2010 September 22

Zegna: Zen at 100

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Gildo Zegna, Brian Williams, and Alec Baldwin Gildo Zegna, Brian Williams, and Alec Baldwin
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(NEW YORK) When the girls are away, the boys will play. We’re talking about the women’s editors, of course, who are settling in Milan right now, while the likes of Jim Nelson, David Granger, and the new WSJ. editrix Deborah Needleman all came out to support Ermenegildo Zegna's centennial celebration on Fifth Avenue. “The company is healthy, I’m full of energy and I already feel like we’re in our next 100,” exclaimed Gildo Zegna. “And after all these events, we’ll be at 101 very soon.”
The brand’s honcho also put on the very same suit as co-host Alec Baldwin. It was a happy accident. “This is my official suit for 100th anniversary,” explained Zegna. “It’s called Swatch No. 1, and it was originally produced by my grandpa in 1910. It was very cute for me and Mr. Baldwin wear the same thing.” Baldwin had other ideas. “Gildo probably looks better than I do in this, because he’s obviously Italian,” the actor quipped.
Other guests at the bash included NBC's Brian Williams and Matt Lauer and a jet-lagged Peter Marino. We wanted to know: is there anything he could do for 100 years straight? “I could ride a motorcycle for a century and not get bored!” the architect quickly decided.  “I wish I would devote all my time to music,” said Baldwin. “But of course, I wouldn’t mind being a billionaire and spending all my days giving away cash to charities like the Philharmonic.” His 30 Rock co-star Maulik Pancholy was less decisive. “I don’t think I could do anything for 100 years,” he smiled. “I think I’d get bored by like year 57!”

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