2010 February 23

The Holland Tunnel

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Henry Holland Henry Holland
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(LONDON) Henry Holland is quite the fashion character in London and even New York, where he happens to hang quite regularly. We caught up with the Daily darling and Aggy bestie after his show in London. BY EMILY GYBEN

Kelly Cutrone and a slew of cameras were supposed to be here.
Yeah, they were supposed to be here filming, but they cancelled at the last minute.
Are you disappointed that you’re not going to be an MTV star?
Nahh, it’s fine.
So what do all these acronyms mean?
IYF is In Your Face, DFW is Down For Whatever…
How do you keep them all straight?
I use them quite a lot! On Twitter, and Facebook and everything.
So these are actual acronyms that you use, not just ones you’ve made up for the show?
No, no, no. I started using them quite a bit, and then I saw people repeating them, and I thought, ‘We need to do this! We should put them on shirts!’
Starting a revolution?
Oh yeah! I have a revolutionary blog.
Is it only in acronyms?
Pretty much. The web address is CTFO.blogspot.com—Chill The F*ck Out.blogspot.com, and we’ve sent all these tees out to models, and popstars, and designers.
And I can buy them on my Blackberry now, too?
Yeah, do you want to see? [Shows The Daily his Blackberry.] See, you go to my app, and you can see the bio, browse catwalk looks, and then there’s the shop, and you can pick up the tees. They’re on sale right now!
What is the most overused acronym?
Do you have a favorite?
It’s gotta be CTFO.

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