2011 March 17

Teen Vogue EIC Amy Astley on Beauty Faux Pas of the 1980s!

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Amy Astley and a gaggle of Teen Vogue's "IT Girls" Amy Astley and a gaggle of Teen Vogue's "IT Girls"
Courtesy of Teen Vogue
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More beauty blunders from back in the day! During the fifth annual Teen Vogue Readers' Choice Awards earlier this week, teens' 47 best-of picks were honored with a breakfast awards ceremony. Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley discussed Farrah Fawcett's waves and her first bar of Clinique soap with Chic. 

What were your teen years like, beauty-wise?

My faux pas was growing up in the ‘80s! You see these thin strands? I was trying to make Farrah Fawcett happen out of this. It was an exercise in futility! I had my curling iron, and I turned it so hot I’m shocked it didn’t burn down the house. I’d stand there with my hair wrapped around the barrel until the hair started to burn. It wouldn’t last, though! Especially through gym class. Forget about it. It was just comical, I used to fix my hair after gym class and then try to put the hot iron into my backpack. I probably almost set my backpack on fire, too. Also, I definitely looked bad at prom, because my mom has the pictures to prove it. It was a little bit Pat Benatar and a lot of Madonna, including the frizzy hair tied with lace.

Did you find any of the Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards winners to be particularly relatable?

When I started to break out, my mom said I had to stop using the bar of soap in the shower. It was a rite of passage, my mom took me to the local department store in Michigan and I got the little Clinique soap in the tray, the toner and that whole set. I still use the same products that my mom introduced me to when I was 13. It’s emotional to me to see that teens today, who have such different lives, are still responding to that brand.
What beauty blunders do you advise your Teen Vogue readers against today?

Girls today actually have so many role models and looks to emulate. When I was younger, there were very few people who epitomized beauty standards of the moment and now there are so many. If I was a teen today, I hope I would choose to emulate someone I could realistically look like. Definitely not Rihanna – a red wig and a bosom, not happening! Based on the fact that I tried so hard to be Farrah, I’d probably want to look like Blake Lively. My 12-year-old daughter doesn’t seem that excited by any particular celebrities, actually.

Do you have any beauty rules for your daughter?

She just has to be clean and take showers! She barely does any beauty, she’s just fresh. There isn’t any makeup on her face and she uses drugstore hair products. She has no routine, she’s just naturally cute! 

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