2012 March 21

Big News for Adriana Lima...

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Good news! Good news!
Patrick McMullan
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Congrats to Victoria's Secret angel and fiesty Brazilian Adriana Lima who has a bebe on the way with hubbie, former NBA player Marko Jaric. Lima announced the big news on Twitter (as one does now) tweeting: "Big news everyone! Mark and I are so happy to share some wonderful news with all of you! #ImPreganant." It's the second child for the couple who married on Valentine's Day 2009—their daughter, Valentina, is two years old.   




2012 March 21

Look of The Daily: Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein Collection

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Green Day Green Day
Patrick McMullan
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Go green! Jennifer Lawrence (who's about to become a household name rightaboutnow) showed off her sexy figure in a Calvin Klein Collection number at the Cinema Society screening of her new film, The Hunger Games last night. We vote yes. A jovial Francisco Costa joined Lawrence on the carpet.

2012 March 21

Childhood Comforts! With Rachel Roy

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Rachel Roy Rachel Roy
NICK HUNT / PatrickMcMullan.com
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Blankies, nightlights, stuffed animals, oh my! Beloved childhood objects were on Chic's mind at Monday's Cinema Society screening of Intruders, the thriller starring Clive Owen as a protective papa. What did you snuggle with to ensure sweet dreams a tot? Dolls (the loved-to-pieces kind) and dreams (the daytime, happy kind) were Rachel Roy's double-dose of comfort as a kid...

How did you ward off nightmares as a kid?
I had two things: a doll named Goldie, short for Goldilocks, that I still have to this day. She had reddish-blonde hair. By the time I was done with her, she was missing thumbs; she was certainly scary-looking, but she was the most precious thing in my childhood. And I needed something precious back then.

Aw! What else comforted twee Rachel back in the day?
My dreams...but not at night. When I had nothing else, and we didn't have a lot of money, I would just daydream and create these elaborate stories.

Where were your daytime reveries set?
They took place in London and throughout Europe, based on the old films I was watching as a kid.

And were you in these dreams?
I had to be the star of my daydreams, of course, so in them I had long Veronica Lake-type hair, fire engine red lips, turtlenecks, and pencil skirts. I was a dashing, dark, but luminous figure in my daydreams.

2012 March 20

Priscilla's Costume Designer Lizzy Gardiner Dishes on Costumes, Drag Shows, and More

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Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel at the 2011 Tony Awards Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel at the 2011 Tony Awards
JIMI CELESTE/PatrickMcMullan.com
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Today marks Priscilla: Queen of the Desert's first anniverary on Broadway, so naturally, Chic tracked down the show's intrepid (and Oscar-winning) costume designer to get the scoop...and all that drag!

Any plans to update the costumes?
Changes are kept to a minimum, because the costumes are so expensive and complex, but when there are cast changes and we can’t squeeze someone into existing costumes, they will be remade. Updating? No, not really. Everyone is happy with what we have.

Tell us how you met your design partner Tim Chappel.
Tim and I met over 20 years ago on a TV soap opera in Australia. We both found one another hilarious, and still do. It’s all about laughs with us.
You also worked on the original movie, how did you get that gig?
I have been friends with Stephan Elliott, the writer and director, since we were kids.
What are the differences between designing for film and theater? 
Virtually everything. Designing for theatre is just much more difficult. No one will shoot around your mistakes! It’s all there, in your face. It’s horrible sitting in the theatre and seeing things you hate. The costumes need to be built to last for years and people need to sing and dance in them and hopefully not hurt themselves wearing, in this show, ridiculous outfits. I always feel so guilty!
When did you first become interested in fashion?
Since I was a little girl slapping around in my mother’s high heels.

Any designer favorites at the moment?
Too many! Fashion has really changed over the years; there's more and more couture. Consumers expect so much more now. I love Rodarte, Lanvin, and Givenchy.

What’s your favorite fashion time period?
I do love the seventies. Heterosexual men got around in full make-up and high heels. It was a fun decade. Everything is so much more conservative now. Dull!
You wore a dress made from American Express Gold cards then you won the Oscar for the film. Where did that come from?
The idea originated from the film but we couldn’t get permission from American Express. When the Oscars came around I was bored at the thought of wearing a gown so I asked AmEx again and they said yes...so I knocked it together the night before the awards with a drill.

What was the most difficult costume to construct for Priscilla?
Pretty much all of them are a nightmare in one way or another. We have had some extraordinarily skilled people involved in the construction over the years, including engineers.
Are you a fan of drag shows?
Adore drag shows; always have! I started my descent into drag shows when I was barely out of my teens.

Who’s your favorite queen of all time?
Cindy Pastel; an Australian drag queen. Utterly inspiring and insane!
Going to any of the anniversary events or show tonight?
Probably not...I’m in Scotland making a film. Right now I’m designing a film called The Railway Man with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. It’s quite a departure from Priscilla but I’m loving it. It's a WWII epic.

2012 March 20

Things to Discuss: Cate Blanchett's Photoshop-Free Cover

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Thoughts? We love! Thoughts? We love!
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Someone has actually done it! Cate Blanchett appears on the March/April cover of The Economist's Intelligent Life mag without any Photoshopping whatsoever. Steve Forrest photographed the beauty, and IL art director Graham Black assembled the cover. Thoughts? 


2012 March 20

Memo: Wear Black!

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Back to black! Back to black!
Patrick McMullan
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Looks like Daily faves Michelle Ochs, Lola Rykiel and Carly Cushnie got the memo to wear black last night at the 3rd Annual Pisces party. The party at John Demsey's East Side townhouse celebrated his birthday along with fellow Pisces and peeps Alina Cho and Marilyn Cauthier, and brought out Carolina Herrera, Ingrid Sischy, Sandy Brant, Linda Fargo, Felicia Taylor, Desiree Rogers, Dan Ragone, and you guessed it...Geraldo Rivera. Bon anniversaire, dolls!

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