2012 February 21

Yo, Yoana!

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Yoana Baraschi Yoana Baraschi
Giorgio Niro
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Catching up with darling designer Yoana Baraschi on buzzy department store action, opting out of the catwalk grind, and low-carb cooking prowess!

What’s new?
Everything!  My oldest daughter is going to college, and my line is growing. There’s something in the pipeline with a major department store that I’ll be able to speak about in March. Top secret. But, in the meantime, we’re also expanding our cashmere scarf line. We’re having tremendous success at Henri Bendel’s.

What’s your hiring strategy?
I’ve had experts draw up the astrological charts of potential employees in the past, but I failed miserably. I still believe in astrology, but I just think of it now in terms of potential rather than realization.

Why did you decide not to show at Fashion Week this season?
I’m still self-financed at the moment, so I want to continue on this path of refining my product instead of focusing on a runway show. It’s really working for me right now. We’re top sellers in all our stores. But we did have a gorgeous penthouse luncheon in October for top editors while we shot the lookbook. People felt less pressure to be there and really enjoyed it.

What inspired your Fall collection?
It’s all about color and how different shades respond to each other. The emotion that color provokes runs deep. It’s also based on the spirit of collage and texture.

What’s your color du jour?
Since I work with so much color, I tend to wear neutrals. Especially as a female designer, if you’re going to try your clothes on during the day, you need a grounding base to provide a subdued background.

How are you staying so cheery this winter?
I’m taking Vitamin D supplements and using a happy lamp—you know, the ones with the UV rays that mimic the sun. I have an amazing heater under my desk that brings the room temperature to 80 degrees. I try to overheat myself since I can’t stand the cold.

What’s your favorite winter soup?
Cream of leek. I make it at home from my own recipe without the potatoes. I don’t like too many carbs!

Does your beauty routine change in the colder months?
Yes! I apply Helena Rubinstein moisturizing cream three times a day for a glowy shine, and I wash my hair every 10 days so it doesn’t get overdried.

2012 February 20

A River Runs Through It

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Going up River Viiperi? Going up River Viiperi?
Courtesy Photo
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We know you became fascinated with Marlon Gobel after reading about him in The Daily, but how was the show? Pretty damn awesome! Take it in for yourself in this video of his recent collection at Lincoln Center. Even if it's just to take in hottie River Viiperi, who we met and had a deeeeep chat with. 


River, Perez Hilton is obsessed with you. Thoughts?

It's hilarious. Last year my agents were like, "Perez Hilton just blogged about you." I didn't know who he was, but he has 12 million hits a day! That's good for me.


How would you describe the sweater you wore in the show? 

It's the skeleton look. 


Random question time! If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing?

Acting. I'm going to start this year. I'm going to study at Lee Strasberg. I want to do comedy, action, a bit of everything. I want to be Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Just those random actors. 


How's your driving?

I'm one of the best drivers in Spain. My uncle is an ex-Formula driver. It's in my family blood. 


What video games do you play?

Call of Duty, Batman, and Assassins.

2012 February 20

Sports! You React!

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Prabal Gurung Prabal Gurung
Patrick McMullan
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Go team Chic! We asked you to chime in on sports!  Why not? 


Prabal Gurung: "I used to run in school and play a little bit of soccer, but now I just work out." 

Lorenzo Martone: "Sports? I don't play very many. I only go to the gym and practice yoga."

Carlos Miele: "Mixed martial arts." 
Jamee Gregory: "I play tennis, and I aerobic walk every day for four miles. That's my sport for myself." 

Nigel Barker: "I used to play rugby." 
Steven Kolb: "No, but when I was in high school, I played football. I was a lineman." 

Peter Brandt Jr.: "I play polo, tennis, and I ski." 

Alex McCord: "I scuba dive. I do it every chance I get." 
Thom Browne: "I was a swimmer in college, and I run eight miles a day. I would love to play tennis more." 

Adam Rapoport: "I played a lot of basketball when I was younger. I retired in my thirties due to an injury. I play golf now."
Olivier Theyskens: "I’m not like a crazy runner. I like things with precision and movement, things that require balance." 

