2011 February 24

The Proenza Schouler Boys Reveal Their Regret

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Photo by Craig McDean for Interview
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Chloë Sevigny chats with her buddies Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler in the March issue of Interview, which is out now in New York and LA and hits newsstands nationwide on March 1st. What did the boys reveal? 

Jack and Lazaro on picking the company name:

Jack: The whole reason why we even picked that name in the first place was that when we started, Barneys had just bought our collection and we didn’t have a name. We thought, Hernandez McCollough? Doesn’t sound so high end, does it?


Lazaro: Proenza Schouler is better. I actually regret it. 

Jack: Yeah. One of our biggest regrets is the name of our company


Chloe: Really? 


Jack: It's like alphabet soup. There are so many letters. Even coming up with a font was a mission. We had to do these fine, little letters. We couldn't do strong, bold letters because it would be, like, out to here.

How to Say it!


Chloe: So, for the record, I want to get the pronunciation of Proenza Schouler down right.


Jack: It's Proenza Schouler. So many people still say Schooler.


Chloe: It's Schouler, as in late for school. I think people think Schooler is more sophisticated than Skooker.


Lazaro: It's like saying Donna Ka-Ran (laughs). That's like how my parents say it. 


Jack and Lazaro on competition with other young designers:


Chloe: Do you feel a healthy competitiveness with other designers? 


Lazaro: Totally. 


Chloe: Because I love going to parties with you guys and you are friends with Joseph [Altuzarra] and Alex [Wang] and everyone’s all pal-sy. For me, as an actress, I could be like, “Please—she got that role? I’m so jealous.” 


Lazaro: I think in the very beginning when we were trying to break through, we reacted to people who had already broken through a bit with something like, “I hate him!” But now we feel more like there’s room for everyone. Everyone does something different. All the young designers now are doing something interesting.

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