2011 January 20

Wes Gordon's Winter Survival

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Wes Gordon Wes Gordon
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How does our man about town Wes Gordon survive the winter doldrums? This week, he reveals his solution on surviving the dreadful January. Tell us, Wes! Tell!

"The weather has been horrible lately. After years of avoidance, I finally gave in and got a pair of lined rubber boots. While everyone else avoids slush puddles, I can boldly stomp through, completely unfazed. That said, I have yet to master weather forecasting from my apartment window and, unfortunately, recently ruined my favorite pair of Armani pony mocassins. Weather-appropriate footwear aside, there's only so much you can do to batten the hatches against the wintry climes. Some nights, after I've been working in the studio all day (so excited for the upcoming collection!) and it's dark and cold and wet and miserable outside, the last thing I want to do is loaf around at home.

My solution? When the weather gets you down, nothing is better than a table full of close friends in a cozy restaurant. Without a doubt, no place fulfills this fantasy better than Il Buco. With Alessandra Codinha and Mariana Zobel de Ayala, we decided to brave the slushy streets and head to this little gem. Located at 47 Bond Street, around the corner from our [still low-on furniture, please send gifts!] new apartment, Il Buco has mastered the comfortable homey atmosphere we all know and crave. Long, low communal tables make us feel like we're in a Fellini movie, saluting each other in Italian while we chow down on a wonderful grandmother's perfect Tuscan fare. The interior is beautifully rustic. Baskets and bronze lamps hang from the ceiling, creating this soft and golden light that makes everyone look great. Although always busy and full, it's never too loud to have intimate conversations. The wine list is superior, and the pasta is out of this world. One menu tip? The last time we ordered the cheddar polenta, it was like a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Order generously, you'll want it all.

The weather outside may rage, but at Il Buco, you'll feel safe, warm, and incredibly well-fed.  Additional tip? If you can, sit in the wine cellar. You'll never want to leave." 

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