2012 March 22

Karlie Kloss Poll: Who Wore It Better?

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Toughy! Toughy!
Karlie Kloss Twitter
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America's sweetheart Karlie Kloss took to Twitter to get to the bottom of one of the most important issues of our time: Who owns this flower look? Will Ferrell or Karlie? She's a little more elaborate, but the butterflies surrounding Will are a lovely touch...#tooclosetocall

2012 March 22

Get On The Belt Way! Cinching Tips From Linea Pelle’s Andrew Cotton

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Linea Pelle belts Linea Pelle belts
Courtesy Linea Pelle/LPCollection.com
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A waist-cincher is perhaps the easiest-access, major-impact type of accessory out there. But to the uninitiated, that simple whittling swath can be daunting…and with the wrong styling and/or a lack of proportional sensibilities, a belt can wreak havoc on an otherwise lovely figure. (It's happened to the chicest of us...) What’s a girl in need of some silhouette SOS to do? Thankfully, the savvy belt purveyors at Linea Pelle via the brand’s creative director, Andrew Cotton, came to Chic’s (and your) rescue!

Why bother tinkering with belts?

Know the power of belts! Not only can they enhance your best assets, but they can make every piece in your closet look new again.

Gotcha! So what are your top three tips for picking the best belt shape for one's silhouette?
First, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with belts. Women are under the misconception of, "If I wear a belt, it will cut my body in half." Belts help you take control of your look—and your curves. For a flattering waist, a contoured belt silhouette is perfect, whether it’s a true, curved contour belt, an hourglass shape, or an asymmetrical shape.

How can you tell if a belt really fits?
Technically when it’s on the middle hole. But it also should be able to move and not constrict you.   

Any specific tips by body type?
If you’re petite, a hip belt also looks great over a blouson top. If you’re chesty, a waist belt can be dynamic and sexy, and a stretch belt not only controls curves, but is also comfortable, chic and moves with you. If you have a short upper torso, stay away from a wider belt and go a little leaner to compliment your silhouette. Hip belts that create a ‘V’ in front can also help to elongate the torso. This is also great if you have a little extra in the pooch region...

Who should beeline for wide belts?
Women with longer legs and shorter torsos are very successful with wider belt styles. 

And what kind of body type is best suited for skinny belts
Almost everyone can wear a skinny! If you are long-waisted, this could work against you at the waist—sling it a bit lower on the hips to avoid that, or stick to something a little wider. 

What’s the biggest belt-wearing faux pas around?
Besides the obvious, too-tight-for-your-own-good disaster, overdoing it with embellishments or hardware is a problem. More isn't always better; sometimes it's just more. Also, too-wide belts can often make women look more like a super hero or pro wrestler than a trendsetter. 

We’ll skip the WWE look, thankyouverymuch! Is there anywhere that is, or should be, a belt-free region?
Unless you’re Halle Berry emerging from the ocean with a utility belt, please don’t wear a belt with a swimsuit. 

2012 March 21

Who's That Girl?

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A very young Madonna! A very young Madonna!
©Mick Rock
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Last night at his THE LEGEND SERIES opening at CATM Gallery, Mick Rock told us the story of working with a young singer that you've probably come to know by now.

"A friend of mine called Bleeker Bob (of the Greenwich Village record store) used to bring stray characters and musicians to my Madison Avenue studio. This would have been 1980. And one day Madonna appeared...She wasn't known, she hadn't even made a record, she told me she was a dancer. I took a few little test pictures and forgot about them for 20 years. She stuck her tongue out in the photo; she already knew about the camera. I didn't say anything like 'stick our tongue out, doll.' That was purely spontaneous on her part. Who would have thought? But then again, I never really thought about anything. I just rolled with it. I was always on a roll..."

Madonna bonus! Don't miss her new vid for Girls Gone Wild that premiered on E! last night. 


2012 March 21

Correspondence We Actually Received: Brecht's Rare Photograph

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Even Adam Brecht needs a break! Even Adam Brecht needs a break!
Courtesy Photo
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International Cosmetic & Perfumes' Senior Associate Sylvia Zakhary sent us this EXCLUSIVE (*seal claps*) shot of Chic superstar Adam Brecht, and they've kindly granted us permission to let us share it with you, our dear reader.  

"Hi (Redacted) Look what I found in the files!  It's a rarely seen photo of VP Adam Brecht, taken in Buenos Aires. Considering this was shot after a five-day marathon competition of polo and other equestrian sports, Mr. B's reputation for perfectionism is well earned."  


2012 March 21

Alberta Ferretti's Spring Fever

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Alberta Ferretti comes to Macy's! Alberta Ferretti comes to Macy's!
Getty Images
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The collabs keep on coming, and we don't mind! As announced earlier this year, the latest designer to create a capsule collection for Macy's Impulse department is Alberta Ferretti. Several looks were finally unveiled last night at a garden cocktail party at Revel in the MePa that brought out Meredith Melling Burke, Jason Preston, Simon Collins, Alexis Bryan Morgan, Vanessa Traina, Mickey Boardman, Macy's fashion director Nicole Fischelis, and LIVE DOVES! The collection hits stores on April 17th with prices ranging from (a very reasonable!) $49 to $117. Take a peek at a slideshow of the looks in our Gallery

2012 March 21

John Varvatos, Reality TV Star: "I'm Not Embarrassed"

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John and Mick Rock John and Mick Rock
Patrick McMullan
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Downtown returned to its original glory for a few hours last night at the CATM gallery in Chelsea for the first ever showing of photographer Mick Rock's The Legend Series, consisting of artwork based on his iconic photographs. The eve brought out Lou Reed, Bob Gruen, David Zelikovsky, John Dabu, Scott Lipps, Chelsea Leyland, Lisa Raden, Liz Vap, and John Varvatos, whom we grabbed for a quick chat. 

How do you know Mick, John?
We've been friends for a long time. We met through talking about photography, and I consider him one of my best friends. He's one of the funniest people on the planet and super sweet and passionate.  

Is Mick having a moment?
Anyone who grew up in the seventies is familiar with him, because his work was so iconic. He shot Bowie and Queen! And then in the early eighties, Blondie. But a lot of photographers who worked back then aren't doing so now, and Mick is crazy busy shooting bands of all ages. In the end, it's about what you do with the lens.

What are your favorite Mick Rock photographs?
I love all his Syd Barrett stuff. There's also a photo of (David) Bowie and Mick Ronson eating on a train, wearing crazy jackets. I'm working on a book about fashion and rock with Harper Collins, and I'm finding it hart to edit, because there's so much great stuff.

You've now entered the reality world mentoring on Fashion Star. Do you watch yourself?
Yeah, I watched the premiere, and I've watched a few afterwards, because I have to make the comments for the network. It's on tonight, but I don't know if I'll watch it or not.

How do you feel about seeing yourself on television?
I'm OK. I'm fine with it. I'm not embarassed by what I'm doing or what I'm saying.

Do you care about the ratings?
I didn't, but now NBC has us plugged into it. We had a good retention for our first episode, but we'll see about how the next couple go. (Note: Ratings were up 13% last night.)

Why did you agree to do it?
The concept was great. I've had opportunities to do other shows, but I felt like this show was unique except for the runway part. I mentor people all the time in my design studio, but there, they have to listen to me!

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