2010 August 12

Time of the Sky

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Time of the Sky watch Time of the Sky watch
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Timepieces have evolved from elaborate pocketwatches to automatic wristwatches to plastic Swatches to cell phones. So imagine how pleasantly surprised we were to see this model from Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki and media artist Tomoya Kahimada called Time of the Sky II. It looks like a bracelet with a plastic square face encased in wood and set on a grey nylon band, a definite departure from the shiny metallic variety and ticking faces we wear now. Like the 24 hours of the day, the face displays 24 different colors that correspond to each heure. This is version 2.0, and the new features include a face that updates every few seconds to reveal the color of the real sky. They are even in tune to the celestial bodies: a button on the side causes a sun or moon, and its color or intensity, to be shown in the sky. The Daily is still a little befuddled as to exactly how this works and how practical it will be (how can you tell minutes or more precise increments of time?), but it certainly provides a more interesting response next time you're waiting for a late-starting show.

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