2012 March 8

Hoop Dreams! At Toronto Fashion Week's Mackage

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Sadie Spins of Circus Alchemy Sadie Spins of Circus Alchemy
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At last night's Mackage show in Toronto's cobblestoned, resto-ridden nook of chic, the Fermenting Cellar was decked out in a circus theme, starting from the cotton candy flavored (and adorned!) cocktails to the lass on stilts. Chic grilled Sadie Spins of Circus Alchemy, aka the talented hula hooper of the eve, for the scoop on, well, the hoopla! 

So what brings you here tonight, Sadie?
This is called a glow hoop, and I'm here to animate the space after the fashion show. 

How grueling was the pre-show practice?
I'm a professional hula hooper. I teach classes every week and I practice every day.

How many years have you been doing this?
I've been hula hooping for six years. I got into it because it felt good. What could be bad about having a big hoop around?! It feels like a massage and a hug put together.

Does it differ based on the placement of the hoop?
Well, it's definitely a different style and rhythm based on where you place the hoop. When you're hoola hooping on one hand, it's more about creating an illusion than when it's on your waist.

What's the pitch for first-time hoopers?
Most people have the misconception that they can't, or will be bad at, hula hooping! They rarely are. Plus, it's really great for your core. 

Do you ever hit people?
Nope! You're used to taking up a lot of space, so it's all about keeping a good eye, in all directions. I also have lots of moves that let me get very small, very fast. I actually made a video recently about how to carry a hula hoop on public transit. 

Have you hooped at a fashion show prior to Mackage?
I have, a few years back. A big fashion show, but I can't remember which one. 

You're using a 'glow hoop' tonight; how does it differ from a standard-issue, lightless hoop?
The challenge is getting used to the strobe effect. You have to be a bit more precise, because you can see the 'trails' of the light from every angle when the hoop glows.

How much does a glow hoop cost, exactly?
They start at $100. But the one I'm using tonight is a $500 hoop. 

Wow! What makes yours so valuable?
Well, it's perfectly weighted and perfectly colored. This hoop kind of found me, actually: someone else in the [Circus Alchemy] community got this hoop, and she just never really felt it. One night, we were at an event, and she used one of my hoops, and we ended up trading. I had to give her a bunch more stuff on top of trading the hoops, though.    

How extensive are your daily practices?
On average, one to two hours a day. But typically, I'll spend eight hours with a hoop one day, and the next day I won't touch the hoop at all. 

What's the strangest setting you've ever hula hooped in?
I was a backup dancer for a Katy Perry impersonator a couple months ago. It was a huge gig for international bankers to attend.  

Who's your dream hula student?



2012 March 8

Little Oscars

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Doesn't this little guy look like a young Wes Gordon? Doesn't this little guy look like a young Wes Gordon?
Courtesy Photo
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Oh, happy day! Oscar de la Renta's childrenswear line finally makes its debut at Bergdorf Goodman, and will be available soon at all of his boutiques and online. Price points range from $55-$445 for girls and $65-$275 for boys. Catherine Monteiro de Barros, formerly the founder and designer at childrenswear brand Papo d’Anjo, is the VP of design for the biannual line that we're already adoring. 

2012 March 7

To Elle With It!

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Jessica Simpson covers Elle. Jessica Simpson covers Elle.
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Demi and Britney have done it, so why not Jessica Simpson? The expectant mama appears on the April cover of Elle (out on March 20th) showing off her baby bump wearing diamonds from Van Cleef & Arpels, and, uh, nothing else. Oh, we get it...a fashion mag does a clothes-less cover! Clever! The upcoming host of NBC's Fashion Star (premiering March 13th) reveals she's expecting a girl. She also insists that she would have pursued pregnancy earlier if she knew it would have ensured an Elle cover. We just made up that last bit, but you so know it's true! 

2012 March 7

The Returnish of James Franco

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James Franco Returns! James Franco Returns!
Mariano Vivanco
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Oh, there you are! It feels like ages since we've written anything about James Franco (we needed a little hiatus, to be honest), but the busy beaver is back in the limelight with a series of intense photos for GQ Style Germany. Photographer Mariano Vivanco shot the General Hospital actor for a series of Robert Mapplethorpe-inspired stills that are quite dark. One shot has James holding a knife up to his face! All righty. His film Francophrenia (or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is) will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival next month.

2012 March 7

Marlon Gobel: Back to the Future

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Marlon Gobel at his UES apartment. Marlon Gobel at his UES apartment.
Giorgio Niro
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We've had our eye on Marlon Gobel for just a short time now, but we're utterly intrigued. (To refresh your memory: He's worked under Michael Bastian and Thom Browne. Not too shabby!) He talks to Swarovski TV about his recent and well-received men's collection shown at Lincoln Center in February, and why he wanted to become a designer. Go-Go-Gobel...

2012 March 7

Katy Perry at Miu Miu: Lollipop Time!

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What? WHAT?! What? WHAT?!
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Leave it to Katy Perry to break out the candy during the Miu Miu show, held today in Paris. But did it have to be a lollipop? Sheesh. Kate Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Brit MarlingLea Seydoux and Rosario Dawson joined her front row, as evidenced in our Gallery. That's a wrap for PFW, kids! 

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