2012 March 2

Things to Discuss: What's on Delphine's Mind?

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Hm! Hm!
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Delphine Arnault is the picture of poise, so no wonder we're so intrigued by this perplexing photo of Dior's deputy general manager as she stands alongside Dior's current designer Bill Gaytten. What could possibly be on her mind? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, please! 

2012 March 2

A Moment With...CK's Italo Zucchelli

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Italo Zucchelli Italo Zucchelli
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At last eve’s Calvin Klein and Details bash to celebrate the stylish lad mag’s crowning of the “The Social Mavericks" du moment, Chic caught up with the lovely Italo Zucchelli about his penchant for rollerblading on the esplanade and the scoop on what went down during his job interview for CK with the man behind the line!

Tonight is all about social mavericks! Besides superb design, what are you a maverick at?

I’m a really good skater.

Ice skating?
No, I like to rollerblade on the Hudson River. 

How far do you go?
I live on 30th Street and 11th Avenue, so I like to skate up to 125th Street and back!

What do you wear while rollerblading?

Almost nothing in the summer. I never used to skate in the winter, but this has been a mild one, so I’ve been going often. I wear layers—but it's still not a lot of clothes, really...

Would you ever consider a CK rollerblading ensemble?
I’ve never thought about it, but maybe I should!

What might it look like?
Probably lots of color…but I’ll need to think about that and get back to you. 

When you’re not rollerblading, how long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
Five minutes. I don’t even think about it.

Do you use a mirror?
Barely! It’s an instinctual process for me. I also wear a sort of uniform everyday: a blazer and a pair of jeans. I’m not obsessed with how I look.
What’s a Detail we don’t know about you, besides your rollerblading habit?
Oh, my God! That is the hardest question. I’ve got to think of something that I haven’t said yet…but that doesn’t sound weird. I like to think about that. I’m going to keep thinking about that, actually.

How about a detail about Francisco?
He is a very good cook. Very good! 

And Calvin?
Calvin Klein is such a funny person. I don’t know if people really know that about him, but he can be so sarcastic.

When did you discover Calvin’s funniness?
During my interview with him, actually! We laughed the whole time. It was definitely my best interview, ever.

2012 March 2

Karl the Cartooning Columnist? Mais Oui!

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Poli-sci lessons with Karl Lagerfeld. Poli-sci lessons with Karl Lagerfeld.
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Ever wonder where Karl Lagerfeld stands on politics? French Elle does! Starting today, the glossy will be publishing a weekly cartoon on its website called “L’Oeil de Karl” sketched by you-know-who. It will depict his deepest, most intellectual thoughts on the political climate across the pond. Today's slogan: "Wrap up warm and be careful not to lose your voice." 

2012 March 2

Aww Alert! Model Lovefest at Sonia Rykiel

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Models en masse! Models en masse!
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It's no secret that one of Chic's favorite shows (each and every season) is Sonia Rykiel...and not strictly because we live in the knits! The models are always so...happy! Case in point: this final bow from today's runway spectacular in Paris. 

2012 March 2

Sergio Says! Weekly Musings from Marie Claire (and Beyond...)

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Madcap mishmash of swag for Sergio... Madcap mishmash of swag for Sergio...
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All in a week's work for Sergio Kletnoy of Marie Claire, from sampling the full dessert selection at the brand new Balducci's in the base of Hearst (four times) to successfully stalking down a Balenciaga frock essential to JoCo's presence at PFW. Plus! A hilarious round-up of the ridiculous swag amassed in a single afternoon. And, of course, the downloads to reinvigorate your iTunes this weekend! 

Five words: Emeli Sandé at The Box. I scored an invite to Emeli’s U.S. debut at the most-impossible-to-get-into places in NYC. Who is she? Only one of the most talented singer songwriters to come out of England in a very long time. I know, I know, I’ve said it before, but this time I mean it. Her real name is Adele Emeli Sande, but since there’s another obscure Brit named Adele, she dropped the first name. Emeli has written for the likes of Susan Boyle, Cheryl Cole and Leona LewisSimon Cowell called her “his favorite songwriter at the minute,” but she is so much more than that. On her debut album Our Version Of Events, her voice soars, every note is flawless and I’m certain it will blow you away. Imagine Massive Attack’s revolutionary Blue Lines mixed with the soul, passion and heartache of Adele’s 21. In fact, there were so many people who wanted to see Emeli perform at this invite-only industry event—the only kind I attend—that she had to perform twice, back to back, at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. I went with my BFF Courtney, as well as Maddy, my friend from Emeli’s record label, EMI, and a fellow Madonna fanatic. While Courtney and Maddy beelined for the bar, I planted myself dead center in front of the stage. I can’t even describe how mind blowing, chills-down-my-spine Emeli’s performance was, it felt like an out of body experience. Rarely does someone sound better than on their actual album. She reminded me of my other out of body experience, also at The Box, exactly a year ago, when I stood front row watching Adele belt out songs from 21. Courtney, Maddy and I followed Emeli’s stellar performance with dinner at my fave lower East Side eatery, Stanton Social where I inhaled potato and goat cheese pierogies with caramelized onions and truffle creme fraiche, a smoked bacon and poached egg salad, red snapper tacos with creamy avocado and spicy mango, chased with warm doughnuts with raspberry, chocolate and caramel dipping sauce. (Note to death row inmates: if you’re going to end, end on that meal.)

