2011 October 26

A Moment With...Melissa Joy Manning

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Melissa Joy Manning Melissa Joy Manning
Patrick McMullan
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When Chic last met jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning, she might have kindly told us to F-off, but last night at the CFDA party, we were chums again. 

Thoughts on joining the CFDA?
I'm really excited! It was a goal for a longtime, so to finally be a member is great. I feel like I'm at the prom right now. When Steven (Kolb) first told me that I got in, I cried for a second, and he said to get it together, and not tell anyone.

What else have you been a member of in your life?
Drop out club? In high school, I was in student government.

What did you do?

I was the spirit leader, which was such a joke. I'm actually deceptively shy, but I wanted to do something in student government. I was also in a sorority for a year in college. Hated it. I dropped out. I've never been much of a club person. This is the first one that I admired and respected and wanted to be a part of. 


Is this your first time at Donna Karan's house?

No, I come every week. We do pilates.



It's a lovely place, very warm.



2011 October 26

Unusual, Yet Intriguing, Pitches: Meet the "Bootie Pie"

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The Bootie Pie in black The Bootie Pie in black
Courtesy Bootie Pie
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It's a common cold-weather conundrum: how to get home without messing up your fresh pedicure? Frequent JinSoon-goers should at least think about "Bootie Pies," the boots with a collapsible front flap to expose the toes mid-pedi that cost anywhere from $68 to...$98. You can even wear them home! They come in colors like coconut creme, chocolate, and blackbery, and they "look like UGGs." Really?!

2011 October 26

Shot of The Daily: Hear Betsey Roar!

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Girl power! Girl power!
Patrick McMullan
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We love this woman! The divine Betsey Johnson gave the red carpet a little life last night at the premiere of the new Johnny Depp film The Rum Diary. We hear even Betsey turned into a giddy school girl at the sight of Mr. Depp. Duh! 

2011 October 26

Pumpkin Soup

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Our winner! Our winner!
Courtesy Refinery 29
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Kudos to the Refinery 29 gang on their clever fashion pumpkins! Ever wonder what an Anna Wintour pumpkin would look like? Of course you have! Those days are fini thanks to their crafty staffers, who carved out pumpkins devoted to Missoni, Louis Vuitton, and, naturally, our Anna. Which gourd will get the gold? Our bet is on reserve copy editor Amanda Keiser's "Jack-O-Louis," (pictured) which took a whopping four hours to make, but as they noted, the brown-and-orange combo is super Halloween-y. A real treat, if you will. Head over to Refinery to vote for the winner.

2011 October 26

Chic Chatting with Uniqlo's Shin Odake

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Jonathan Bricklin, Susan Sarandon, Yoram Arieven, Shin Odake Jonathan Bricklin, Susan Sarandon, Yoram Arieven, Shin Odake
Billy Farrell Agency
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Chic recently visited Uniqlo's US CEO Shin Odake at the brand's recently- opened 34th Street mecca for a tour (64,000 feet!) and a chat about the future. 

Where else would you like open Uniqlo?

Union Square, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, 42nd Street, Wall Street. There are a lot of people on Wall Street. Harlem. Even outside of Manhattan, there is a lot of opportunity. We need to look at the top shopping malls in the nation and freestanding stores. 


Basically, you want to be open everywhere.



Did you plan to open your two New York stores back-to-back, as you did this month?

In London, we opened two stores on the same day. Some people suggested that to me, but I didn't want to do that because there are so many things to do. Each store needs maximum focus on opening day, so we spread it out.


Uniqlo is really planning on hiring 400 more employees in New York City?

Yes, we're meeting with candidates now.


What would impress you on an interview?

The sales associate has to have a service mentality, great smile, and desire to serve the customer.


Should they wear Uniqlo on the interview?

That would help! It shows they like the brand.


Is this the new miracle on 34th Street?

I hope it's going to be! We're in between the Empire State Building and Macy's. The stage doesn't get any better than this. 


Have you ever seen the movie Miracle On 34th Street?

I saw it a long time ago, but can't really remember what it was about. 

2011 October 26

Dog Days with Sarah Jessica Parker

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Matthew Broderick; Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew Broderick; Sarah Jessica Parker
Getty Images
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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick caused a frenzy outside the New York City Center last night. The theater-loving pair stopped in around 7 p.m. to attend the grand reopening gala, visibly excited to learn Mayor Bloomberg was conducting the Encores! Orchestra opening number. But! Before dashing inside, SJP divulged the strangest on-stage character she's ever played at the theater. "I played a dog here," laughed the starlet. "That was a stretch for me. Some would disagree--go ahead. Have your cracks."


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