2012 March 8

A Moment With...Lord & Taylor's Suze Yalof Schwartz

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Model Victoria Brito, Suze Yalof Schwartz and contest winner Grace Hinds. Model Victoria Brito, Suze Yalof Schwartz and contest winner Grace Hinds.
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Lord & Taylor was transformed into a styling mecca last night for the “You’ve Got the Look” competition that pitted fashionistas from FIT and LIM College against each other in a showdown of style. We caught up with host Suze Yalof Schwartz, the department store’s fashion editor at large, to talk shopping, Glamour re-redesign, and why ugly bras are the best.

How did "You've Got the Look" start?
There’s so many people that are doing Project Runway, and all these different television shows, but there's no show just on styling so we thought it would be cool to talk to the girls and guys who were at fashion school and figure out who was the best stylist. We’re giving $10,000 away today to the winner. Isn't that crazy?! I thought that it was just toward education, but it’s to use toward your career too, which means you can buy clothes or whatever you want to do.

What's the key to being a good stylist?
It's about taking risks. It’s not just being cookie cutter or matchy-matchy. 

What are you looking for as a judge today?
I don’t want to see crazy clothes and then be like, “Who’s going to want to wear it? That’s so over the top and unrelatable.” People want to know how to look amazing and how to dress uniquely, but they don’t want to look like they’re a walking freak show.

What are your dos and don'ts on playing the hostess with the mostess?
The biggest do is to dump the script. I had to present for Sara Blakely from Spanx and I had a script….and I’m not nervous when I publicly speak, but I was nervous to do it for a friend. And it’s such an important event. I pretty much totally bombed. I bombed my friend’s wedding as well when I had to do a speech for her. I felt like a victim to the script, so my trick now is to dump the scripts, speak from the heart, and hope that you get everything in. 

Where do you shop?
Lord & Taylor. I’m not kidding, I honestly come here. I have to dress myself for all of the videos. I eventually end up buying everything that I wear in them. 

How often do you splurge?
I shop every day. I’m not going to lie. I am a shopper. And if I had more money, I would be an even crazier shopper. 

What do you like to buy?
I think dressing for the body that you have is 99.9% of it. There’s so many trends out there, but am I going to wear the big ruffle trend? No, because I’m going to look huge and I don’t want to look huge.

2012 March 8

Jean Paul Gaultier's Surpising New Gig...With Diet Coke

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JPG for Diet Coke JPG for Diet Coke
Photo: Stephane Sednaoui
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We always thought Karl Lagerfeld would have enjoyed first dibs on this gig, but Jean Paul Gaultier has been named the creative director at Diet Coke. (You can't make this stuff up!) JPG will create a limited-edition collection of bottles and cans and develop online content, retail concepts and ad campaigns across Europe. He also stars (with puppets!) in three short films on YouTube entitled "The Night & Day Serial Designer," which launch today. Check out the video of the first adords (and random!) short, and then put a can of Diet Coke on the top of your head to see what happens. 


2012 March 8

Meet Marni's Biggest Fan...in Line at H&M

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Fashion's most patient customer! Fashion's most patient customer!
Daily Cam
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Marni for H&M goes on sale today (if there is any left!), but one young fashionette got in line at the store's Fifth Avenue flagship yesterday to ensure that she'd be getting first dibs on the goods. Meet recent Moscow native Natasha Shevchelko, 24, a student and recent transplant to NYC. "My dream is to be a stylist!" she says. "I'm in the perfect place where all dreams come true."

You're certainly loyal!
It's not my first time doing this. I spent a night waiting for Lanvin and Versace, too. People started waiting for Versace at 7 a.m, so today I came at about 8 a.m, and I'm first in line for the very first time. I'll spend one day here, 24 hours.

Thank you so much! I'm very excited. I love everything. The collection looks amazing, especially the accessories.

Why do you wait in line?
I'm not afraid of difficulties. It's a huge experience for me to stay, and the crowd is always so different. It will really get interesting in a few hours when more people come. We talk all night long. You only have fifteen minutes when you're in the store, which will be at 8:05 a.m. for fifteen minutes.

Do people think you're crazy for waiting so long?
No. When Versace was for sale, I came at 2 p.m. and I was number 12 in line. That crowd grew very fast. People asked us a lot of questions about what we were doing. Right now I'm by myself, so people think I'm just on the phone on the street. I've been talking to my family in Russia.

How much Marni do you have in your closet? 
I'm sure you've heard that we have severe winters in Russia, and it's impossible to live without fur, so my mother presented me with a beautiful Marni fur for winter. I can wear it forever. I also have two bracelets.

Do you know who the designer of Marni is? 
I don't remember the name, but she's Italian. Can you help me with that?

Do you think you should get a discount because you wait in line?
I don't think so. It's my choice to spend the night in the cold. You're in New York and you can do whatever you want with your time. You can go to the bar or the movies. I choose to spend my night here.

What about free coffee while waiting?
For sure. Last time they asked us if we wanted sandwiches and hot coffee. I'm not sure who it was from, but it was good. 

Do you get cold? 
Not really. I'm from Russia. Come on!

Any sleep?
Not really. I'm young. 

We don't mean to pry, but what do you do when you have to go to the bathroom?
The security here keeps an eye on our belongings. They saw me when I got here this morning and are very helpful. I just run to McDonald's to use the ladies' room.

