2011 April 28

Who's Andy Samberg's chic camp BFF?!

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Andy Samberg and Irene Neuwirth Andy Samberg and Irene Neuwirth
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Last night, Chic popped into the penthouse at Barney's to ogle some seriously stunning gems at the launch of Irene Neuwirth's Diamond Collection, with proceeds benefiting the CFDA's Fashion + Friends for Japan. Busy Phillips and Joanna Newsom were the lovely hosts of the evening, and Phillips giggled on and off with her date for the evening, Michelle Williams. But the best duo of all? Andy Samberg and Neuwirth, former camp buddies! As macaroons made the rounds and the intimate and superswanky crowd - including Harvey Weinstein, Lake Bell, Reed Krakoff, and Richard Chai - tippled champagne in the parfait springtime evening breezes on the veranda, Chic chatted with Samberg and Neuwirth about their campiest memories!

Andy Samberg:
How did you know Irene?
It was a sleep-away camp, called Skylake Yosemite Summer Camp. The kids definitely liked me. I was the campfire coordinator, which meant I organized the entertainment every evening. I think they were sick of me by the end of each summer. Just like with any comedian, you can't see one person entertaining for too long.

How did you score that gig?
They made that job up for me because I didn't have any other skills. I couldn't teach windsurfing because I didn't know how.

What was Irene like at camp?
We were friends. Irene was the horse wrangler, and I think she used to drape jewels on the horses. Just kidding!

Irene Neuwirth:
So, Andy was the campfire coordinator at Skylake Yosemite Summer Camp. Tell me about your equestrian fiefdom - I'm surprised it wasn't the arts and crafts hut!  
I taught horseback riding every summer and my title was horse wrangler. I think I also taught archery. Or maybe water skiing, too. I’d been going there since I was nine.

Did you guys ever go back for a reunion?
Yes. It was really fun! I think we just drank a lot and went skinny dipping. It was a blast.


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