2011 November 21


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The Daily Chic Report The Daily Chic Report
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This Wednesday, The Daily Front Row’s own Chic Report shopping mag will be hitting the streets of Manhattan. No pushing or shoving, loves—save your strength for the Black Friday sales.

You asked, we answer:

How much does Chic Report cost? It’s FREE! Feel free to send thank-you flowers, chocolates and diamonds to Eddie at The Daily Front Row Inc.

Where can I get it?
 Chic Report will be distributed by hand at various locations throughout Manhattan. Follow us on Twitter @DailyFrontRow to find the nearest to you.

When does it come out? Chic Report is only available November 23, 25 and 26. Devastating, we know. However! It won’t be long until our December issue hits the streets...

What will I find under the covers? This is our Black Friday Shop-Tacular, so be prepared to find the hottest fashion items hand picked by our savvy editorial team. We’ve done the research; you reap the rewards.

What happens if I miss out? You'll be able to flip through the pages of your favorite magazine online on Thursday, November 23.

Is Chic Report addictive? It's very likely. 

2011 November 18

Brad Goreski Discusses His 'Mind-Blowing' Bravo Finale and Sparkly Blazers

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Brad Goreski Brad Goreski
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As Chic previously reported, Brad Goreski is a pretty busy boy right now. Luckily, the sequin-splashed GMHC Fashion Forward 2011  co-host (who shared the stage with Tracee Ellis Ross) snuck in a moment to chat with Chic, in the midst of grinning for many an iPhone photo opp with pals and fans before the runway show commenced. 

We’re chomping at the bit for some goss from your solo Bravo debut in January, It’s A Brad, Brad World! Any highlights from filming?
It’s hard to remember it all! But the finale episode is amazing. It will actually blow your mind.  

Sounds like you’ve got a busy night, Brad! 
This is my premiere stop, because I have hosting duties here. And then it’s off to the OUT 100

Did you prep for your hosting duties?
A little bit! I went over my lines and tried to get a bit of rest.  And then I put on a sequined plaid blazer. 

That’s quite a snazzy topper you're donning Is it a special occasion piece?
It’s Thom Browne. It’s perfect for any occasion. 

Which ‘Fashion Forward’ item have you been plucking out of your closet on the regular lately? 
Casey Kenyon [of Marc Jacobs]! But really, I think everyone should have a sequined plaid blazer in their closets. It’s the perfect for those days when you’re not feeling so great about yourself. 

2011 November 18

A Moment With...Mickey Boardman at GMHC Fashion Forward 2011

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Mickey Boardman Mickey Boardman
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Last night's GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis) Fashion Forward 2011 annual bash at Metropolitan Pavilion, hosted by Brad Goreski and Tracee Ellis Ross, brought out the stylish set, including  Joseph Altuzarra, Chrissy Teigen, Bryanboy, Peter Davis, Andrej Pejic, Timo Weiland's Alan Eckstein, Number:LAB's Luis Fernandez, Cameron Silver of Decades, and the evening's Style Vault Award winner Julie Macklowe. The annual charity event also featured a lively live and silent auction featuring a Vespa, a week's worth of summer fun at the Pines, and Bulgari watches, to name just a few prized items on the auction block, and high-fives and clinking glasses abounded for items well-won! Chic chatted with Paper mag's always-hilarious Mickey Boardman on his way into the shindig and learned about his uber-optimistic approach to dressing of yesteryear, plus his personal prowls on the runway! Also: the appeal, and mystique, of the dirndl...

GMHC Fashion Forward involves a fab runway show – have you ever stalked a catwalk, Mickey?
I’ve been on a couple of runways. Helloooo, Versace, Armani…just kidding. It was a show in the old Toy Building, which is now Eataly—there was an AIDS bikeathon from Boston to New York City, and there was a party and fashion show once the bikers finished the course.

Did you walk or take an alternate form of transportation down the runway?
I had to ride a bike in the fashion show in the craziest outfit, with totally wild makeup. They wanted people to ride out on the runway—I was like, “I’ll do it, I’ll ride a f*ckin’ bike.” It was during a time when if something looked like it would fit, I’d just wear it. So I basically thought anything in the world could fit. And it worked! I’d slip on the craziest, tiniest little things, like a women’s one-piece bathing suit, without a second thought.

What an adventure! Anything else happen that night, besides a moment in itty-bitty Versace?
Well, I had the biggest crush on this makeup artist, Pep Gay, and he had a model wearing lipstick kiss me everywhere so I was covered with kisses. But the makeup artist didn’t like the way it turned out, so he put lipstick on himself and re-kissed me! 

How did you feel riding the catwalk? 
It was really fun, but I’m not meant to be on the runway.

Why not? 
I have too much personality! I hate when models look at the audience or stick out too much in any way. Even if they look amazing, it’s really about the clothes.  Oh, and I’m not sample size and gorgeous. 

Which models tend to distract you on the runway? 
Milla Jovovich, who I worship and adore, is a great example. To me, she’s better in movies—you aren’t as distracted there as you are by her in a fashion show. All I can think is “It’s Milla! It’s Milla!” whenever I see her in anything. 

Since this is the GMHC Fashion Forward bash, how is your life feeling fashion forward right about now?
You know, that’s a phrase, like ‘edgy,’ which doesn’t mean what it used to mean. I guess being fashion forward is about pushing and growing; not just being lazy about what you do. Although I am in a very lazy look myself right now, because I forgot I was going out tonight! 

