2011 November 14

What I Bought! With Elle's Kyle Anderson

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Kyle Anderson Kyle Anderson
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Ever wonder what a fashion editor's weekend entails, or how much moola they drop on an average Saturday? So did we! Hence, our newest column "What I Bought," chronicling the credit tab of the fashion flock down to their morning lattes and Cetaphil face wash. Elle's senior accessories editor, Kyle Anderson, was more than happy to oblige. Total calculation in two days: $13,936.12...

For the past few weekends, I’ve been shooting so this being my first actual weekend I have to myself, I wanted to do a few things I haven’t had time to do in a while around the city. First stop: Starbucks. My usual order at Starbucks is a tall iced coffee with one Splenda and skim milk. Every intern in the history of Elle for the past six years knows this. When I see them on the street they tell me they still remember how I like my coffee which is kind of funny. But in the autumn, I like an iced chai latte. Something about them tastes like autumn; a chai reminds me of spiced pumpkin desserts, or apple cider with cinnamon. I’m not sure, but I love them in the fall! And it's gone before I can even walk out the door and get to the corner. It’s one block from my apartment in Times Square.
COFFEE: $3.35
TAXI: $7.30

Next stop: Hublot at 692 Madison Ave. Ever since I met my BF, he has had the same Panerai watch. I think he’s had it for like 12 years. About a month ago, one of our friends showed us a snapshot of a watch his friend had just bought from Hublot, and we fell in love with it. I like quirky accessories. It’s a watch with all of the words of the Declaration of Independence inside it. It’s perfect since my boyfriend just got his green card. I love my Rolex, but every dude in the world has my exact same watch.
WATCH: Hublot “Liberty Bang” watch, $12,956.13.

Next Stop: Dr. Perricone at 791 Madison Ave. Across the street from Hublot is my friend Dr. Perricone's office. I go maybe twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall to do whatever he suggests, since he’s the expert. I had two treatments and bought a couple of products since I usually don’t have to visit. I did Complexion Analysis using Visia Technology, which is basically a face scan to detect hidden skin problems, like skin damage, patches or broken blood vessels, and potential problems like cancerous freckles. I used to go tanning back in the high school days, 365 days a year. I was so tan, I looked glow-in-the-dark for most of the nineties. I also did a deep pore cleansing, which I do twice a year. I don’t really take care of my skin much on my own besides using Cetaphil face wash and cleanser.
DERM APPT: $250 for deep cleaning. (The face scan is complimentary.)
TAXI: $9.90

Next stop: Around The World Books at 28 W. 40th Street. I always buy all of my magazines at Around the World, across the street from Bryant Park. They have every fashion magazine from around the world all in one stop. It’s amazing.

Next stop: Astor Wines at 399 Lafayette St. I wanted to finally do an ‘official’ housewarming party at my apartment, even though I moved there in August. It’s taken this long for me to actually hang all of my pictures and mirrors and buy everything I needed to decorate. I love black, studs and Jean Paul Gaultier. I shoot his designs in every single shoot I do. I saw a JPG champagne at Astor Wines, and thought it was awesome. The set comes with two glasses with rings on them. They kinda look like body piercing rings, but we’ll go with “wedding rings"? I'm just going to have about 10 people over, so I thought I’d buy something cool and new they haven't seen before. Now I need to start thinking about FOOD!
WINE: $630.00

Next stop: Home to chill.
TAXI: $11.00

Next stop: Standard Grill in the Standard Hotel at 848 Washington Street. I had dinner with a few of my buddies. Anyone who knows me, knows I go to the Standard Grill every week, and I go to Le Bain and the Boom Boom Room at least once a week each. I don’t know why. I just like it there. There's a lot of energy, and you can be a bit wild, which I guess I need every couple of days. Anyway, we always have a great time there. The drinks are amazing. I'm obsessed with both the Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail, their signature Penny drop, and the Punchbowl is bananaz.
DINNER: Two lamb dinners, two Penny drop drinks, one Punchbowl, two Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails, cheesecake chocolate brownie, two Halibut dinners, one vodka soda, a side of fries, and a sparkling water bottle. [Total: $0. Tab was picked up by friends.]
TAXI: $7.00

There's more! Click below to find out what Kyle was up to on Sunday...


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