2012 September 28

Sergio Says! Musings From Cosmo (and Beyond...)

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Diana Krall at The Box, baby! Diana Krall at The Box, baby!
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 Ready for your second dose of the Serg at Cosmo? Of course you are! This week, there's some live jazz, some swag, a bit of JoCo primp assistance, and a moment of Vreeland reveling. TGIF, darlings...

Just because I’m now a fun and fearless Cosmo man, don’t expect me to trade in my love of music and pop culture for endless tales of randy escapades, sex positions and “finding the one” quizzes. I’ll leave that to Dr. Drew. While I’m undergoing a crash course of all things Cosmo, I’m also juggling a ton of other work. Case in point: tonight’s once in a lifetime performance by Canadian jazz icon Diana Krall at The Box. Diana is that rare breed of golden era Hollywood beauty, who also possesses an ocean of talent. She puts so much passion and effort into her performances, and her piano skills are parallel to my knowledge of Madonna—they run pretty damn deep. Oh, and did I mention she’s married to Elvis Costello, only one of the greatest rockers of our time?! Diana has sold 15 million albums worldwide, won two Grammys and earned nine gold, three platinum and seven multi-platinum albums. Seeing her for the first time was jaw-dropping. Her voice changed with the mood of each song, from husky to soft; romantic to powerful...this woman is a national treasure. Diana reminds me of another one of my fave singers, Sting. While everyone was getting drinks at the bar waiting for Diana to take stage, I found a place in the front row and waited patiently. As she took the stage, I noticed her check me out—after all, I probably brought the average age of the audience down 20 years! And I know I was the only one in the house sporting a tattooed sleeve. Who can blame Diana for being mesmerized by all of this?!  Krall was rocking a sexy three-piece suit, a la Marlene Dietrich. As she settled into the piano, I felt transported into Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris. Her music takes you to another place and time, a time where smoke and mirrors and expensive choreography did not mean a thing. It was all about the voice. You must check out Diana’s brand new album “Glad Rag Doll,” and if your ever get the opportunity to see her live, walk, don’t run!

I get so sentimental everytime the Hearst elevator passes by Marie Claire’s 34th floor. I’m sure MC’s entire team sheds at least a tear a day whenever they think of me. This morning, I felt missed and loved when I arrived at my desk, greeted by some Chanel beauty products from MC’s extraordinary beauty team, a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses from MC’s former accessories editor Winnie and a copy of one of the best albums of the year, No Doubt’s “Push And Shove”! They love me, they really love me! I gotta keep this sad act going for a while— hopefully the gifts will keep on coming. It’s the only way to mend this broken heart. ;-)

Here’s a tip: Diana Vreeland’s groundbreaking body of work during her epic 26 year tenure at Harper’s Bazaar’s is now on display at the Hearst Tower gallery. All the iconic covers in one place: Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Loren, Lauren Bacall, and so much more. So If you know anyone who works at Hearst, cry, plead and beg them to give you a tour. It’s not to be missed. Or you can just be nice to me. And by nice, I wear my tees in small, sneakers in size 8, and jeans in size 30. Oh, and I do like sunglasses and hats. Xoxo.

Long day for THE BOSS: JoCo’s meetings began at 8:30 this morning, followed by three international conference calls, six cups of tea, and one grande skim cappuccino. Then she dashed over to Rouge Tomate for lunch with Cosmo’s powerhouse publisher Donna Lagani, followed by hair courtesy of Marie Robinson salon and makeup by Armani for tonight’s 2nd annual DreamBall benefiting the American Cancer Society at Cipriani 42nd Street, where Joanna is presenting president, marketing and publishing director of Hearst Magazines Michael Clinton with an award. I might have to tag along and hold JoCo’s purse backstage. Fingers crossed the purse does not clash with my outfit.

Obsessed: Christina Aguilera’s dirrty comeback single “Your Body"; OneRepublic’s epic anthem “Feel Again”; Alicia Keys’ empowering new single “Girl On Fire”; incredibly catchy “You Bring Me Joy” by England’s Amelia Lily; P!nk’s second single “Try” from her first number-one album The Truth About Love; “Sleep” by uber-talented singer-songwriter Allen Stone; Kylie Minogue’s dreamy “Flower”; sad and beautiful “I Know You Care” by Ellie Goulding from the new Dakota Fanning film Now Is Good; and finally “Push And Shove” by No Doubt, which I’ve been playing on repeat for days. Get them all pronto! I’ll be back next week, until then catch me on Twitter @Sergio Kletnoy for all the latest.

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