2012 November 9

Sergio Says! Musings From Cosmo (and Beyond...)

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Sergio walks the streets post-Sandy Sergio walks the streets post-Sandy
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Planning luncheons, nursing a Bloody Mary or three (in honor of Madonna, of course), and spending some time on a top-secret TV show set filled Sergio Kletnoy's past week post-Sandy. Now, the awesome righthand man to Cosmo editrix Joanna Coles is ready for some much-needed slumber. Sweet dreams! 

This week felt like one drawn-out-neverending-enduring day that lasted at least 96 hours. My workload kept piling up, and yet I kept going and going and going. I should have rocked the Energizer bunny costume all week; it would have been very appropriate.

In a nutshell: I spent at least 30 hours of my work week planning a "Cosmo 100 luncheon" at Michael’s for JoCo and 100 of NYC’s finest and most powerful women, taking place November 12th. I dropped another four hours creating the perfect playlist for this luncheon consisting of 100 of our fave anthems (sung by our fave women, natch); organized 28 meetings; set up nine conference calls; got soaking wet in the rain and caught without hat, gloves, or scarf in the snow blizzard; celebrated Madonna’s 30th year in the biz by getting completely intoxicated on seven Landmarc Bloody Marys in an hour; and preoccupied myself with god-knows-what with no cell and internet service on the set of a major TV show as THE BOSS taped a kickass episode of a show I cannot discuss until my sworn-to-secrecy muzzle comes off. All in all, a stellar week which will require at least two full days (and nights) of sleep to catch up on all those zzz’s I missed. I can’t wait to do it all over again next week!

Before I go, here are some major tunes you must download: “Never Gonna Let You Go” by Canada’s coolest singer-songwriter Esthero; “Secret Fear” by Natasha Bedingfield’s brother, Daniel Bedingfield; “Yeah Yeah” by New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Willy Moon; “Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)" by U.K.’s pop hottie, Amelia Lily; “Follow Me” by English rock-gods Muse; “The Zone” by Canada’s hottest soul singer and rapper combo, The Weeknd and Drake; and finally the dreamy “Bel Air” by my fave pair of lips belonging to Lana Del Rey. I’ll be back to my normal extended blabbing next week; until then, follow me on Twitter @SergioKletnoy! 

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