2011 March 11

Small Talk with Marcus Wainwright

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David Neville and Marcus Wainwright David Neville and Marcus Wainwright
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A swarm of Rag & Bone addicted chicsters dried off their soggy 'dos and took over the fifth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue last night to cheer on Marcus Wainwright and David Neville's new womenswear home. The soundtrack? Smith Westerns. The hors d'œuvres? Petite burgers, teeny tiny crispy fries, and mini vegetable quesadillas. The British team arrived in high spirits despite the torrential downpour. First to-do on their list: grab a cold beer. While the duo kept busy styling the walk-in guests, Chic grabbed a moment with Marcus.

You’ve done a style event before. Was that successful for you?
It was very successful. We did it in California once. When you start getting people in the clothes and they get their picture taken, it works well. People get dressed up and they get in the spirit of it. We have the type of clothes where sometimes it’s obvious what it is but sometimes you need to put it on to see how it fits.

Do you ever want to style people on the street?
Honestly, no. I never ever think that. I’m probably too judgmental for that. I love seeing people in the clothes but I don’t actively think, ‘I wish I could get my hands on that.’

Who do you like to wear besides Rag & Bone?
Adidas. I used to be a Nike fan a long time ago.

Did you have a footwear fallout?
I’m still a Nike fan—I’m an old Jordan 456 fan—but Adidas fit me better.

Where do you like to shop?
I shop online a lot: Adidas, Zappos, Nike, Flight Club. I don’t buy anything other than shoes.

Do your customers recognize you when you pop in a Rag & Bone store?
I don’t know. I try to hide in the back. I don’t think anyone has any idea who we are. You’d have to be a pretty die-hard fan to know what we look like.

Where do you keep your CFDA award?
On the windowsill in the office.

What music tortures you?
I don’t know. What are you going to do with this information? Nothing really tortures me. I don’t like pop music much.

What British grub do you miss the most?
Sunday roast. It’s a whole performance. You roast meat every Sunday and I miss that. I don’t do that here.

Who in the public should be thrown a bone?
John Galliano
. Everyone deserves a break.

What do you rag on the most?
I complain about a lot.

Is that a British thing?
I think it’s quite specific to me. Dearie me. That is a difficult question to answer. Nothing specific. The English typically complain about the weather but I don’t really have that problem here. It’s shit today but it’s normally pretty good. I have a negative streak.

What are you looking forward to?
I’m doing a holiday on Saturday to Antigua with my wife and kids for a week.

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