2012 January 23

Whirlwind Tour! With Karlie Kloss

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Karlie Kloss in Dior Spring '12 Couture Karlie Kloss in Dior Spring '12 Couture
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Before Karlie Kloss sashayed down the couture runways of Paris earlier today (Dior! Versace!), Chic nabbed a moment with Kloss during her stint in Berlin for literally a day. A fabulous jetsetter indeed!

When did you arrive in Berlin?
I got in at 6:30 a.m. and went straight to my fitting, dropped my suitcase off, splashed some water on my face, and now I’m headed back to the airport.

That’s bananas!
I feel very fabulous and jet-set today.

Have you been to Berlin before?
This is my first time, and I like what I see so far. My best friend is Toni Garrn, and I told her that next time I come she’s got to be my tour guide for the city. I’m only here for less than 12 hours, so I don’t think I’m going to get to see much. 

How do you cure jet lag?
Vitamin C is the best you can do. I have about 4,000 clementines in my bag.

2012 January 23

From The Daily Berlin! Georgia May Jagger's Had Enough Of That Song

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Georgia May Jagger Georgia May Jagger
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Catching up with model Georgia May Jagger at Berlin Fashion Week about that song...

How’s your German?
It’s not very good.

Favorite word?

Is everyone asking about your “moves like Jagger?”
It’s a relatively new question, but I’m hearing it a lot. 

Do you just say “duh?”


2012 January 20

From The Daily Berlin! A Moment With...Annette Weber, InStyle Germany's EIC

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Annette Weber Annette Weber
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Chic gets versed on Berlin's boisterous party scene and the allure of Escada Sport from Annette Weber, InStyle Germany's EIC...

I like your hat!

It’s an accident. I just came from the plane and had a terrible delay. At the next show, I’ll be terribly elegant.

How long was your delay?

Long! We had to de-ice the plane in Munich.

How many times have you done BFW?
Since the beginning! You’re here for the first time, so you have to go out and party! You’re gonna love it. You’ll come back soon!

What should we expect from Escada Sport?

Color, and the best models in town.

2012 January 20

Lost & Found at The Beverly Room!

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Fifties powder blue organza dress Fifties powder blue organza dress
The Beverly Room
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So much lace to love from The Beverly Room's Mauri Weakley this week! A bit of Grace Kelly, a touch of Chanel, and a nod to Miuccia in Weakley's latest musings on her fab finds...

Like so many things in life fashion ebbs and flows and cycles all the way around; minimal and very utilitarian moments emerge at one end of the spectrum only to become instances chock full of whimsy and pops of color at the other. My needle—and I think I am not alone in this—is currently leaning towards the latter. 

Novelty after all has been the rage the last few seasons, with Miuccia Prada leading the charge, from monkey boleros and banana prints to glitter encrusted pumps and slingbacks with tailfins. Clearly imagination is playing a role in how women are getting dressed. And what better place to take that lively sense of imagination than vintage! 

I have been drawn to these utterly whimsical dresses as of late with their pale hues, layers of lace, tulle, and organza, hints of metallic and rhinestones, and ultra feminine shapes. The ankle length lace dress with double layered swiss dot puff sleeves might be my favorite.  Followed closely by the fifties powder blue organza dress—very Grace Kelly, High Noon. And that's followed by the sixties pale pink shift with silver metallic crochet overlay, bell sleeves, and rhinestone buttons. This little number reads very Chanel on. Perhaps these are for the girliest of girls. Or a photo shoot! 


2012 January 20

Things Your Pants Don't (But Should) Do

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Hudson Jeans Lou Lou pant Hudson Jeans Lou Lou pant
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What's not to love about that kinda-magical, kinda-kitschy, completely awesome effect of glow-in-the-dark anything? Viva la phosphorescence! Apparently, Hudson Jeans is on the same page as Chic, and they're debuting the Lou Lou tuxedo pant on Monday. By the light of day, these sleek cropped skinnies (in shades of olive, navy, or bordeaux) have a color-coordinated swipe of tux trim. Come nightfall, though, they positively glow! A little rave-y and we like it. Until Hudson rolls out its ultraviolet-friendly "invasion" of the MePa for NYFW, complete with a shindig at Scoop, vid projections, and art installations by Aakash Nihalani, Chic challenges you to watch this video only once. So mesmerizing, so TGIF-worthy. Can't wait to get our gams glowing soon enough...

2012 January 20

From The Daily Berlin! Wolfgang Joop's Pearls of Weirdom

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Joop said wha?! Joop said wha?!
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German fashion maestro Wolfgang Joop is just as famous for his big bouche as he is for the outrageous fashion. Let’s review, shall we?

 “Every time I watch a couture show on my laptop I ask myself, who shall clean up all this mess?”—to GQ

“Karl will still design for Chanel even from six feet under.”—to Stern

“The designers feel the need to create more and more grotesque, screaming, absurd collections. Soon, there will only be one customer left—Lady Gaga.”—to GQ

“I regret that I didn’t really explore Berlin’s nightlife in the ‘80s. Mesh stockings, blurred makeup, mousse in the hair...Everybody was high on speed or other amphetamines and had some currywurst around the corner in the morning."—to Zoo

“A sculptor made the sculpture [of me] according to my instructions, but I didn’t specify how big the genitals should be.” —to Bild

"Now that Prada and Helmut Lang have bored us nearly to death with their intellectual minimalism, people want colors again."—to Spiegel

“Personally, I don’t need mutants around me. I prefer closeness and warmth.”—to Financial Times Deutschland

“[Heidi Klum] is not a top model, but an ad girl. Who in high fashion has this permanent grin? She doesn’t have a nice mouth even when she isn’t grinning....she has nothing to do with high fashion.”—to Bunte

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