2012 March 2

Things to Discuss: Fash Week Photogs Take on the Bloggers!

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This is a workplace, people! This is a workplace, people!
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Have we been spending too much time analyzing the front row? Perhaps! The Observer has stumbled on an intriguing offshot of the blogger backlash happening in the photo pit, of all places. Turns out that the seasoned photogs shooting runway for your favorite glossies aren't exactly thrilled about the rise of the blogger (and his or her Instagram shot) that's leading to a fight for riser space and backstage access. One fash week vet has even drafted a "letter of grievance" to send to, well, we're not exactly sure. But hey! As for the PR response to the struggle? "We love, we love, we love glossy magazines. But the bloggers are reaching a different demographic, and it really is helping the reach of these designers,” PR Consulting cutie (and Daily fave) Flint Beamon told the Observer's Nitasha Tiku. “It’s in the best interest that everybody tries to get along. Obviously this is not the case.”


2012 March 2

Vintage Video Vault: Cosmopolitan's UK Launch

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Cosmopolitan, February 1970 Cosmopolitan, February 1970
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In 1972, Cosmopolitan UK launched under the helm of former Sun editor Joyce Hopkirk. All 350,000 copies of the first issue sold out in 24 hours, thanks to the help of a saucy TV commercial by Saatchi & Saatchi touting a publication for "women who are interested in men, love, fashion, food, men, travel, films, beauty and themselves … and men." Check out the proof below!

2012 March 2

Things to Discuss: What's on Delphine's Mind?

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Hm! Hm!
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Delphine Arnault is the picture of poise, so no wonder we're so intrigued by this perplexing photo of Dior's deputy general manager as she stands alongside Dior's current designer Bill Gaytten. What could possibly be on her mind? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, please! 

2012 March 2

A Moment With...CK's Italo Zucchelli

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Italo Zucchelli Italo Zucchelli
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At last eve’s Calvin Klein and Details bash to celebrate the stylish lad mag’s crowning of the “The Social Mavericks" du moment, Chic caught up with the lovely Italo Zucchelli about his penchant for rollerblading on the esplanade and the scoop on what went down during his job interview for CK with the man behind the line!

Tonight is all about social mavericks! Besides superb design, what are you a maverick at?

I’m a really good skater.

Ice skating?
No, I like to rollerblade on the Hudson River. 

How far do you go?
I live on 30th Street and 11th Avenue, so I like to skate up to 125th Street and back!

What do you wear while rollerblading?

Almost nothing in the summer. I never used to skate in the winter, but this has been a mild one, so I’ve been going often. I wear layers—but it's still not a lot of clothes, really...

Would you ever consider a CK rollerblading ensemble?
I’ve never thought about it, but maybe I should!

What might it look like?
Probably lots of color…but I’ll need to think about that and get back to you. 

When you’re not rollerblading, how long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
Five minutes. I don’t even think about it.

Do you use a mirror?
Barely! It’s an instinctual process for me. I also wear a sort of uniform everyday: a blazer and a pair of jeans. I’m not obsessed with how I look.
What’s a Detail we don’t know about you, besides your rollerblading habit?
Oh, my God! That is the hardest question. I’ve got to think of something that I haven’t said yet…but that doesn’t sound weird. I like to think about that. I’m going to keep thinking about that, actually.

How about a detail about Francisco?
He is a very good cook. Very good! 

And Calvin?
Calvin Klein is such a funny person. I don’t know if people really know that about him, but he can be so sarcastic.

When did you discover Calvin’s funniness?
During my interview with him, actually! We laughed the whole time. It was definitely my best interview, ever.

2012 March 2

Karl the Cartooning Columnist? Mais Oui!

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Poli-sci lessons with Karl Lagerfeld. Poli-sci lessons with Karl Lagerfeld.
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Ever wonder where Karl Lagerfeld stands on politics? French Elle does! Starting today, the glossy will be publishing a weekly cartoon on its website called “L’Oeil de Karl” sketched by you-know-who. It will depict his deepest, most intellectual thoughts on the political climate across the pond. Today's slogan: "Wrap up warm and be careful not to lose your voice." 

2012 March 2

Aww Alert! Model Lovefest at Sonia Rykiel

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Models en masse! Models en masse!
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It's no secret that one of Chic's favorite shows (each and every season) is Sonia Rykiel...and not strictly because we live in the knits! The models are always so...happy! Case in point: this final bow from today's runway spectacular in Paris. 

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