2010 March 3

Twitter Fix

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Stefano Gabbana Stefano Gabbana
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We sift through the Twit-O-Sphere so you don’t have to.

(TWITTER) bryanboy: As much as I love being in America, it's so easy to get fat here.

stefanogabbana: @bryanboy Its my favorite club!!! I love love love PLASTIC...& i :-) love u....... C u later

toryburch: Very scary landing! Any good hypnotists for fear of flying??

SuzeOrmanShow: He wants a hair system. Will I approve or deny this sweet guy? Find out on the Suze Orman Show.

DitaVonTeese: In a restaurant--Just saw a little girl practicing french-kissing on her brother's stuffed Spiderman. Highlight of the day so far.

derekblasberg: Having dinner with @byrdiebell, who has a whole new life in Israel. No, but really, a whole new life. Proud of the little plonker though!

ByrdieBell: Thank you @derekblasberg for treating me to a lovely romantic dinner but now it's 2 AM and I can't put down your book!!

prabalgurung: Having the best time with Triguna at Thakali Kitchen. Amazing food n best convo. y'all its the best Nepalese restaurant in nyc, hands down.

AggyDeyn: Cab driver 'You look French revolutionary in that hat. Can you not feel it running through you veins. Do you knit?'....magical cabbie!!!

ladygaga: I can hear u, I think I might need a little extra eyeliner for Scotland.

Nicolerichie: Unless your'e Snooki, no one cares.

markindelicato: Wearing sweat pants to school today... We know its a sad day.

JasonBinn: To be a successful leader in the world today you must have the courage to make a decision when other people hesitate

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