2012 March 28

The World According to Joan Collins

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Joan Collins and Dr. Ruth Joan Collins and Dr. Ruth
Joan's Twitter! @joancollinsobe
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What's missing from your life, darlings? Following Joan Collins on Twitter @joancollinsobe. The former Alexis Carrington is devoted to the Twitterverse, and she fits something divine into 140 characters or less every glam day. Her book The World According To Joan Collins is out now, but we know you already have a copy in your library. Here are a few of her greatest Twitter hits from 2012! 


"Leaving NY, I popped by a cocktail party and literally bumped into Dr. Ruth!"


"Watching Singing in the Rain @Palace- itsfaaaabulous!!"


"Sick of getting cold calls on our landline, how can I stop it ? Advice ?"


"How the press love 2 twist words: "jeans...RARELY GLAMOROUS on women over 40" pg 108. How does that become "NO woman +40 should wear jeans"?"


"Arrived NY after hairy lLanding in rain ! Brendan Frazer & I led applause for pilot !!"


"Packing is hell thank goodness for #first luggage who whisk it straight off to destination--- bliss!"


"If a bomb had dropped on party @vanity fair Hollywood would be decimated, so many faces mostly pretty, some hideous!"


"Wot a nite!!!"


"Saw Joe Pesci's snickers commercial, hmmm, what you think?"


@joancollinsobe on the Snickers advert is probably the greatest advert ever

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"If you thought you were too small to make a difference try sharing bed with a mosquito!"


"When too hungry clean teeth!"


"If youre going through hell, keep going!" inspiring words from Winston Churchill-- & good 4 dieters too! #joansdiettips"

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