2010 December 14

Sports 101 with Adam Brecht: Let's Hit The Stadium!

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Chic's resident sportsologist Adam Brecht is back with another column to breakdown the mysterious world of football—in terms we can all understand. 

"Bundle up, chic ones!  We're on our way to the stadium. Sta. Di. Um. Yes, you do know what it is.  You can see it from the top of Bergdorf's, if you crane your neck. Sort of. Anyway, don't worry about that. Or anything! This handy guide clarifies the people we'll meet!  

Diehard fans
Football definiton:
Tailgaters getting loaded in the stadium parking lot
Fashion equivalent:
Hopefuls outside the Chanel sample sale

Silver-tounged communicator brilliant crystallizing trends and developments for the TV audience at home
Football definiton:
 sportscaster Bob Costas
Fashion equivalent:
chi-caster Robert Verdi

Person you don't know singing badly a song you do
Football definition:
Reality star belting our national anthem
Fashion equivalent
: Reality star belting a Christmas carol from her holiday album from her TV show that ties to the blog that ties to her fashion line

Visible, powerful person, always center of attention, making major decisions that affect everyone
Football definition:
the quarterback
Fashion equivalent: 
Anna, of course!

Oddly attired novelty character freely cavorting in the out-of-doors
Football definition:
 team mascot, e.g., Big Red of the Arizona Cardinals
Fashion equivalent:

Now it's halftime, mon cher! Halftime? It's like the 15 minutes between New York and London Fashion Weeks.  So get something warm—no, there's no Sant Ambroeus at the stadium—and I'll catch you on the other side!"


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