2012 December 7

Sergio Says! Musings From Cosmo (and Beyond...)

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In case you somehow weren't aware, Sergio hearts Marina In case you somehow weren't aware, Sergio hearts Marina
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Sergio's week, in a nutshell: Olympian run-ins at chez Hearst, a much-needed date with himself and Girls, and oodles of music (in the forms of concert-hopping and iTunes recs). Read on for the full dish from Cosmo EIC Joanna Coles' awesome assistant... 

This morning while in the Hearst lobby with Marie Claire’s features director, Lea Goldman, I spotted Gabby Douglas, the Gold medalist. She was surrounded by a posse, four-people deep: publicist, agent, manager and mom. Coincidentally, my nickname since childhood has always been "Russian Gymnast," so you know I got moves. Oh, how I wanted to leap, jump, turn, and do a beam and floor, but Gabby was too busy getting her hair brushed by her mom.  Shoot, if I had a gold medal and long luxurious hair I’d have someone brushing it for me as well. Needless to say, my goal is to get Gabby (and her crew) into the Cosmo office; I can definitely teach her a thing or two. How do you think JoCo will feel if I have a set of bars installed in one of the conference rooms?

Walked in this morning to a package on my desk from Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. Inside, there was a navy hoodie embroidered with the Facebook logo. Must be their office attire, it’s way too luxe to be a freebie. I guess Sheryl is prepping me for the big switch with her assistant. Fingers crossed it’s from Mark’s personal collection. Later that eve I cancelled my plans to hang with friends for some soul-searching “me” time, aka me on the couch watching TV. On the agenda: the first season of Girls and a screener of The Sessions starring Helen Hunt and William H. Macy. I avoided Girls ever since the first episode, which made every female I know lose her sh*t. JoCo used to walk into the office every morning quoting the previous night’s episode like it was the bible. I did my best to fight the urge to see it, ignore it, resist it, and avoid it… just because. Looking back, that wasn’t a good enough reason, because now I’m one of the last to watch. And I’m hooked. I watched all 10 episodes in one night. Lesson learned: MUST LISTEN TO JOCO! 

Before my usual 9 a.m. arrival at the office, I made a pit stop at VH1’s Morning Buzz with Carrie Keagan. And although I love watching Carrie in action, I was there for one person and one person only: Marina of Marina And The Diamonds. Not only did Marina release my favorite album of the year, Electra Heart; she's hot, funny, and a blast to hang with. Plus she melts my cold cold heart and puts the biggest smile on my mug every single time. Marina was on the show to perform an acoustic version of “Primadonna”. Obviously I knew every word...I danced, sang along, and probably creeped Marina out. It took everything in me not to jump on stage and perform it with her, but getting banned from the VH1 studios is the last thing I need, so I was fighting it with every fiber in my body. After the performance we chatted about a proper catch up, I promised to get her drunk on my fave Bloody’s and before I know it she was gone like the wind. The rest of the day felt empty and hazy. Marina, Marina, come back, wherever you are.

Today’s to-do list, completed in no particular order: arranged three conference calls, set-up eight meetings (three of which were impromptu), moved JoCo’s lunch reservation to another restaurant 15 minutes before the scheduled lunch, arranged for a last minute hair and make-up team to come to Hearst for an impromptu photoshoot, along with Abby Gardner (Cosmo’s genius digital director) conjured up JoCo’s foray into Facebook and made her page go live, helped THE BOSS get ready for tonight’s Blackball at Apollo Theater with appearances by Angelique Kidjo, Alicia Keys, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson, Bonnie Raitt and OPRAH!!! Once JoCo was off in her town car I jetted off to see one of UK’s brightest and talented new artists, 18-year-old Jake Bugg (who has been compared to some of the greatest artists ever: Dylan, Elvis, Hendrix and Beatles), followed by Marina and Diamonds and Icona Pop at Terminal 5 and I’m ending the night with an intimate performance by Serge Gainsbourg’s son LuLu at Standard East. The things I do for music; I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead…  

Obsessed: “Indigo” by electronic Swedish artist Frida Sundemo; “Rewind The Track” by the Canadian born soul-pop chanteuse Kay; M83’s latest dreamy single “Wait”; “When Is Enough Not Enough” by the Netherlands DJ extraordinaire Junkie XL with vocals by Curt Smith of Tears For Fears; “You Know Where To Find Me” by the English singer-songwriter Imogen Heap and a festive holiday single called “I Feel It In My Bones" by The Killers. Enjoy your weekend, I’ll be back next week, and until then, follow me on Twitter at @SergioKletnoy!

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