Working at a fashion magazine is like a gift that keeps on giving. Everyday we get tons of new beauty products, food samples, movie and TV show screeners, new albums, and an endless stream of ridiculous pitches from publicists. Today I made our mail guy, Bobby, work overtime, as package after package kept arriving at my desk, some more ridic than others. Folks, these really did come in over the course of a single afternoon: a Sperm Check Fertility Test (kid you not), a box filled with Kettle potato chips (salt & vinegar is to die for), a mini locker to promote the new 21 Jump Street movie, an amazing handknit scarf from my friend Chanel (no, not that Chanel), whole bean coffee, natural spring water and sugarfree gum from a company called Project 7 Save The Earth, a “2012 is the Year of the Girl!” tote filled with two boxes of Girl Scout cookies (Samoas, baby!), Some Nights (the debut album by FUN.), a first episode screener DVD of Fashion Star with a pre-preggers Jessica Simpson, and finally, a pitch promoting a certain product that is apparently “LOVED by Lisa Kudro.” Note to careless publicists: don’t be mangling the names of my favorite stars or next time it goes on Twitter…
I love the Hearst caf, and I’m sure I will be banned from there for saying this, but from time to time I need a little variety in my life. Today I found myself sneaking behind Hearst caf's back with Balducci’s, the gourmet eatery which had its grand opening this morning on the ground floor of the Hearst Tower. I had a huge roasted turkey salad, which was pretty delish. But the best part: their dessert selection. I must confess that I snuck down there four times to refill with macaroons, tarts and cupcakes (in no particular order). Which unfortunately left me with two words: Muffin top.
Crazy work day. While finalizing THE BOSS’ jam-packed trip to Paris Fashion Week, I had to search high and low for a Balenciaga dress that JoCo just had to have in time for her flight. After a few phone calls, I was able to track it down. You know my motto: By any means necessary. Needless to say, being the fiercest assistant to ever step foot in Hearst is exhausting. I am literally counting down the hours till I get home so I can watch my fave episode of Project Runway All Stars. Yours truly was on set for the taping and saw it all go down. This week’s “Light up the Runway” challenge stars Pharrell Williams and designers had to make a gown with electric lights, kind of like what you’d decorate a Christmas tree with only much, much cooler. I could totally see Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga fighting for these looks. (But alas, last I heard, JoCo beat them to it. She’s going through a neon phase…)
Must download: Spank Rock & Santigold collab “Car Song” is old school hip-hop with an amazing hook and an awesome video. The coolest animated band, Gorillaz, is back with a brand new single, “Do Ya Thing” featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, it’s worth checking out for the killer video alone. Next up is an electrifying anthem “Us & Ourselves” by Morning Parade, a five piece alternative band from Essex which sounds like a hybrid of Keane, Coldplay and Blur. And finally, “Float” by Indigo Charlie, who I've known for years. Indigo is a a super talented singer and fashionista, a beautiful soul and a dear friend who I am so proud of for pursuing her dreams. She is bound for major things and I cannot wait for another case of I TOLD YOU SO! Till next week, in the meantime you can follow me on twitter at @SergioKletnoy for my daily pop culture blabber… 

2012 March 2

Mila & More, Front Row at Dior

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Awkward alert! Sidney Toledano and Mila Kunis at Christian Dior Fall 2012. Awkward alert! Sidney Toledano and Mila Kunis at Christian Dior Fall 2012.
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Mila Kunis upped the celebrity factor at Paris Fashion Week, sauntering into Christian Dior today and plopping down next to Dior CEO Sidney Toledano and wife. Behold the awkward hand-holding! Earlier, the Black Swan actress was spotted on a boat in the Seine wearing a similar blush pink dress to shoot the second installment of Dior handbag ads. Also in attendance: Leigh Lezark, Antoine Arnault and his girlfriend Natalia Vodianova, Tali Lennox, and Andie Macdowell's daughters, Rainey and Sarah Margaret Qualley. Click through our Gallery to see all the images.

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