2011 December 14

A Moment With...Courtney Love at Cinema Society

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Courtney Love Courtney Love
Patrick McMullan
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More tidbits from last night! Courtney Love dropped into the Armani Ristorante for the Albert Nobbs afterparty, hosted by the Cinema Society, to talk about her newest hobby and one of her oldest buds.

What's new?
I’m trying to discipline myself to write a blog because I have to write a book. I started one on perfume, but I can't get through it.

Is your book going to be about perfume, too?
No! My book isn’t going to be about perfume. I started the blog because I wanted to write about something lifestyle-related and I’m obsessed with perfume.

What blogs do you follow?
BaseNotes.com is a great perfume blog. My friend Jane Pratt has a blog. I told her to do the site out of my house this week, which is what she’s doing. That way she can send someone who does copy to do my blog. I’m a good letter writer, and I write poetry and lyrics, obviously, but writing a blog is really hard. That's why I'm hanging out with a writer tonight.

What's the secret behind your long-lasting friendship with Jane?
She knows everything about everything. And she keeps secrets really well. She’s discreet and hilarious at the same time.

2011 December 14

History Lessons with Hal Rubenstein

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Hal Rubenstein and his fans. Hal Rubenstein and his fans.
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Still looking for the perf holiday gift? We found it!  InStyle fashion director Hal Rubenstein's new book, 100 Unforgettable Dresses ($35! Deal!) pays homage to the most influential looks from the past century. Narciso Rodriguez's wedding gown for Caroline Bessette-Kennedy? Check! McQueen's Hologram Gown? Oui! Chanel's LBD? Obvi! Even Phyllis Diller's Tent Dresses get a shout-out. We grabbed a moment with the CFDA 2011 Founder's Award winner when he was signing copies at Joe's on Mercer Street to dish about his labor of love. 


How did you come up with this idea?

Harper Collins approached me about doing a book, but they wanted to do great dresses in fashion. I said, why limit ourselves to just the dresses in fashion? That's not really the world of fashion: the world of fashion is what fascinates the public and gets them excited. They look at the runway, but they also look at movies and television and comedy and politics, red carpet, the evening news. In this day in age, fashion comes at you from everywhere. 


What are some of the dresses we're seeing in the book?

Elizabeth Hurley in Versace showing up at the Four Weddings and A Funeral premiere in the safety pin dress, and becoming world famous over night because of one dress. Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to JFK—you don't forget that. She had the dress made in secret. She said she wanted to wear a dress that only Marilyn Monroe could wear. We look at Marc Jacobs' grunge collection, which got him fired and then changed the way people dressed for seven years. Audrey Hepburn's little black dress and Bette Davis's dress in All About Eve...


Does every dress have a little blurb?

There are 40,000 words. This is a story book with over 100 illustrations. The important thing for me is that every single one of these dresses has a story behind it. 


Let's talk about DVF's wrap dress..

An incredible idea of a dress that looks great on every woman. It weighs nothing, you can throw it in the washing machine. Diane (von Furstenberg) was one of the original trunk show people. She went around from store to store to store. What woman in America didn't want to meet a princess? It was a brilliant dress and a brilliant marketing campaign. This was during the seventies during women's lib and she was saying, feel good in a dress, beat men at their own game. All of these dresses have a social context.


Is J.Lo's Versace dress from the Grammys in the book?

What do you think? (laughs) It's the most famous red carpet dress ever! It's the most celebrated. What's interesting about it is that she's not the first person to wear the dress. It wasn't made for her. Amber Valletta wore it down the runway. Donatella wore it to an event in New York. I was with her and nobody said a word either time, but nobody was built like Jennifer Lopez.  


Was it hard to pick 100?

I had about 75  of them within 25 minutes. They were all stuck in my head for years just waiting to get out. I knew a lot of the stories and I wanted to tell them. It's a great way for people to learn about fashion. With all the bloggers and stuff online, we see everything instantly, but nobody looks back. Nobody knows the stories of great dress making or seismic changes in our culture that had to do with fashion. I wanted my sixteen-year-old niece Molly, who the book is dedicated to, to understand where these great inspirations come from. When you look at Marc Jacobs collaborating with Murakami or Richard Prince, this goes back to YSL's Mondrian dress.


Is there any one dress that stands out as a favorite? 

No, I love all 100 almost equally. 

2011 December 14

Burberry Brings Eddie Back

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Eddie and Cara Eddie and Cara
Mario Testino
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Fast Eddie! My Week With Marilyn star Eddie Redmayne (doesn't he look a wee bit like SNL's Seth Meyers here?) is starring in the new campaign for Burberry Prorsum with Cara Delevingne. It's not the first time that Redmayne has worked with Burberry: this one-to-watch appeared in their spring/summer 2008 campaign with Agyness Deyn. The new campaign, shot by Mario Testino, will launch in early January. Bring it on! 

2011 December 14

Breaking News: Billy Ray Cyrus Causes Sensation

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Billy Farrell Agency
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Who made a splash last night walking the red carpet at The Cinema Society's screening of Albert Nobbs? Miley's dad, y'all! The paps went achy breaky for Billy Ray Cyrus, and why shouldn't they? We adore everything about an evening that puts Billy, Patti Smith and Sinead O'Connor under the same roof. 

2011 December 14

Glenn Close Literally Bows Down to Lauren Bacall

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Glenn shows Lauren her love. Glenn shows Lauren her love.
Patrick McMullan
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How divine is this shot? Glenn Close pays her respects to theeee Lauren Bacall (she turned 87 in September!) last night at MoMA for the Cinema Society's screening of Albert Nobbs. Please note the two young ladies in the background who are taking this in with "I'm shocked" and "I'm going to update my Facebook status" faces, respectively.

2011 December 14

La Liz Breaks La Records

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The best seller of the night was La Peregrina. $11.8 million? Sure! The best seller of the night was La Peregrina. $11.8 million? Sure!
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Can we talk about the Elizabeth Taylor auction for a moment? Wowza! Last night, her private jewelry collection went for a whopping $115 million at Christie's New York. A Cartier pearl and diamond necklace (pictured) that was given to Taylor by hubbie Richard Burton was the top seller of the night going for $11.8 million. It was expected to go for somewhere between $2 million and $3 million. The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, another gift from Burton, went for $8.8 million. If you feel left out and want a piece of ET you have another chance through Friday when her furniture, art, costumes and memorabilia, including copies of National Velvet and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, are auctioned off at Christie's and online. A portion of the proceeds are earmarked for Taylor's AIDS foundation.

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