2010 November 15

Things to Discuss! The Return of Jane Pratt

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(NEW YORK) Consider the return to print a major Fall 2010 trend. In September, former Jane ed Brandon Holley returned to helm Conde Nast shopping book Lucky after two-ish years in the virtual realm of Yahoo Shine. Now, another former Jane ed---the mag's founder, Jane Pratt---has inked some sort of deal to launch a new teen bible-to-be...with 14-year-old it-blogette Tavi Gevinson. As for how Pratt and the Oak Park-based teen will put out a magazine three times a year? The two are mum on details, but suffice it to say that Pratt will handle most of the day-to-day heavy lifting, given that Gevinson's time will presumably be consumed by high school.

"You guys may know how I feel about Sassy," blogged Gevinson on Friday. "You also may know that I've been babbling about how I think our generation should get one, too. Jane Pratt, founding editor and then EIC of Sassy, also became aware, and emailed me, and we've met a couple times, and it looks like we're going to start a magazine for an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls."

So how will the traditional print world react? Well, expect a bit of skepticism. While Gevinson's blog-star status has earned her front-row seats at couture, dues-paying editors have been less than warm when it comes to embracing an adolescent as an equal. (Remember the editorial uproar when she wore a Stephen Jones bow on her head to Dior, while fashionettes from Grazia et al had to endure an obstructed view of the splendor?) And while Pratt has magazine cred in spades, but she's been out of fashion for five years. Since 2006, she's been hosting Jane Radio on Sirius XM. But by courting the masses---and asking vous for submissions---this new-model mag is guaranteed to get plenty of press. But what about advertising? Media buyers, we welcome your comments!

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