2012 January 18

The Daily Berlin: Who's Who In Berlin Media

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Who's Who In Berlin: Media Edition Who's Who In Berlin: Media Edition
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(BERLIN) Welcome to The Daily Berlin, darlings! Attention fancy foreign editrixes lonely in the front row! Stash away your iPhones and mingle with the local cognoscenti. They’re not strangers, per se—just friends you haven’t met yet. Their passion for fashion demands achtung baby, so don’t be shy! 

Annette Weber
InStyle’s resident power blonde makes sure her magazine is always hot on the heels of the latest trends. It helps that Weber often starts them.

1,72 m
Star sign: Pisces
Hometown: Speyer/ Rheinland-Pfalz
Trivia: She has a degree in theater!
Background: She’s also held stints at Bunte and Elle.
Often seen in: Straight-off-the-runway Prada (remember those stripes?), Chanel, and Isabel Marant.
Go-to accessories: Chanel bags, statement heels, and a menswear-y watch.
Breakfast food: “Hot milk with sugar, and a glass of fresh orange juice.”
German word she overuses:Gemütlich,” which means, “cozy.”
Guilty pleasure: “All products made by Ferrero.”
Relaxation technique: “Power couching while watching films featuring Doris Day.”
Vacation destination: “Summer: Ibiza, St. Tropez, and Capri. Winter: Kitzbühel with friends and family.”
If she wasn’t editing, she’d be… “Writing trash novels or writing German country music.”
Her style: “Between elegant and edgy.”
Favorite beer: Weißbier
Biggest concern: “That the German national soccer team won’t win the UEFA European Football Championship”
Time-travel itinerary: “1970, with David Bowie.”
Best trend to emerge from Berlin: “Artsy grunge.”
Preferred mode of transportation: “Chauffeured limousine.”

Götz Offergeld
The supremely stylish editor began his career as a model for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. He still styles some of those BOSS campaigns, but just as importantly, he’s a visionary magazine editor—a “Blattmacher,” as the Germans say. In 2005, he did high-gloss fashion on low-budget newsprint with the oversized Liebling. Now, he runs Intersection and Fräulein. Cars and girls? Regardless of subject matter, Offergeld always defies clichés.

Height: 1,85 m
Star sign: Libra
Hometown: Würselen
Pets: One dog named Ruby
German word he overuses:Verstehst du?” which means, “Do you understand?”
Guilty pleasure: Unterschichten TV
Relaxation method: The bathtub
If he wasn’t editing, he’d be... “The editor-in-chief of Vogue and Playboy.
Favorite designers: “A mix of Boglioli, Tom Ford, Thom Browne, and Mr. Bathing Ape.”
Favorite beer: “I like gin.”
Greatest concern: “I worry about love.”
Where he would time-travel: “Berlin in the Weimar period.”
Preferred mode of transport: Cycling or walking


Sabine Nedelchev
Elle magazine editrix Nedelchev takes care of women who know that while a cashmere shawl is silver, a good conversation is gold. A renowned talent-spotter, she presented the most promising talents at the “Burda Style Preview” during Berlin Fashion Week.

1,75 m
Star sign: Leo
Hometown: Kassel
Breakfast basic: Fruits
Pets: “No pets today, but I used to have a cat called Lisa.”
German word she overuses:Großartig,” which means “great.”
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate
Relaxation technique: Yoga and meditation
Vacation plans: “Going around the world with my husband and friends.”
If she wasn’t editing, she’d be...A homeopathic doctor.”
Favorite designers: Jil Sander and Tomas Maier
Her look, in a word: “Pure.”  
Personal guru:
Favorite beer: “I never drink beer.”
Biggest concern: “Mother Earth.”
Preferred mode of transport: E-bike

rit Thonnissen
The newspaper Der Tagesspiegel is compulsive reading in every home in Berlin. As the one and only fashion journalist of Der Tagesspiegel, the very serious Thönnissen has all the power (and grit!) to support or criticize Berlin’s young designers. She uses this authority well.

Star sign: [Withheld]
Hometown: [Mysteriously withheld]
Breakfast food: “A typical Berlin roll, called a ‘splitterbrötchen,’ with homemade jam, preferably sour cherry.”
German word she overuses:Zackeldizuck,” which means, “quick, quick.”
Guilty pleasure: “Spending too much money on clothes.”
Relaxation method: “Eating cake with my son and husband.”
Favorite designers: “I like many designers from Berlin, but I don’t want to pinpoint one. I prefer purity, and clothes that look intelligent.”
Favorite beer: The Bavarian ones!
Greatest concern: “Young designers from Berlin. They don’t receive enough promotion on a constant level, and thus it is pretty difficult for them to make reasonable progress. They deserve it.”
Best trend to emerge from Berlin: “Presumably, it is the multicolored T-shirt printed in some backyard, but luckily, we survived that cliché. I think that the most popular style is a kind of practical style, but with elegance and easy to wear in daily life.” 


Patricia Riekel
Not sure if you’ve achieved celebrity status? Check Bunte. Since Patricia Riekel was named EIC of the magazine in 1997, it’s become the singular indicator of who’s a “Promi” and who’s simply a citizen.

Height: “You don’t overlook me.”
Star sign: Gemini
Breakfast basic: Freshly squeezed juice
Hometown: Haarlem, Netherlands
Pets: “Three cats—Kasimir, Gucci, and Bobby—andone dog (Bruno), all boys.”
Guilty pleasure: Design of the ‘60s and ‘70s
Holiday destination: “My holiday house with my friends at the deep, blue Bavarian lake of Starnberg.”
If she wasn’t editing, she’d be... “I would work as a consultant for celebrities and managers.”
Favorite designers: Lanvin and Chanel
Style staples: “Unconventional with a taste of hippie—and it’s always comfortable.”
Favorite beer: German Weissbier
And we quote: “Berlin is probably the only city that doesn’t take fashion dictation. Everyone feels free to wear what she or he wants.”

Next up: the best of Berlin's fashionable blogosphere...

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