Who fits that bill?
My friend Lynn Yaeger. She used to be in big, poof-y ballerina skirts all the time; then she decided not to go out horizontally with what she was wearing, and to instead wear longer silhouettes with flaps popping out. She keeps progressing instead of stopping and being stagnant about it. 

What words or phrases do you use in lieu of ‘fashion forward’ or ‘edgy’?
I’ve been using the word ‘fuselage’ a lot lately, though it has nothing to do with fashion. I’m also into the word dirndl. I’m not exactly sure what a dirndl skirt is, but I like the sound of it! 

2011 November 18

Just Asking! Who Should Replace Regis?

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He's out of control! He's out of control!
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The dreaded day has come...Regis Philbin made his final appearance on Live this morning in front of a special audience including Mayor Bloomberg, Diane Sawyer, Kathie Lee Gifford, Katie Couric, Joan Lunden, Tony Danza, Donald Trump, Jane Krakowski, Dr. Ruth and The Amazing Kreskin. During New York Fashion Week, we conducted our own survey to ask the most important question facing our nation today: Who should replace Regis? Let's take another look...

Joanna Coles: Anderson Cooper. I think it's tragic that he already got his own afternoon show.
Paul Wilmont: Calvin Klein. He's a great conversationalist, he's up to date on current events, one of his favorite magazines is The Economist.
Kate Lanphear: Michael Carl! 
Zanna Roberts Rassi: Say Hal! I want Hal. [Rubenstein, that is.]
Solange Knowles: Marc Jacobs.
Anne Christensen: Mickey Boardman. I'd like to see it shaken up a bit. 
Ken Downing: Ken Downing says Ken Downing. The battle of the blondes on morning television.
Heidi Klum: Neil Patrick Harris. He'd be perfect.
Desiree Gruber: I would love to see Christian Siriano's face at 9 a.m. every morning. That face, those glasses...that would make me happy. 
Adam Lippes: The only person I can see replacing him, who has proved to be so damn good on TV, is Michael Kors.
Simon Doonan: Hello, moi!
Johnson Hartig: Anna Wintour. She and Regis have a lot of the same qualities. 

2011 November 18

Shoe Dat? A Chic Report Mystery

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Shoe could it be? Shoe could it be?
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Marc Jacobs' collection gone south isn't the only mystery in the fashion world this week. It's Shoe Dat? time! Can you guess whose closet these adorbs green Louis Vuittons belong to? Hint: He's a sizzlin' Brazilian! 

2011 November 18

Correspondence We Actually Received: Boston Honors World's Oldest Rock Star! You're invited!

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The sunglasses in this pic are killing us! The sunglasses in this pic are killing us!
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Can't believe we're going to miss this one! Kudos to the clever writers of this pitch to attend a party and runway show for (get this!) algae!  All righty. Someone earned their paycheck for this piece of creativity...


Dear (redacted),


It's not Steve Tyler we are honoring at our party - although we hope he'll come! No, the rock star we are honoring has waited even longer for the spotlight.... two and a half  billion years to be exact.  Our rock star is algae.


Now before you think we're crazy, consider this: Algae was the first plant life on earth 2.5 BILLION years ago, it has the highest concentration of protein in the world (60%), over 40 nutrients and is just ONE calorie per tab. It has been shown to lower blood pressure, cure colds, prevent hangovers, aid weight loss, balance blood sugar, provide energy, protect the brain, build the immune system and more. It does this ALL NATURALLY. No chemicals, no sugar, no caffeine, no drugs, no side affects, no interactions. No kidding. Just 100% green, raw nutrition. Straight from Mother Nature.  


Also consider that algae has been used by NASA, Olympic Athletes and hundreds of millions of Asians for over 50 years, and was even declared the most nutritionally dense food on earth by both NASA and the United Nations 40 years ago.  Yet here we are in the midst of a health crisis where the incidence of cancer, diabetes and heart disease (just to name a few) is escalating and even being regularly diagnosed in teens. The answer to these health issues has been here all along but because it's so simple, its simply been overlooked. Its algae. Algae holds all the answers, DNA/RNA and nutrition that Americans need yet no one knows it or uses it.


Why not? Probably because algae was missing Sizzle. Substance it had. Heck it's a nutritional rock star but sizzle, no. Algae wasn't glamorous or packaged properly to catch anyone's attention. Poor thing, all it needed was a makeover. So we gave it one. We glammed it up, gave it a jazzy new name and relaunched it as Naughtybits and now customers coast to coast can't get enough of it.  Algae rocks! Naughtybits rock! And we're celebrating with a party!


So come celebrate algae's rock star status and our national launch! If you can't make the party, please visit our website www.naughtybits.com. Contact us if you'd like to learn more or check out our cool video called "got algae" at http://vimeo.com/29327076 


The party is Wednesday December 7th, from 7 pm - 10pm  at America's OLDEST tavern - The Bell in Hand, Boston MA where we will officially unveil our algae fashion show video  It's a world's first. Algae on a runway! We think even the folks at Victoria's Secret will be impressed.


We're expecting a sold out crowd so PLEASE RSVP at (REDACTED) by December 1st. When you RSVP please indicate that you are from the MEDIA. We have a special sign in area for members of the press as well as a special gift. 


Hope to see you there! And hey maybe even Steven Tyler will show up. Afterall, Rock Stars like to hang out together!


Happy Holidays!

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