How much do you think you're going to spend?
I'm a student, so I'm trying to save money, but this is so much cheaper than the real Marni. In Russia we never try to predict, so God only knows. I'll try to stay focused and not lose my mind, but it will be extremely hard. 

How many people do you think will line up for this?
After 8 p.m., more people are going to start coming. I think before midnight there will be about 50 people. 

Any fights once inside the store?
Not really. I was in the front last time, so I grabbed everything that I wanted. At night we talk to each other for 12 hours, so we all become friends. We even help each other once we get into the store.

Do you keep in touch with anybody you've met?
Actually, I met a very good friend at Lanvin. She's not here today, but fashion brought us together. 

Who do you think should design the next collaboration for H&M?
I heard Tom Ford. That would be very sexy, feminine and a must-have for every young lady. I'm in love with everything crazy. 




2012 March 8

Agent Provocateur's Muse

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Mylene Jampanoi for Agent Provocateur Mylene Jampanoi for Agent Provocateur
Photo courtesy Agent Provocateur
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Agent Provocateur steams up the small screen with the debut of their new super sexy, seventies-inspired short entitled The Muse, starring French beauty Mylene Jampanoï and directed by Ridley Scott's daughter Jordan. After the heady roll-in-the-hay Fall campaign, the lingerie clad "soft core" mini depicting an artist and his model muse seems almost demure and coquettish, relatively speaking... 

2012 March 8

Mackage's Adorbs Front Row Family Act

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Asha Dowd and daughter Jaimie Borba Asha Dowd and daughter Jaimie Borba
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It wasn't hard to spot, and coo over, the twee one with blonde ringlets eagerly attacking a cone of cotton candy in the front row of Mackage's Toronto runway show last night. Lucky tyke, right?! Chic hit up 7-year-old Jaimie Borba and her mom, Asha Dowd, for the backstory on their fash show appearance...

Why Mackage, ladies?
My sister, Kelly, heads up the New York showroom for Mackage, and she invited us because my daughter Jaimie wants to be a fashion designer one day.

Why the interest in fashion, Jaimie?
Because I think it's cool! 

Did you style yourself?

Are sequins and faux fur some of your style signatures?
JB: Uh-huh. 

Do you have a style icon?

How's the cotton candy?

Are you girls regulars on the Toronto fashion show circuit?
This is Jaimie's first-ever show! It's her taste of the industry, I guess. 

Did it meet your expectations, Jaimie?
It's really good! Definitely an A+. 

Given this circus theme, have you been to the circus proper lately?
I went to Cirque du Soleil not too long ago. But I did not bring the kids. 

How old do they have to be in order to tag along?
Nine years old, maybe...

And how much cotton candy is allowed tonight?
Just one serving! 


2012 March 8

Hoop Dreams! At Toronto Fashion Week's Mackage

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Sadie Spins of Circus Alchemy Sadie Spins of Circus Alchemy
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At last night's Mackage show in Toronto's cobblestoned, resto-ridden nook of chic, the Fermenting Cellar was decked out in a circus theme, starting from the cotton candy flavored (and adorned!) cocktails to the lass on stilts. Chic grilled Sadie Spins of Circus Alchemy, aka the talented hula hooper of the eve, for the scoop on, well, the hoopla! 

So what brings you here tonight, Sadie?
This is called a glow hoop, and I'm here to animate the space after the fashion show. 

How grueling was the pre-show practice?
I'm a professional hula hooper. I teach classes every week and I practice every day.

How many years have you been doing this?
I've been hula hooping for six years. I got into it because it felt good. What could be bad about having a big hoop around?! It feels like a massage and a hug put together.

Does it differ based on the placement of the hoop?
Well, it's definitely a different style and rhythm based on where you place the hoop. When you're hoola hooping on one hand, it's more about creating an illusion than when it's on your waist.

What's the pitch for first-time hoopers?
Most people have the misconception that they can't, or will be bad at, hula hooping! They rarely are. Plus, it's really great for your core. 

Do you ever hit people?
Nope! You're used to taking up a lot of space, so it's all about keeping a good eye, in all directions. I also have lots of moves that let me get very small, very fast. I actually made a video recently about how to carry a hula hoop on public transit. 

Have you hooped at a fashion show prior to Mackage?
I have, a few years back. A big fashion show, but I can't remember which one. 

You're using a 'glow hoop' tonight; how does it differ from a standard-issue, lightless hoop?
The challenge is getting used to the strobe effect. You have to be a bit more precise, because you can see the 'trails' of the light from every angle when the hoop glows.

How much does a glow hoop cost, exactly?
They start at $100. But the one I'm using tonight is a $500 hoop. 

Wow! What makes yours so valuable?
Well, it's perfectly weighted and perfectly colored. This hoop kind of found me, actually: someone else in the [Circus Alchemy] community got this hoop, and she just never really felt it. One night, we were at an event, and she used one of my hoops, and we ended up trading. I had to give her a bunch more stuff on top of trading the hoops, though.    

How extensive are your daily practices?
On average, one to two hours a day. But typically, I'll spend eight hours with a hoop one day, and the next day I won't touch the hoop at all. 

What's the strangest setting you've ever hula hooped in?
I was a backup dancer for a Katy Perry impersonator a couple months ago. It was a huge gig for international bankers to attend.  

Who's your dream hula student?



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