2010 September 14

The Weather Report with Ruben and Isabel

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Isabel and Ruben Toledo Isabel and Ruben Toledo
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It was raining last night---all the more appropriate for celebrating Ruben Toledo's brand-new book, The Fashion Almanac. The illustrator extraordinaire (and one half of fashion's most adorable couple, along with his lovely wife, designer Isabel) chatted with Chic about the weather...but this was no small talk!

Tell us about your new book!
Ruben: It was my take on a Farmer’s Almanac. You know, how nature changes constantly, and this kind of thing is what fashion’s all about. You don’t expect it, and then, bam, wow, there it is!

How long have you been reading up on the Farmer’s Almanacs?
R: Oh, since I was a little kid! I live for that kind of stuff. I’m a real sucker for that. They’re so wise, you know? They always, always get it right, no matter what. Plus, I married a country girl! Isabel is so in tune with nature. She’ll be like, “Oh, the door’s squeaking---that means that a storm is on it’s way,' and so on.

Do you have any other intuitive tricks?
Isabel: I know many! It’s more of something that just comes to me at the moment. Ever since I can remember, and the same with my mother. But Ruben, he can always smell snow.

Before it snows?
I: Yes! He’ll be outside, and he can smell it in the air before the first snowfall. He always knows when it’s about to snow. It’s so important to feel the nature here, even in the middle of New York City. No matter where you are. We really make sure that we feel that connection. We look at the sky, we take a guess as to what the weather is going to be. Sure, you can turn on the TV to get the report, but there’s nothing like looking up at the sky and knowing.  
R: Oh yes, absolutely. There’s that feeling of looking over the horizon when the sun is setting over the Hudson River, there’s nothing like it. It’s an unbelievable feeling; it changes everything, you know what I mean? And you bump into nature in New York so easily! You come out of the subway, walk up those stairs and the first thing you see is the sun.

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