2012 February 28

Rebecca's Ultimate Staycation

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Rebecca Minkoff shares her latest travel adventure. Rebecca Minkoff shares her latest travel adventure.
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Chic's travel columnist Rebecca Minkoff checks in during her post-Fashion Week staycation in the Big Apple!

"New York is quite possibly one of the best cities to indulge in a staycation. And while it goes without saying that many busy New Yorkers can find everything they need within a 3 block radius of their apartment, I decided to venture a bit further in order to enjoy the weekend between our Fall 2012 show and my upcoming three-week business trip to Asia. As an added bonus, my family was in town to see the collection (my Mom is now a huge Theophilus London fan!) and visit with baby Luca.

Our first stop was a post-show lunch at Dos Caminos. Admittedly not new or undiscovered, as native San Diegans, we continue to return for their amazing guacamole. It reminds us of our SoCal childhoods and our close proximity to some of the best avocados around. We spent the rest of the afternoon recouping from the show and prepping for our after party at the Darby. It was a wonderful evening seeing old friends and celebrating our phenomenal reviews.

On Sunday, I mixed a bit of business with pleasure and visited the home décor mecca, ABC Carpet and Home. They carry the perfect mix of obscure, vintage inspiration pieces and known favorites like Madeline Weinrib--perfect fodder for the inspiration board for our Japan retail store interiors. My own apartment incorporates many of their eclectic touches, and I want that same spirit to come through when we open in Ginza. I started out on the 6th floor exploring their rich, color-saturated rugs and finished off the afternoon at the café at ABC Kitchen to refuel with a shot of their green juice from Organic Avenue (and a cookie plate for good measure)!  

As the crisp afternoon wound down, my parents and I took advantage of the remaining sunlight and walked from Union Square back to Nolita with baby Luca--three generations enjoying a few moments of calm before the next fashion adventure was to begin.

To hear more about my adventures and get up-to-the-minute updates on what I’m up to, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and on my blog."

2012 February 28

Chic Chatting With...Juan Carlos Obando

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Juan Carlos Obando Juan Carlos Obando
Patrick McMullan
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Guess who Chic bumped into in Chelsea? Juan Carlos Obando, ya'll. Random in the house alert!

What Disney character do you most relate to?

Donald Duck. I can get grouchy.
Number one pet peeve?
What runs your life?
That’s easy. Steak!
What’s your favorite steakhouse?
Animal in LA. I call it my restaurant, but it’s not, really. I love the tenderloins.

2012 February 28

The Golden Age!

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Agyness Deyn Agyness Deyn
Patrick McMullan
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Aggy Deyn isn't the only famous face whose age doesn't quite match up. During NYFW, Chic wondered: How old do you feel?

Lily Donaldson:
"It depends on the day. Right now, I’m feeling 12 years old."  

Erin Heatherton: "35. I’ve experienced a lot, and 22 doesn’t justify everything I’ve achieved and done." 

Stephen Gan: "
I feel young and old at the same time." 

Linda Evangelista:
"I most definitely feel my age. I feel every minute of my life. Of course that’s a good thing—I’d rather be here than dead!" 

Rachel Roy:
"I’m a very old soul, so I feel thousands of years old. I am half Indian, after all, so it makes sense. Yet my friends tell me I’m a goofball with a childlike spirit. So who knows?"

Fabien Baron: "I feel my age, but I also feel much younger. I've always been young."

Rachel Comey: "I don’t know. That’s a really hard question."

Andrej Pejic: "I feel 16."

Simon Spurr: "22 and sometimes 52, but mostly 22." 



2012 February 28

Wishing Well Weigh In

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Coco Rocha Coco Rocha
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Actors! Models! Designers! They've got talent up the wazoo but what skill do they really want...?

Coco Rocha:
Ashley Greene: "I would love to play the violin. I heard it’s really hard."
Taylor Jacobson: "I wish I could spell."
Tara Subkoff: "I wish I could make tailored suits as well as Doyle + Mueser."
Susanne Bartsch: "What are you asking me here? I have everything."
Kate Mara: "Tailor! I can’t buy a pair of jeans without having them shortened."
Dita Von Teese: "I wish I could pick up any language in ten minutes. If someone offered me a suitcase with $1 million in cash, I’d still choose French." 
Zac Posen: "Language! I’d like to learn, in order: French, Mandarin, and Cantonese. I have Rosetta Stone, but I really learn from watching Canal Plus every night with my boyfriend Christopher, who’s also my stylist."
Rafael Cennamo: " I need to learn how to do laundry. I’ve never done a load." 
Scott Sternberg: "I wish I was a better typer. That sounds lame, but I want to be one of those people. They look like they’re having fun." 
Marylou Luther: "I wish I was better at quickly handing the computer. There are skills I should learn, but I don’t know where to go." 

2012 February 28

A Moment With...Julie Haus and Jason Alkire

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Jason Alkire, Julie Haus Jason Alkire, Julie Haus
Patrick McMullan
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Couples that work together, stay together! At least in the case of design duo Julie Haus and Jason Alkire.

How did you two meet?

Jason: In college at The University of Houston. I was a painting major before I switched to marketing.
Julie: I was studying journalism. Then business. Then I got my real estate license.
Jason: See how we met?

Was it love at first sight?
 I asked her, like, 25 times. She kept saying no, but finally she gave in. I took her to the movies.
Julie: I heard he was a playboy. He drove a motorcycle and had rings. 

How romantic is Julie?

Jason: One time I lived in a crack house in a bad neighborhood. Julie came in and redecorated it when I wasn’t home. That was pretty romantic.

2012 February 28

Retailer to Watch: ChicChild.com

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The Patrick overalls The Patrick overalls
Courtesy photo
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Just last month, the cult classic online childrenswear blog ChicChild.com launched its first short-term sale, and the second incarnation officially kicked off yesterday. At ShopChicChild.com, a curated Spring selection of merch from Baby Bespoke, Katherine Beach's collection designed for babies up to 12 months old, will retail for $70 - $200.  “These are the kind of precious garments that your baby can wear throughout the first year," say Chic Child founders Christin Rueger and Natalie Schwartz. "Beautiful gifts and appropriate for any occasion, the bespoke quality of this collection sets it apart from rest." Check out the Gallery for some of our favorites. 

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