2012 November 20

What I Bought! With Marie Claire's Kyle Anderson

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After a recent ankle injury, Marie Claire's Kyle Anderson took it easy. His bedside companions? A collection of old issues of Vogue Paris and an entire loaf of Korean bread. (Feel better, boo!) Weekend tally: $8,358.10. Total weekend spending for the past year: $130,483.39. 

Even though my ankle is still not fully healed, after work I went to Koreatown for dinner with a friend. Adding to my recent bad luck, we accidentally ordered the wrong thing on the menu, which was still okay because we enjoyed some yummy grilled beef. After dinner, I went to Paris Baguette and bought Korean bread for my weekend in bed.
TAXI: $7.40
TAXI: $9.20

On Saturday, I went to Bergdorf's for my haircut by Katsu and while I wanted to go to the men's store, I didn't. Instead, I went home and watched Breaking Amish, which was either really good or I was just really bored. After five hours of reality TV (yes, FIVE hours), I grabbed drinks with a friend at the St. Regis followed by dinner at the Standard Grill where I enjoyed lamb, a spicy Bloody Mary, and chocolate cake with ice cream. Then it was time to go home for some more reality TV. I was pleasantly surprised to find my SSENSE.com order had arrived. What better way to end Saturday than coming home to Balmain jeans, a Balmain coat, YSL sweater, and Dsquared2 leather pants? Don't worry adoring Philippines' fans, there will be pics on my blog!
TAXI: $6.50
SWEATER, YSL: $1,695

Sunday plans: lounge and flip through old Vogue Paris issues. After reading 30 or so, I nibbled on some Korean bread and sipped on coffee. The evening was spent in the apartment with my BF eating Greek food. While the Greek salad wasn't the best, it still got the job done, fueling me to watch Revenge (aka my new favorite show). Finally, it was time for some much-needed sleep to heal my still-aching ankle. 

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