2012 January 23

Shot of The Daily: Diane Kruger in Vegas, Baby

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Have you seen Karl? Have you seen Karl?
Billy Farrell Agency
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The Karl Lagerfeld kids partied it up in Vegas over the weekend at the CHANEL Numéros Privés Opening Night Party and Dinner at the Wynn Hotel. All the usual suspects were there. Leigh Lezark? Check! Alexa Chung DJing. Yup! Diane Kruger? Of course! China Chow, Poppy Delevigne, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Dree Hemingway, and Shiva Rose were all accounted for, but where was Karl? How could he miss this opportunity to be with his people? 

2012 January 23

Lara Stone...On Knitting!

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Lara Stone Lara Stone
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Who's the latest chicette to join the knitting fray? None other than Lara Stone! The supe took a sec to fill Chic in on her plane ride pastime of choice...

Are you wearing Calvin Klein right now?
I am!

What do you think of Berlin?
I love it. It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe. There’s a great atmosphere and buzz.

You fly through the air in that Mercedes commercial. What was that like?
I loved it at first, and then it got really scary when they started spinning me. I got sick for two days! I’ve never been tied up with so many ropes before, and I’ve never flown through the air. It was terrifying. 

How do you kill time when flying on planes?

I’ve been doing squares in different colors. I’m going to sew them together into a big blanket.

Who will you give it to?
I don’t know yet! I’ve also made hats.

2012 January 23

Getting Hauter! With Julianne Moore

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Julianne Moore Julianne Moore
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Chic caught up with Julianne Moore in the front row of Berlin Fashion Week and got the skinny on her formative years in Frankfurt and the joys of punctuality...

How does it feel to be here?
It’s wonderful. I wish the weather had been better so I could see more.

You’ve been to Berlin often?
A few times, but it’s always in the winter for film festivals so it’s usually freezing. The last time I was here in the summer was when I was a teenager. The Wall was still up!

What comes to mind when you think of Germans?
High school! I went to high school in Frankfurt. I have a lot of affection for it. One of the things I told my hair and makeup people today is that nobody is ever going to be late, which I love.


2012 January 23

Straight Talk! With Dorothee Schumacher

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Dorothee Schumacher and Vogue's Christiane Arp Dorothee Schumacher and Vogue's Christiane Arp
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Behind the scenes at the Schumacher show in Berlin, Chic got some insight from Dorothee Schumacher on the brand's success and new perspectives on fashion...

How do you manage running this business and having four children?
Love, love, love! I also have a team that joins me with a lot of passion.

Your designs are sensual, but not excessively sexy…
It is no coincidence that the bow appears as a detail in many of my collections. It symbolizes very precisely what women are all about: It’s soft, sensitive, fragile and sexy—and it holds everything together.

Who are Schumacher’s ambassadors?
First, the women who deal with everyday life while wearing Schumacher with natural elegance. Then there are personalities such as Luca Gadjus. Finally, celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, who wears our shirts!

You’ve been designing for over 20 years. How has fashion changed?
Today, women have a different relationship with their feminine side. They deal with it differently in their professional life, too, and they accept their femininity and subtle sex appeal. A new era of femininity has begun!

2012 January 23

Whirlwind Tour! With Karlie Kloss

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Karlie Kloss in Dior Spring '12 Couture Karlie Kloss in Dior Spring '12 Couture
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Before Karlie Kloss sashayed down the couture runways of Paris earlier today (Dior! Versace!), Chic nabbed a moment with Kloss during her stint in Berlin for literally a day. A fabulous jetsetter indeed!

When did you arrive in Berlin?
I got in at 6:30 a.m. and went straight to my fitting, dropped my suitcase off, splashed some water on my face, and now I’m headed back to the airport.

That’s bananas!
I feel very fabulous and jet-set today.

Have you been to Berlin before?
This is my first time, and I like what I see so far. My best friend is Toni Garrn, and I told her that next time I come she’s got to be my tour guide for the city. I’m only here for less than 12 hours, so I don’t think I’m going to get to see much. 

How do you cure jet lag?
Vitamin C is the best you can do. I have about 4,000 clementines in my bag.

2012 January 23

From The Daily Berlin! Georgia May Jagger's Had Enough Of That Song

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Georgia May Jagger Georgia May Jagger
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Catching up with model Georgia May Jagger at Berlin Fashion Week about that song...

How’s your German?
It’s not very good.

Favorite word?

Is everyone asking about your “moves like Jagger?”
It’s a relatively new question, but I’m hearing it a lot. 

Do you just say “duh?”


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