Stacey Bendet: "Uh, no. I did gymnastics. Now I do yoga and make pretty clothes. I'll do sports if forced, I just don't watch them." 
Jonathan Cheban: "I used to play a little baseball. I'm not a football guy. I wish I was that big." 


2012 February 20

Have A Little Cognac

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There she is! There she is!
Chic Cam
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We've seen her at shows for years, and finally had the guts to go up to the colorful journalist from the Long Island Exchange to say hello! Meet Cognac "like the brandy" Wellerlane from Cognac's Corner and The Long Island Exchange.com. 


How many views does the Long Island Exchange have?

About ten thousand views per day. 


For those not familiar...

It's an online newspaper all about Long Island. They get an enormous amount of traffic. When you google Long Island schools, car dealerships,and  restaurants, they come up right away. They cover everything you need to know about what's going on in Long Island. 


What shows do you cover during Fashion Week?

I go to all of them. I pick the ones that I think are most important, and that's what I write about. I do other things, too. I interview celebrities on the red carpet, go to  charity events, and cover movie premieres. I also interview people that make a difference in the world.


Thoughts on the Alexander Wang show?

It was very nice. All the shows are fabulous. I can't really get into too much about each show because right now it's all a blur. I have to look back at my coverage to give you a sincere answer about that.


Of course. Do people ever deny you access to shows because you're not mainstream?

I get denied backstage. Some people are so huge that they only want to accommodate Vogue or somebody like that. I don't have a problem getting into shows.


Who's your style icon?

I go for old Hollywood. I go for Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, and Jean Harlow--all the hot blondes. 


Would you ever want to move into primetime? Entertainment Tonight, perhaps?

Absolutely. I don't know if they'd get me. They're kinda corporate. I think I'm a little out there for them. I'd have to tone down my look and I wouldn't want to. Though I'd like to be on primetime TV. Oh, Hello, Debbie! (Woman comes up to Cognac. They hug!) This is Debbie Dickinson, Janice's sister. 


Chic: What do you do Debbie?

Debbie: I'm a top supermodel, and I'm an actor. I just had a film come out called The Co-Op. It just went on IMBD. I also have a PR company. I'm Debbie Dickinson! 


Ok... Let's get back to chatting, Cognac! How was Prabal's show?

I went to all the shows, but it's very difficult to remember right now because it's all a blur! I'm very anxious about going to Zang Toi. He's my favorite designer. 


What do you get from a Zang show?

It's drop dead gorgeous. Hold that, stop that, it's just wow. Super glam luxury.


If you had to pick between Zang or Jason Wu?

Zang Toi! Without a doubt! That's more my style. 


Are the editors nice to you?

They are. They tell me they love my look.




2012 February 20

A Moment With...Patti Stanger

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Patti Stanger Patti Stanger
Patrick McMullan
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Chic running into Patti Stanger? Rando! Naturally, we asked the Bravo matchmaker to set up Marc Jacobs.

You’re wearing Marc Bouwer. Who would you match him with?
His boyfriend is standing right next to me, so I don’t think I want to do that.

What about Marc Jacobs?
I want him to come on my show. My ex-boyfriend Daniel is his first cousin! If I could put him and Tom Ford together, that’s a fit. They both have those muscles and fit bodies, and they both look straight. I’d date him. They’re both gorgeous. And I don’t mean to generalize. Don’t let the gay people get snippy with me!

What’s the last lie that you’ve told?
I told someone that I’m seeing someone else so I didn’t have to see him again.

2012 February 20

Goss Sesh! With Michael Musto

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Michael Musto Michael Musto
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The moment you've all been waiting for! Michael Musto dishes on Calvin Klein's former flame...

Have you mellowed?
A little bit. It’s hard to maintain that level of rage, especially when you maintain a certain level of success. You’re not railing against everyone trying to get noticed anymore. I find it healthy to keep a punky edge and still let off steam on people who deserve it.

Any goss on Nick and Calvin?
Nick swears it’s for real as he snaps his fingers for the servant. He’s exploring other career options now.

Such as?
Expect him to take his clothes off again.

Isn’t he getting into training?
Beyond that.

Something of that ilk.

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