2012 February 29

Stylist BFFs! Rachel Zoe and Mary Alice Stephenson Reminisce

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Mary Alice Stephenson and Rachel Zoe, circa 2008 Mary Alice Stephenson and Rachel Zoe, circa 2008
Patrick McMullan
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The glut of reality shows about being a stylist these days make it more than a little nutty, and quite competitive. But it turns out that Rachel Zoe and Mary Alice Stephenson were neighbors decades ago, and the pals still gab like it's a high school reunion when they have the good fortune of sitting in neighboring front row seats. J'adore! Oh, if only Zoe's closet was indeed a vacay destination... 

How long have you two known each other?
RZ: Oh my God. Since the day I started in this business, basically. It feels like we were born in the same hospital…I think we met, like, 150 years ago. Mary Alice and I have literally grown up in this business together.

Where did you two hang out back in the day?
MAS: Rachel had this insane closet in her loft when we lived on the same floor. I used to go into that closet all the time. Remember that, Rachel?
RZ: It was so much fun. We lived in the same building in the West Village together, and it was awesome.

Have you ever gotten competitive?
MAS: There’s enough room for everyone! I think people can be really snobby and competitive in this business. But Rachel and I have always supported each other.
RZ: I think it’s because we genuinely want each other to succeed. It’s a really, really rare—and great—thing.

Have you taken a superstylist vacay together?
RZ: Ha! No. I don’t think either of us have vacationed much.
MAS: For the past 25 years, we’ve never had time to line up our vacation times. And now, with kids? Forget it! If The Daily wants to send us on vacation, we’ll take it.
RZ: Yeah, we’re down, for sure!

If a 53rd week was added to the year—or The Daily ponied up a fatigued-stylists-vacay-fund—where would you go?

MAS: I’d vacation in Rachel’s closet!

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