2014 April 10

Calling All Bridesmaids! Meet The Chic Duo Behind Brideside

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Nicole Staple and Sonali Lamba Nicole Staple and Sonali Lamba
Courtesy Brideside
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The seasonal tulle takeover has begun, New Yorkers, as this season’s bridal shows kick off today. To ring in the slew of exquisite white frocks and veils galore that we’ll be checking out over the next few days, we chatted up the co-founders of clever bridesmaid-centric site Brideside, Nicole Staple and Sonali Lamba. The duo has made a chic business out of an idea hatched in B-school a few years ago. Find out how they’re innovating the often-staid, frequently drama-filled orbit of bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and much more. As for catching that bouquet: you’re on your own for that one, cheris!

How did Brideside come about?
Sonali Lamba
: Nicole and I lived as weekend wedding warriors during, and leading up to, business school. I had 14 bridesmaids in my own wedding, and Nicole spent summers traveling to and from her bridesmaid duties. We experienced firsthand, on many occasions, the time, frustration, and energy that went into the process of coordinating a bridesmaid dress. We knew there had to be a better way.
Nicole Staple: As classmates at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, we commiserated over this process. We then devoted ourselves to a concept that delivers the personal boutique experience at home and online. By the time we graduated in June 2012, we had incubated Brideside within the walls of Kellogg.

How did your own bridesmaid experiences help you scheme up Brideside?
: I was in my sister-in-law’s wedding along with her best friend who had literally just had a baby. Our fit preferences couldn’t have been more different! The bride took on the role of selecting styles that would work for both of us. Since I didn’t know the other bridesmaid well at the time, it was awkward for us to communicate about style and our insecurities. When building Brideside, it was critical to have informed stylists to assist the bride and her friends.

Did you ever expect to work on a fashion project?
Sonali: I’ve always considered myself a fashion blog junkie. [Fashion] is an extension of myself...Though I never imagined making a career of it!
Nicole: I wouldn’t have expected to graduate from business school to start a company in fashion—and certainly not bridal. But I’ve loved the challenge of innovating a very traditional process that I’ve been through so many times myself. 

What does Brideside offer that no one else in the bridal biz is doing right now?
Nicole: While we’ve seen innovation in a variety of sectors of the wedding industry, from online registries to planning apps, the bridal party has largely remained untouched. Brideside delivers the coveted bridal boutique experience in the comfort of our shoppers’ own homes.
Sonali: Our Brideside box sampling program lets you try on bridesmaid styles at home. For $10, you select up to three styles to sample; we’ll ship them right to your door, complete with a return shipping label and a few extra goodies. It’s the most affordable sampling option available today. 

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2014 April 9

Watch Your Back, Patti LuPone! Tavi Gevinson Is Coming To Broadway!

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Tavi Gevinson Tavi Gevinson
Patrick McMullan
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In the "never thought we'd ever be writing this" category, this tops the list...Playbill.com is reporting that Tavi Gevinson is heading to Broadway in a revival of Kenneth Lonergan's drama This Is Our Youth. The play co-stars Kieran Culkin and Michael Cera and first opens at Steppenwolf's Upstairs Theatre in June before starting previews on August 17th at the Cort Theatre before a September 11th opening. Gevinson has been in the news lately for her interview with Miley Cyrus in ELLE's May issue; last year, she appeared in the movie Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. Gevinson, still just 17-year-old, will be playing a fashion student in the play. We have this hunch that she's going to be really good.

2014 April 9

Gant Rugger Gives Womenswear A Try

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Gant Rugger Womens Gant Rugger Womens
Photo courtesy Gant Rugger
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Ladies, it’s time to stop stealing from the boys, because Gant Rugger is finally launching their first women’s collection for Fall 2014. It all started with the hashtag #GirlsInGantRugger. “The Gant Rugger woman has always been part of the creative process while working on the men’s collection, so she has definitely been on the top of our minds for a while,” explained Fifi Hallstensson, head of design, in a statement. The Rugger offshoot was founded in 1973 to compliment the classic Gant label; it was relaunched (and reinvented in the process) circa 2010. The new offering for femmes consists of an abbreviated collection of 16 staple pieces, from a classic trench to an impeccable suit. Now let’s just hope the boys don’t start stealing from the girls...

2014 April 9

What Is Chic? Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele Explains In The Latest Episode of 'J'Adore'

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Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele: J'Adore - Chic Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele: J'Adore - Chic
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She's back! In the latest episode of J'Adore, the always-exuberant Carylne Cerf tries to explain what chic is to her viewers. On CCD's list? Jeans, a classic Chanel bag, and Jackie O. We're down with all of that. The stylist also hilariously explains what isn't chic. Enjoy! 

2014 April 9

RuPaul's Prom Picture Will Brighten Your Day

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RuPaul in 1983 RuPaul in 1983
RuPaul's Twitter
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Hello, hello, hello. We know this shot has been floating around the internet, but it would be irresponsible if we didn't share it with our dear readers. This is the 1983 prom photo of RuPaul and his lovely date Deborah at Atlanta's Northside High. You better work! The pic was revealed online by Ru himself, via his Twitter feed. It's clear that big things were headed his way, if those pants are any indication. 

2014 April 9

Graydon Carter Joins ASME's Hall Of Fame

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Hall of Fame material! Hall of Fame material!
Billy Farrell Agency
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What's even more exciting than an EIC's mag getting ASME-nommed? Getting inducted into the glossy org's Hall of Fame. Congrats are in order for Graydon Carter, who will join the ranks of Hall of Fame folks like Anna Wintour, Tina Brown, Gloria Steinem, Jann Wenner, and Martha Stewart. Oh, and Hugh Hefner, who's also in the esteemed Hall of Fame ranks. The VF editor-in-chief will be inducted on May 1 at the National Magazine Annual Awards din at the Marriott Marquis. Go, Graydon, go!

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