2012 January 18

The Daily Berlin: Who's Who In Berlin Media

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Who's Who In Berlin: Media Edition Who's Who In Berlin: Media Edition
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Katja Hentschel: 
In a city famous for crazy nightlife, no one captures the carnage better than Hentschel. Her blog, Glamcanyon, is the home page of the hip set. No wonder brands such as Coke and Galeries Lafayette are beating down her door.

Height: “1,83 m with heels”
Star sign: Pisces
Hometown: Wolfen, a small town in former East Germany
Breakfast basics: Fresh-out-the-oven rolls with jelly and an Americano 
with milk
Pets: “We had a series of budgies; one was called Bubi (pronounced booby).”
Word she overuses:Ja. I hate saying no to things that interest me, which leaves me with a gigantic load of work.”
Guilty pleasure: Fancy hotels
Relaxation technique: Going without Wi-Fi
Vacation destination: “No real preferences here, just moods—could be Norway, could be India.”
If not blogging, she’d be… “A child psychologist. I secretly hope that one day I might go back to that.”

Favorite designers: “I only feel strongly about a select few. I really enjoy Manish Arora, and I love almost everything by MCM.” 
Personal guru: “I’d say Beyoncé is up there.”
Favorite beer: “I have fond memories of Skol beer in Brazil. It’s the beer that introduced me to drinking beer in the first place.”
Biggest concern: “Men, money, clothes, my weight, my hair—
the same stuff most women worry about.”
Time-travel itinerary: “Normally I’d say the ‘50s, because I love the dresses from that time and the way boys wore their hair. In the case of Berlin, however, I’d have wanted to live in the ‘20s. It must have been wild.”
Best trend to emerge from Berlin: “Comfort. No other Fashion Week front row looks more comfortable in its clothes. You’d be hard-pressed to even find a local woman wearing heels.”
Preferred mode of transportation: “I’ll take my bike when 
possible, but taxis in winter and past 10 p.m.”

Julia Knolle
As editor-at-large for all online activities at publishing house Condé Nast—at the ripe age of 28—Knolle is living every blogger’s dream. Before beginning her chic new gig last year, the budding editrix founded LesMads with Jessica Weiss. It was Germany’s first online source for fashion news from a fan perspective.

Height: 1,80 m
Star sign: Libra
Hometown: Düsseldorf
Guilty pleasure: “Buying shoes and clothes that look like shoes and clothes I already have.”
Relaxation method: The treadmill
Favorite designers: “I enjoy fashion much more since I got rid of favorite designers. If a way of dressing can be unobtrusive, chances are high I really like it.”
Greatest concern: “Internet access on planes.”

Frank Schoder

If you really want to understand the relationship between fashion and nightlife, Schröder’s party-centric site I Heart Berlin documents the very late nights that Berlin is famous for. In addition to his parties, attended by the most innovative DIY fashion crowd, the site launched the catwalk show “Designer Scouts” in 2010 to provide a stage for young and daring designers. 

1,89 cm
Star sign: Aquarius
Breakfast basics: “Energie Bread, mountain cheese, mortadella, and a bit of marmalade. My beverages of choice are mango lassi and a fruit smoothie.”
Hometown: Greifswald
Pets: “None, but I’d like to have a monkey.”
Word he overuses:Essen. I talk about food about 50% of the time.”
Guilty pleasure: Lindor chocolate balls
Relaxation technique: Lindor chocolate balls…and a good TV show!
Vacation destination: “Madrid. I fly alone, but visit friends there. My next trip is to Buenos Aires, right after Fashion Week. One month, hurrah!”
If not blogging, he’d be… “I already do four different things that I like, so hard to imagine a fifth one. Maybe something with food?”
Favorite designers: “Bernhard Willhelm, Odeur, Juliaandben, and many (if not all) of the designers that have been featured in our Designer Scouts shows.”
Main concerns: “Sponsoring!”


David Roth
If you’re interested in men’s fashion—without being fixated on masculinity—then Dandy Diary is for you. David Kurt Karl Roth experiments fearlessly with both man’s wardrobe and man’s behavior. As competent as he is assertive, this real jack of all fashion trades spots Berlin’s most promising designers on the runway.

Height: “Smaller than Arnold Schwarzenegger, taller than Danny DeVito.”
Star sign: Pisces
Hometown: Grebenstein, “a small village in the middle of nowhere.”
Breakfast basics: “A ‘strammer max.’ A typical German breakfast!”
Pets: “I don’t have pets in Berlin, but in my youth, I used to have snakes, spiders, turtles, scorpions, and centipedes…and a mini-pigcalled Borsti!”
Word he overuses: “‘Kokolores,’ which means something like bullsh*t.”
Vacation destination: “The destination and company changes regularly, but I’ll spend my next holiday with my girl in Tel Aviv.”
If not blogging, he’d be... “A zookeeper.”
Favorite designer: Julian Zigerli
Personal guru: Dash Snow
Favorite beer: “Beck’s Green Lemon. Even that sounds a bit fruity.”
Greatest concern: “Loss of hair and impotence.”
Time-travel itinerary: “The early ‘90s”
Best trend to emerge from Berlin: “Fringe of hair over the right eye; tote bag over the left shoulder.”
Preferred mode of transportation: A Honda Elite 80

Mary Scherpe
Once upon a time, she cofounded Berlin’s first-ever street style blog, Stil in Berlin, chronicling the city’s creative class in words and pictures. Six years later, her baby’s still on top.

1,82 m
Star sign: Gemini, “the best one!”
Hometown: Oschatz
Breakfast basics: Cooked millet with fruits and yogurt
Pets: “I’m planning to get one of those abandoned Spanish or Greek street dogs that’s small enough to put in my bike basket. I’ll call it Bob, regardless of its gender.”
Guilty pleasure: Ambivalence
Relaxation technique: “Staring at a lake in Brandenburg”
If not blogging, she’d be… “I’m not sure, but when I was 15, one of those career tests at my local job center recommended I become a pedicurist.”
Favorite designers: “Dries van Noten, because I like the confident yet odd woman he creates with his designs, and Vladimir Karaleev, because I like his ephemeral yet empathic vein.”
Favorite beer: “Uh, white wine.”
Preferred mode of transport: “My bike, always and forever.”

Katja Schweitzberger
As a student, her fashion blog, Bees and Ballons, impressed the fashion cognoscenti with its fresh take and elegantly girlish aesthetic. So when industry must-read LesMads needed a new editor, there was only one choice!

1,69 m
Star sign: Aquarius
Hometown: Thuringia
Breakfast basics: Crunchy cereals with a raspberry yogurt drink and a sliced banana
Word she overuses: “Verdammt!”
Guilty pleasure: “Anything bordeaux or leopard print.”
Relaxation technique: “Watching my favorite TV shows, such as Bored to Death or Black Books, over and over again.”
Vacation destination: “Camping with friends, city trips with my mum, and winter sports with my dad.”
If not blogging, she’d be... “Running a concept store with a sweet pastry shop and a crazy nail studio.”
Favorite designers: Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schouler, and Christopher Kane
Favorite beer: Pilsner Urquell
Biggest concern: “Everything!” 

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