2012 February 12

Christian Cota on Green Tea...And Meeting Galliano

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Christian Cota Christian Cota
Patrick McMullan
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Christian Cota on the commonplace (designers pulling all-nighters before show day) and the more unusual (bumping into John Galliano while on vacay)...

How are you feeling? 
Good, actually. I didn't sleep. I was in the showroom finishing everything!

How do you survive an all-nighter?
Green tea is helping me. And adrenaline. 

So what’s the sartorial result of your sleepless efforts?
Square details. The stores buy the prints—that's what sells— which let me go back to my roots in Mexico. It’s all really rich!

Who are you obsessed with right now? 
Keira Knightley. I love her.

What else is new?
I was on vacation and I saw John Galliano. 

Where was that?
I don't kiss and tell!

Did you meet him?
Very briefly.

2012 February 12

Editor Crushes! With Seventeen's Ann Shoket

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Ann Shoket at Lacoste Ann Shoket at Lacoste
Getty Images
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At yesterday's Lacoste show, Chic caught up with Seventeen editrix Ann Shoket to discuss the fellow mag movers and shakers she admires. Plus! Checking in on Shoket's rigorous fitness routine from last year! 

Who would rock your world if you saw them at a show?
I don't know if I get that excited by seeing celebrities. I always get excited seeing the other editors. I'm always looking to see who is wearing what and who is talking to who. The editors are the fun stars of fashion week.

We hear that! Who excites you?
I always like talking to Joanna Coles, who's just the superstar of the moment. Ariel Foxman looks very handsome with his scruffy new beard. I haven't seen my girlfriend Alina Cho from CNN. She must be making the rounds, though. She's always decked out head to toe. That girl is flawless.

Which news story is fascinating you right now? 
I'm fascinated by this group of girls with Tourette's ticks that The Today Show has been covering.  We can't figure out what's wrong with them; I don't like the idea that it's some tick that's brought on my social media, because it's very dismissive of teenage girls. We haven't gotten to the bottom of what's going on there, whether it's environmental or whether they smoked something at a party. 

On a more optimistic health note, are you still working out like a fiend?
I've been very bad with my training, I'm off that routine. I'll have to get back with team Seventeen

Oh, no! What happened? 
I don't know why! You can't go hardcore all the time, but I'll get back on it again. 

How do you deal with hardcore winter?
I actually love it; a little snow makes the day soft and pretty, and it puts everybody in a magical mood. I love that it's snowing inside the Lacoste show. How poetic to be snowing inside and outside! 

2012 February 12

A Moment With…Lindsay Degen

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Lindsay Degen Lindsay Degen
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Can we work out with you, Lindsay? You had us at "Body Roll"... 

What’s the quirkiest thing about you?
Whoa! Maybe my dance party aerobic classes. Have you ever been to Body Roll?

No! What do you 
wear to something like that?
A ripped up *NSYNC t-shirt.

What kind of music do they play?
We dance to nineties music. There are a lot of air caterpillars.

2012 February 12

Retouched By An Angel, Vol. 2!

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Linda and Lynn swap lips! Linda and Lynn swap lips!
Billy Farrell Agency
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What if…Linda Fargo and Lynn Yaeger switched pouts?! Chic found out! 

2012 February 12

Newsstand Check! With Stefano Tonchi

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Stefano Tonchi Stefano Tonchi
Patrick McMullan
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Chic caught up with W's Stefano Tonchi about redesigns (he needs to feel them to believe them!) and how his glossy is too damn big for the newsstand. 

How can mags sell better on newsstands?
I’m not sure because the newsstand is only a small portion of our distribution. The format of the magazine doesn’t fit the rack. We think about the reader, but not the newsstand. Our latest newsstand report is quite positive. [Ed. note: W’s most recent newsstand sales were down 7.4% to 20,426 copies.]

Thoughts on the redesigned Glamour and Bazaar?
I haven’t held the new Glamour or Bazaar in my hand.

What scares you?
Romney, and sickness.



2012 February 12

Heard at NYFW!

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Nicola Formichetti Nicola Formichetti
Patrick McMullan
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The overheards and glib bon mots Chic accumulates during Fashion Week are just too good to keep to ourselves! 

 “IT guys are the new sex symbols. I want them to get laid that night. They’re the sh*t.”—Nicola Formichetti, who is hosting a Tumblr party on the 15th, at Richard Chai...“Can I give you a compliment? My mother just e-mailed me, ‘Make sure you pick up copies of The Daily!’”...Dani Stahl at Richard Chai...“We have dress codes for certain occasions, so when I come to shows like this I have ideas on what to wear.”—the Knicks’ Landry Fields at Joseph Abboud...“Who does that man think he is? That’s not even clean chiffon he’s wearing. Hello, this isn’t Last of the Mohicans. ”—overheard at Whit...“You don’t even want to know what I’d do for a joint right now.”—a showgoer outside of Milk...


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