano as a little boy being held by his mother. He clearly loves and appreciates her. What a beautiful child! Well, dressed, too! Clearly, there are themes of Catholicism in many of his photos—the one of the nuns, for example. He just shares things as he finds them, very innocent and boy-like.

Why would someone share so much?
Certain people are more exhibitionist than others. They come alive when looked at. It helps a person feel like they exist, they’re important, they matter.

He seems very jolly.
Yes! I get the sense that he is living the dream.

He exchanged some harsh words with followers when he was accused of tax evasion. Thoughts?
Clearly this type of interchange should not have taken place on Twitter. Stefano’s fans, on some level, probably don’t expect to have direct access to him. The important take-away here? Not all followers are fans.

Have you seen any tweets about his love life?
I saw a picture of his dog, which was really cute.

Do you wear D&G?
I have, and I wish I could wear it every day of my life. I’m a big fan!


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